*Chill-out with Paul Collier

peacefulplaceALPHA state brain waves relax, uplift and reconnect you to a Higher State of being. This enhances your life by reducing stress, tension, confusion, fear and depression and inducing a relaxed state of peaceful happiness.

INTRODUCING PAUL COLLIER For a most effective alpha state inducement use PAUL’S amazing and beautiful music and visuals in these three to ten minute clips. Below are just three but click his name to see his YouTube profile and all his other videos.

Fantastic Offer! Go to his link for a 3 minute sample of Mind Paradise (on youtube) Then send him an email from his profile page for the download details. For July 2009 only, Paul will discount the price of his latest release, a 30 minute alpha brainwave entrainment session, from £4.50 to £3.50 (high quality digital download mp3) if you mention the code WENDY SALTER when making your payment via Paypal.

Now, while listening, look at the picture first, then close your eyes, looking up slightly.

‘This one activated my third eye and I ‘saw’ beautiful colours’

‘Just three minutes to come out of that dark place’

‘Try not being happy with this one – bet you can’t!’

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