*Outer Space v. Interstellar

Outer Space v. Interstellar

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If you watch the documentary below, ask yourself how you know if any of the ‘science’ presented, including anecdotes of ‘space’ travel, is real – provably real. It occurs to me that most, if not all, of the images that we are given of space may be CGIs. The woman astronaut says she has travelled to space several times – which part of space, I ask – far space or near space?

I question that any Earth living being has been further than our upper atmosphere, through or beyond our electro-magnetic shield (Van Allan Belts). I believe that in the early attempts to leave Earth they sent animals there and learned that it was not possible. Did they show us a living healthy animal that had been… and returned?

Being conscious, aware, and the ultimate observer, must make us question information received. If our wonderful space technology can give us ‘photos’ of far-off galaxies, why can’t it give us sensible, detailed photos of our moon, including the rear-side? It is not a negative thing to be sceptical, it is a way to separate the truth from an illusion. This documentary states that it is about the ‘science’ behind the making of a film – it is the information used, apparently, to give us the impression that the film may be a real possibility. It may be. I really enjoyed the film and the subject, that is not in question here. I question the ‘science’. 

I have always believed in other worlds, other life-forms, other non-Earth beings and other dimensions of reality. And I believe that our Earth bodies are created from the Earth for Earth life. There is another way to travel and that requires mastering the mind, especially the Higher Mind, the spirit-mind. There is, I believe, another aspect to the human being  that is non-Earth-physicality…


Making Of Interstellar – Behind The Scenes (Narrated By Matthew McConaughty)

“The Science of ‘Interstellar’ – Making Of InterStellar – Behind The Scenes.. Matthew McConaughey narrates this behind-the-scenes look at the epic voyage to deep space depicted in the movie Interstellar. Director Christopher Nolan worked with top physicists to create a realistic trip to distant solar systems.”

*Found in Space – “Interstellar” a Jose Escamilla film

“Zeroids. Rather than alien spacecraft, could some UFOs actually be living beings which normally inhabit the cosmic void?

“Zeroid” is the generic term applied to bioforms which may populate the recesses of free space. This domain is characterized by virtually zero temperature and zero atmospheric pressure.

While biologists might contend space is unsuitable for biogenesis, Russian astrophysicist Dr. V.l. Goldanskii argued that appreciable quantities of prebiotic material should be able to accumulate in the regions surrounding nebulae, or titanic gas clouds.

With the protracted passage of time, such matter could ultimately evolve into some form of life, suited to the brutal confines of space. Already dozens of organic compounds have been identified in space, including formaldehyde, prussic acid, and cellulose. In short, there is an abundance of basic building blocks out there to allow for the evolution of zeroids.

Considering that our island universe is approximately 13.7 billion years old, it is conceivable that zeroids represent the earliest life forms in the cosmic backdrop, perhaps even existing for nearly that entire time!

With such an elongated span of time at their disposal, zeroids could easily have trod many different evolutionary paths: They may range in dimensionality from the microscopic to the macroscopic.

Morphologies may vary from the utterly simple to the extraordinarily complex. They may live singly or in vast colonies. It should, of course, be stressed that humanoid forms are not to be expected. But, intelligence might be a developed feature.

For sustenance, zeroids’ primary bill of fare might well be intergalactic dust and gas. Also not to be overlooked is the distinct possibility that larger zeroidal entities might possibly feast upon smaller ones.

Zeroids may have migrated to all sectors of space — both within and without galaxies. Endowed with both mobility and intelligence, it is conceivable that some may have actually penetrated our zone of existence and been seen as UFOs!

Atmospheric friction might parboil some zeroids to cinders, and our planet’s gases and temperature might prove lethal to still others.

Yet, some may have evolved a protective shield — either physical or electromagnetic in nature — that has enabled them to survive entry into our domain. These would be the living UFOs!

Actually, two UFO cases appear to support this intriguing concept. In 1976, in the Cluj-Napoca region of Romania, there materialized what appeared to be a living sphere of light exhibiting decidedly-animate behavior. Photographs taken of the entity passed all tests for legitimacy.

And, in British Columbia in 1978, researcher Dorothy Wilkinson snapped the first of many shots of bizarre string-like forms of light that resembled space worms!

So, considering the vastness of both space and time, it is certainly within the realm of feasibility that at least some UFOs may actually be living space creatures!

Video: You are immediately made aware of the fact these space beings are in orbit in deep space yet not so far away..”

Absolutely fascinating. I love this film.

Suppose everything ‘out there’ is a reflection in a mirror? I said to a friend last year I want to go behind the mirror, because the mirror only reflects what is already known. Suppose everything we observe is a construct of our collective mind? All these phenomena could be a manifestation of our own intelligence. People who look to the skies have an innate belief that there is something to see and what is observed will tell us something about ourselves, which is like an itch we cannot scratch – a misty dream of something we cannot quite remember. Suppose we are the ultimate creators and the more we look, the more we search, the more we see because we want to?

“Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely.” (Corinthians 13:12)

We have a fear of being alone. But suppose we have created the heavens to create neighbours and now wonder if the neighbours are friendly or not. They certainly aren’t all friendly on Earth! If we believe what we see is physical, like the world we live in, we are confined to physical laws. If we believe that life exists in an ethereal way, pure energy, or an interaction of ions in plasma fields, we will immediately observe forms of life in that way. We know we have intelligence – we think, reason, dream, imagine – and anything that can be imagined is possible – that’s what makes it possible, because we can imagine it. We think that when we observe something new, it was there long before we observed it – but supposing we imagined it just before we saw it. And why have we come to believe that any other intelligence ‘out there’ is greater than us?

These amazing forms seem organic, transformable, yet observed by us in our space-time. But our intelligence tells us that distance requires time for it’s light to travel to us – therefore these ‘things’ are thousands if not millions of light-years away – in physical terms. How do we know that? How do we know that these things are not a reflection of life in the process of creation, energy beings, light-forming into…what? – Us? Are they our own embryonic consciousness – or even the end result?

We call our physical bodies ‘vehicles’ for the spirit – and yet they are our living bodies, constructed of independent cellular organisms, themselves, independent molecules, a collection of independent atoms – a group of electrons, protons, neutrons and ions and a plasma field – aka space, stars, planets, galaxies, universes, a cosmic body, or vehicle. Why do we observe these things with apprehensive fascination – we so want them to be real. Why do independent researchers find them and then blame the ‘authorities’ from keeping them a secret from us? Perhaps they are for those whose consciousness is advanced enough to find, and the consciousness of the ‘authorities’ cannot see them in the same way? Hurrah, that we have found them independently!

Life on Earth is unfathomably diverse with miriads of miraculous creations and we stand at the interface between what is down the microscope and what is up the telescope – doesn’t that tell us something about ourselves? We incarnate into a physical body for a few short earth-years – why? To have a look at what our super-self-being has created with its imagination? isn’t that how they describe God? the Creator? the Infinite Mind? The ultimate question is why are we afraid? of what? of what we are capable of creating – and destroying?

Screw that design – it has gone horribly wrong – let’s throw it in the bin and start again, building a new blueprint with what seems to have worked – artisitc beauty, loving relationships, harmony, respect and imaginative curiosity. Let’s not now include egomania, non-biodegradable paraphanalia from non-renewable resources, combustive power and weaponry, and death. Having done our worst with Earth, our destroyers now venture out to find space enemies, clutter and pollute our biosphere and  incinerate delicate life forms with each rocket-launch. I know, let’s create a cosmic event that erases the mess and cleans the canvas for a new creation and we can call it a new dimension because it will be different from the last. We have to stop thinking like little humans with no memory, no power, no choices and victims of the enemy that holds all the cards – “We must put away these childish things and be Man.” (Corinthians 13:11)

And while we do that, those living vehicles of consciousness that circumnavigate our world out there in deep space, millions of light years away (or not) in the past, or future, yet tantalisingly on the edge of our vision, will watch and wait. 🙂

with love, Avia xxx


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