*Numerology Part 3

Numerology Part 3

To complete this perspective of Numerology I shall attempt to describe the energy behind each number – the energy that gives it life.

Once you have found your number, (ref. Part 1) you will have identified what your soul wishes to experience in this life-time. But remember, if you have changed your name, you may have changed your number and this is also relevant. If you use a personalised name on a daily basis, this, too, is part of your expression. Start with your birth-date number, then look at your name number, and then any subsequent changes. You will notice that every number in your birth-date and every letter-number in your name offers more insights, but to keep it simple decide which number – your birth-date or your name – you wish to identify with.

For any human-made  system to work  it must comply with a natural system, or Cosmic Law. Numerology is one of many forms of Divination, i.e. finding the Divine part of yourself  and the Divine is whatever, or whoever, you see as the Creator of All-that-is. So to understand these numbers, created as part of the evolution of Human psychology, we can look to the Natural Order for inspiration.

I shall start with Zero, just to put it to one side, because it is not used in Numerology as a number. This is because it is the All-that-is, and Nothing, the Void, where all potential exists before it is made manifest.

Double numbers are known as Master numbers and require a mastering of that number.

Number One.

One is the first, an individual Thing. It is the point at which something becomes identifiable as ‘Some-Thing’. And so if your number is One (10, 11), you will work with your own identity as an individual. To identify yourself, and to be recognised as an individual, you will first have to know your Self. Who are you? In our physical world every single thing is identified as being different from other things and then given a name. What is your name and what does it mean? Do you like it? Have you changed it? Of course, no One Thing can exist entirely on its own, for all things, especially people, rely on a symbiotic relationship with others. This can present a problem for Ones, who either struggle with losing their sense of Self around stronger personalities, or have such a strong sense of Self that others cannot easily relate to them. Many Ones will have some form of identity crisis in their lives, but once this is overcome they can go on to be famous, successful and even pioneers in their soul work. Ones can be unique and valuable individuals once they emerge from the chrysalis where they wait for years for their moment of glory.

Number Two.

Two is seen either when two parts become a whole, or when one thing divides into two. This is seen in the first stage of creation, when two parents unite in love to create a child. The child starts as a single cell which divides and divides again to create a new individual. And so a Two person is looking for some kind of partnership to realise its potential. It may be in parent-hood, but it could also be in a business partnership, or a process of learning to find your opposite and equal to achieve something you cannot do on your own. The Yin/Yang symbol has been seen to represent this aspect. Two people can be poles apart, yet very attracted to each other. For a Two, the struggle may be to give up your individuality and learn co-operation, or in  finding yourself struggling with co-dependent relationships. Partners, pairing, uniting with another to create something more than you can achieve singly, is the work of a Two. Do you have controversy, conflict or negative competitiveness in your life, or have you found compliance, co-operation and compromise?

Number Three.

Three makes a triangle in geometry, and we have the expression ‘The Eternal Triangle’. This suggests that there is some energy at work here that is not the singular, stand-alone of the One, nor the diametrically placed opposites of the Two, the pair standing facing each other, but the more complex relationship in Three, where the energy becomes cyclical. Poseidon’s trident, the Holy Trinity and the Three Wishes are just three examples of how Three becomes more mystical. It is the flowing, cycling, continuous energy of  Three that starts to create something more imaginative. The Two parents of creation now have a Child but the child is not exactly like either of the parents. When Threes get to work they use their imagination and create something entirely new and unique. The human brain demonstrates this: the left brain likes order, the right brain like free-thinking, and when the two co-operate, the Third-Eye (pineal gland), in the centre, starts to do something amazing – it creates an image of something new, different and possibly unique. When the Third-Eye of the Three is blocked, the brain is stifled and the mind is frustrated and so that person may have problems in thinking outside the box, feel depressed and unfulfilled. Once the Third-Eye is open, that person goes into action and expresses its soul, many times in one of the Arts.

Number Four.

What can you do with a Four? Four is two times two. Imagine a line going from east to west and two people standing at each end. Then turn a quarter circle and imagine two more people standing at the end of another line going from north to south. The two lines form a cross and the lines between each person forms a rectangle, or a square if the lines are equal. Yes, a Four person is a natural mathematician, and one who would enjoy Numerology! The Four seeks balance and order, has their feet firmly planted on the ground and doesn’t want anyone to come along and spoil it by tipping it off-balance. Fours like Law and Order, neatness, logic and things to be understandable. The  religions of the world mostly use some form of cross, which represents balance, order and devotion. ‘religio’ means ‘I re-read carefully’ (the sacred texts) and the cross represents binding God and Man. The Indigenous people of the world put this cross, the Four Directions, representing the four elements of Earth, within a circle or Wheel, representing the cycles of time (Medicine Wheel). Therefore, Four represents order, being ‘all-square’ and people who are this number will be either asked to find this order in their life or to not be too regimented by it.

Number Five.

Leonardo De Vinci’s famous drawing of a man in a circle, with his feet and hands touching the line of the circle, demonstrates very well what Five is. It is Hu-Man. If you look at you, the first things that you will see, (hopefully) are your hands and feet, each with five digits on them. If we are to continue to see how numbers feature within the Natural World, then this is quite simple. But if all humans have these five parts, how would that effect a Five person? Ask yourself what you do with your hands and feet and you will find the answer. Fives are about walking and working. I need to keep this simple so I will leave this to your own imagination, but Fives will find there is either a challenge here in not being able to come to terms with this basic human activity, or being so entrenched in their own physical life that they never stop to stare at the wonders of life.

Number Six.

And that is what a Six person is being challenged with – to stand and stare. When we look up instead of down, we start to connect to the celestial realms, the spiritual side of life and the meaning of the Cosmos. A Six may devote a life to studying the Meaning of Life, the Mysteries of the Divine and the Cosmic Order, whether that is through the sciences or the spiritual teachings. Hermes Trismegistus, aka Thoth, was a master of this subject. He is thought to have lived in Atlantis, or in another dimension, but he has come through the corridors of history to teach us that there is a spiritual law that explains karma. Karma is the recycling of souls, the reincarnation of humans through continuous physical lives, and the reason this happens. The evolution of the soul is thought to take place through a series of lives where the conscious process of learning through experience raises the human up from being just an animal to being a fully self-realised Divine being. Sixes are on their way, and yes, we all are, but Sixes may suddenly come to realise that they are. ‘AS ABOVE, SO BELOW’ is the rule of thumb for a Six.

Number Seven.

A Seven person may be a lunatic, or a moon-gazer. They may be highly emotional, moody, mystical or psychic. They may be none of those things, but still be influenced by the Moon. They may wonder why life is so changeable, so fluctuating and annoyingly different every time they go to do something and expect it to be the same. They may be ever so slightly obsessive, fascinated by the occult, or be staunch conservative in their thinking and religious practice to counteract a deep unconscious fear of the unknown, witches, ghoulies and ghosties. The Moon rules the feminine principle of water, emotions, dreams, mysticism, intuition, and the unconscious, and so a Seven is going to meet some challenges around their belief system, the strange co-incidences that happen in their lives and all those intangible, inexplicable thoughts and occurrences that make life not quite controllable. The purpose of this is to break open the right brain and break the control of the left brain – and let the Moonlight shine through.

Number Eight.

Once the individual knows who he is, has learned how to work in co-operation with others, created something extra-ordinary, got his feet back on the ground and found some order in his bohemian life, learned to hold down a ‘proper job’, then thrown open the sky-light to wonder at the stars and be thrown back by the magical powers of the mind, he may be ready to be an Eight. This number requires a high degree of knowledge, understanding and integrity to handle well. Of course, that doesn’t mean to say that all Eights are sensible, for the demands of Eight are in learning to handle a position of power and wealth. The older civilisations who built Empires were working with the principal of Eight, but as we now know, many an Empire has fallen. Heads of state, politicians, bankers, financial wizards, tycoons and entrepreneurial wizz-kids have all been ambitious and tried to handle the Eight and many have failed. The Eight is not only handling the balance of yin and yang, and the bringing in the Divine to their Earthly enterprises,  it is all that is required of the individual so far but countered by a turn of the wheel of fortune, the game of chance, the twists of fate and the challenge of destiny versus choice. Put a penny in the old man’s hat and what will he do with it? Booze it or bank it? A tramp is a tramp because his destiny has led him down the path of poverty for a reason. A banker is a banker for the same reason. Abject poverty and extreme wealth are the two sides of the Eight coin.

Number Nine.

At last, the end. Or is it? For a Nine person, it may feel like they are at the end of the road, but not quite at the finishing post. Nines have learned a lot along the way, but it is time to tie up all those loose ends. Nine asks those who make it thus far, to do their karmic housework. The good news is they have a lot of tools in their understairs cupboard. If they have done quite well, they may have all the mod-cons to make the work easier, and if they have done really well they may even have a maid. But they still have work to do. Nine is about completion and the first thing a Nine will be asked to practice on will be some menial task, a simple lesson of finishing what they started. As life progresses the tasks will become harder to complete, and the hardest of all is dealing with that past-life karma. It will be possible to achieve as long as the Nine remembers all the other lessons, knows who they really are, where they have been, what they have come here to do, remembers that Spirit is working behind the scenes to help them and that everything serves a purpose. Nines are probably the ones who will understand Numerology the easiest, because they have walked a long path through all the other numbers.

Is that the end? No, because the Circle of Life keeps turning, and the Ten becomes the One once more, but rising up the spiral of evolution to start again with wisdom gained. No one person is just one number, just perhaps predominately one for a while. If you look at every number in your birth date and name, you will possibly see every number there. We are extremely complex beings all trying to find our way through the maze of life. Numerology offers just one little glimpse of who we may be trying to be.

I hope you have fun with this. It is not, by any means, all the information that you can discover about numbers. I hope it  is a good place to start and you can explore it further as and if you care to.

Each number will have difficulties to overcome, and natural gifts that come easily, and by using your gifts  you can succeed through the challenges. Keep an open mind and an open heart and I wish you well on your journey, numerically or otherwise.

Wendy Salter

(Original Writing)

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  1. I am convinced that you are #1, Wendy. The numbers you choose for yourself may be different, but from my perspective you are Aces!

    I very much enjoy your perspectives here about numerology. 😀

    • You are too kind (I think!) haha l will be unilateral and say all numbers are good. Thanks Cyborg

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