There is a public footpath that runs through a private estate with an ancient forest, close to where I live.

On May 1st my friend Helen and I checked out the oldest inhabitants, in glorious sunshine and under a clear blue sky. These ancient ones were awe-inspiring, displaying characters of the faerie world: tree spirits; goddesses and gods of the ancestors; the birthers and rebirthers; grandmothers and grandfathers of the sylvan race, still lovingly adoring each other after hundreds of years; and dragons of the Underworld – the domain of Pan and his mythic companions, including the Green Man, Verege, Leif and Herm.

Look at these pictures in ‘peripheral vision’ or ‘soft-focus’ and see what you can ‘see’. For the world of spirit is subtle.














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  1. As wise and full of wisdom are you as are them x

    • Thank you, humbly, x
      I look to them for wisdom. And inspiration. x

  2. hi auntie wendy,
    i was showing a mate your website when i went on this part of the site i saw the lovely pictures and it reminded me that i have some very pretty and colourful pics there on grandma’s camra ask her if u could put them on this site. i was having alot of fun filming them i even got on my front and back to take some nice pics.
    lots of love
    XX amy XX

    • Hi darling, thank you for visiting my blog. It was a lovely surprise. Of course you can put some of your pictures on. I would love that. I will send you an email. Lots of love. X

  3. Following on from that, a good friend of mine pointed out that I had captured a similar image in one of my flower photographs, which you can see here. Interestingly, I hadn’t spotted it at all, but now I’ve seen it I can’t see it any other way!

    • She is fabulous! This picture of the Peachy Poppy represents everything that is sacred, fragile, romantic, beautiful, feminine, angelic, sensual and surreal.
      I have looked at your photos and blog and new site and congratulate you on beautiful work, Amy. I agree with you entirely that it is when we stop and stare, and see the Natural World for the Miracle that it is, everything gets put into perspective. Thank you for coming to visit my blog and I hope to touch base again soon. let me know if you find any other wonders. I may put my other tree photos on Flickr later – love, Wendy, x

  4. Trees are completely fascinating, aren’t they? I was on a small island in Loch Lomond called Inchcailloch last year and did a double take when I thought I saw a naked woman who had wrapped her limbs around a tree. I laughed when I looked more closely, but I do think I saw a pair of leafy lovers of sorts. What do you think?
    PS Found you through the lovely Jackie Walker!

    • Hi Amy, thanks for dropping by. I looked at your ‘leafy lovers’ and it’s exactly as you describe. I am seeing these phenomena more and more. I have another set of photos with the most amazing sculptures, images and symbols etched naturally in the bark. One of the most incredible I have seen is an ash tree, scored by lightening, where the scar tissue of the bark folds back like manuscript scrolls, revealing the private parts of a woman so accurately depicted in the heartwood, it could not have been sculpted better by hand. We call her the Goddess of Wonder and keep her our secret. Nice to make the link with you via Jackie Wonder-woman. WendyX

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