* Star Gates

Star Gate Atlantis


Atlantis city

The House of Windsor

An energy alignment through Windsor Castle running E-W

S. England

Plan of Windsor Castle – note ancient circular earth mound around the Round Tower (The Keep)

Windsor Castle towers

Pewsey White Horse Crop Circle - Star Gate?

Mandala 'Elders'

Stonehenge Star-Gate?

Stonehenge overview

Giza Plateau

Giza overview

Mandala 'flower'

Abu Ghurab Egypt

Cruciform N. A. bead mandala

Na Pali Kaua'i Hawaii

Pentagon overview

Pentagon design football

Inner Star Gate

Earth Grid overview

carbon molecule

Angkor Wat

Caeleon (S. Wales) Roman amphitheatre - ?

‘Vile’? A little ‘left-brain’ projection here?


Heart Mandala

Sacred Geometry – Star Alignment

Chartres Cathedral

The Vatican

Pope John Paul's Memorial


St Peter's Vatican



Persian Carpet (mandala); W or M on coffin?


St Peter's with black monoliths from '2001 A Space Odyssey'


Machu Piccu

Gobekli Tepe Turkey


And Below

'Beam me up, Scottie!'

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  1. Amazing fabulous stuff… thank u

    • Thanks Amelia – It’s a very magical world isn’t it?

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