*My Personal Crop Circle Experiences – Part 1

Yes, I have personally been inside many crop circles, over a period of a few years, but some time ago now. I like to see the latest ones and have watched them grow more and more complex and beautiful. How do they feel? Well, there is a feeling of anticipation but also reverence. Those who drive out to experience them are lovely people, some with kids, lovers hand-in-hand, gentle folk who sit and meditate, sometimes they take their dogs in, people of all ages, they just walk slowly around taking it all in quietly. Some lie down in the centre. And there are the more studious sort and journalists and photographers.

There is always a sense of awe. I am a dowser so I have measured the energy configurations in many and it is always a pattern of alternating pos/neg or male/female polarities according to the patterns. There is a marked boundary at the edge, where the energy inside is strong and outside is weak. In a fresh one, the pendulum goes mad and once it flew out of my hand it was rotating so powerfully.

They make you smile. I went in the first time with my daughter and her baby daughter and felt very safe. I took my grand-daughter back to another one when she was three or four. She is a bit special anyway, having spoken first in a different language and learned English by the time she was 2, so she told us some amazing things, but when I took her inside one of the largest there has ever been, on a lovely sunny afternoon, she just wandered off, picked up 2 corn stalks and started dowsing with them! I don’t dowse with rods, so she didn’t learn it from me. It was in this one – it was so huge it covered nearly an entire field…

You see the ‘tram-lines’? these are where the tractors go up and down to spray the crops so each pair of lines is as wide as a pair of tractor wheels – that’s how big this circle is! Notice the ‘sheen’ inside each circle? – that is because the corn is laid down in such a perfect way that it is like machined metal plate. The centres of each little circle twist around in a perfect knot. Every edge is one corn-stalk sharp – two stalks side-by-side, one would be standing upright, the other lying horizontal, bent over at a ‘node’ in an exact right-angle. The lying down stalks overlay each other, sometimes interweaving; they are not squashed, burnt, or damaged in any way and after some time they tend to stand up again and can be cut by the farmer without loss.

While I was up there (about an hour’s drive from my home) I had an impression that they were made from above by something like a TV remote control which just downloaded the imprint in a ‘zap’. This video demonstrates it well.


If you go into a man-made one, you can tell instantly – it is ‘dead’ and scruffy, and usually boring. These guys who say they do them all are rubbish – and no-one has said – “ok, show us how you do a really difficult one and tell us what the geometry is and what it means!”

I don’t know if it has changed my consciousness, because I don’t know what level of consciousness I would have now if I had never been in a crop circle. And I have done many things and had many experiences which would also affect it.

During those times I met a man called Freddy Silva and we had a good chat in the pub garden one afternoon. He had made a very long and detailed study of the crop circles around Avebury and Stonehenge (Wiltshire) and went on to write an excellent book called ‘Secrets in the Fields’. He showed the incredible sacred geometry involved in them and said he had had out-of-body experiences while lying in the circles.

I know many people are sceptical because they can’t have their own experience. Back then I hadn’t come to terms with plasma beings, or Light Beings, or ETs and had never seen a UFO, as in large space ship, so I felt they were thought-form manifestations. Now, I feel that the lights seen over them are plasma ships, which is such far-out technology, I shall leave you to investigate.

Please go to Part 2….

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  1. Reply from ‘V’ from NZ:
    “Good point post cards from home love that.. yes I can relate to that..just in a foreign language from worlds far far away we cant read fully damn it all!!..though we have some strong ideas on what they are portraying to us..and we sense that they mean well in all they send us and are in no way malevolent,no badness in this language that’s for sure..I also agree with you when you say ..they know we have been stupified against our will..yeah and this is why I think they send symbol diagrams,rather than written words this is another form of their language that at least we have some way of deciphering to a point or it would be lost and left and not researched further. “

  2. Yes, I agree, it is, I am certain, a gift to help us look, see, ask questions, open our minds – ready to receive so much more. They understand us better than we do oursleves because I think they know we have been stupified against our will, and these beautiful messages speak directly to a distant lost memory, a knowing, somewhere, somehow, somewhen, we have seen it before – they are like post-cards from Home

  3. Reply from ‘V’ in NZ:
    “.. I was imagining how the teseract could manipulate Electo-Magnetic or Mag fields to coax the matter it was made of into all of the patterns, such as cymatic patterns from sound waves. The matter could literally come in and out of different states(gas, solid, liquid, plasma, other unknown) our dimensional reality as the modulations were changed as it would only create the effective disturbance patterns during the nodes, at which time the particles would come together to create the teseract…This would be true and how does it happen over night as this process often unfolds within hours,so the Light beings have some very sophisticated mechanisms in their structure and make up that we here on earth just can not phathom or re-create even,and they come in through the dimensions and then vanish just as fast like some midget magic Scorcerer’s or Eosteric Wizards..and if humans were capable of this feat then they would be doing much more than just creating crop circles FFS for the shear enjoyment of making us humans scramble for answers to their validity don’t you think..I mean its not like they are making any monetary gain or anything from them, its like computer hackers, I’ve never understood why they go to such extremes to do it,unless they are gaining something back from doing it,same diff..”

  4. Reply from DE:
    “You’re are so sweet, thank you for taking the time to write out your experience… I cannot even imagine the feeling of being inside one, but if I were, what you stated about it being so powerful inside and weak on the outside would be my assumption.

    Corn stalks…how brilliant of your granddaughter.. The younger ones nowadays, are so far beyond my generation.. That would have been awesome to watch her in action..

    I too look forward to seeing any pictures you may take.. Thanks again!”

  5. Reply from ‘V’ from NZ:
    “Oh shoot you got it Wendy yes images like Gullivers Travels for sure or I’d simply vanish see you guys later bye for now,till we meet again..nah seriously I know that would happen,when you’ve had contact your already guaranteed the experience again in some time anyway and I know I’m going to have it again just not sure when though.”

  6. I am not sure you would stay on Earth if you entered a circle ‘V’ – we would have to tether you to a huge rock!!! But your ability to transport yourself in your mind to enter my experience is credit to your very special soul. I, too, can do this so I understand the body-shocks, the vast mind-expansion, the vibes and emotions that come when connection takes place – it is a heart-opening and connecting to the great ‘out-there’ up the core Light channel and I feel truly blessed.

  7. Reply from ‘V’ in NZ:
    “Thank-you…Oh wow yes beamed down from above through the dimensions in time space yes at the blink of an eye lid I believe that wholeheartedly,I see it ..hense not many are able to catch them on film in the process,its as if they have the ability to halt time to stand still in reality totally and for all we know they halted it for hours but we only see it in a flash when they un-halt reality and push the play button again in a sense,do you get me…and those who have been lucky enough like on this video posted on here should be elated..and shouldn’t be ridiculed as fakers..well its good to know the farmers arn’t peeved off to the point of halting research and keeping them from the people who deserve to see and feel them etc..we will understand them soon many are close I think to understanding their messages..”

  8. I forgot to answer this question about the farmers – they have been through quite a transformation, as you can imagine! At first they were shocked and dismayed because poor souls, they have to think about their harvests. Some decided to cash in on it and tried to take some contributions at the gate in some form of compensation I guess. But then they seemed to settle into it and when they realised that they weren’t getting coachloads of Japanese tourists turning up they were quite happy to let the people in, as long as they stayed to the tram-lines. Very little real damage is done.

    When I went up there one time I stayed in a farm-house B&B and the lady told me her husband, a farmer, got into it and went out on all-night sit-ins – they got one circle in their own field, so he was chuffed. It was in that house that the lady picked up the TV remote to give it to us and in a flash I ‘saw’ how they were made – literally in a flash, that is – many sightings have witnessed a flash first, then the circle is there after only a few seconds. The TV remote put a thought in my mind of how they were beamed down from above. Helicopters and light aircraft have born witness to flying over a field where there was nothing and then flying back a few minutes later and there was a circle complete – no cars, no people.

  9. Reply from ‘V’ in NZ:
    “Oh Thank-you for writing this Wendy how wonderful I was there in that crop circle myself through your words and felt it all inside myself.. Oh I vibrated yeesh..those who can pick up the channel to the light beings will get more from being inside these and this only confirmed to me more that if I was there I know I’d get some amazing messages from them,and out-of-body experiences while lying in the circles to I just know it. … damn it all!!..and that people are serene when there tells me this also,the energies present what a connection totally amazing,oooh goosebumps..I do look forward to your images if you get any…and yeah the sacred geometry involved in them if they were man made the people involved would be classed as ascended masters or some educated physic’s expert type people and wow a huge team of them would have to be present and some form of machinery as well to form them not planks that’s for sure… how the Fork they’d do it and get away without being seen would be almost impossible anyway.. but we all know that this isn’t so, they are far too elaborate and well done to be man made and my soul says the video here to be truth anyway but just saying..

    What I want to know is are the farmers where these circles are on their land…are they co-operative or do they believe also what they are and assist the experts?..like it would be horrible if they just didn’t care to their meanings and messages and saw them as a burden and simply mowed them down without contacting experts..what is the feelings from them?..Have any farmers done interviews to this effect?”

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