*The Sways of Nature

To survive in this world, Man has had to learn Earth’s patterns and anomalies and work with them for his own benefit. Besides attending to his day-to-day needs he has had to look to the Heavens for help and learn the intricacies of this organic living planet in relation to the cosmos. Yet hard as he has tried, he has been caught out by some extreme and unexpected changes.

His basic needs of food and shelter have progressed from an opportunist approach to one of organisation and husbandry. Man and animals have different ways of managing their food supply.
Large herds of beasts, flocks of birds or swarms of insects can completely devastate the local environment from which they are feeding and then move swiftly on. It is not a complete failure, because Nature replenishes the stocks after they have gone.
Family groups, like primates, that like to stay put and make a home, tend to have a more varied diet and make sure that no part of that diet is eaten completely, so that it can continually restore itself. Agriculture gave Man a new way to grow what he needed for his whole settlement.
Many animals, including humans, learnt to store food when there is an abundance, to keep a supply for the lean times.
Early Humans seem to have gone one step further in that they invented a system of praying to the nature gods and goddesses to help them. It is possible that this was after the advent of agriculture, when people realised that they, themselves, could work with Nature and manage their crops and animal stock in a co-operative and conscious way, but there were some mysterious events that they could not predict and needed to elicit the help of the unseen powers.
There were virile gods and goddesses of fertility who helped with the setting of the seeds and mating of animals, none more so than the power of the sun and the moon deities which influenced the success of propagation on Earth, who was a Mother Goddess herself.
There is much evidence of seasonal rituals performed by these ancient people, to celebrate the Sacred Marriage of the gods and goddesses and bestow good fortune on the consummation of that marriage, thereby procuring good fortune on their harvest. These rituals must have been seen to be successful when prolific harvests followed. Of course, this may have happened without the added ‘good luck’ from the gods, but a failure, in the minds of the people, was due to the failure of the ritual. Superstition works when the appropriate result follows the appropriate action, both negatively and positively.
But did the early people believe something that we have forgotten – that they really could influence this unseen but powerful energy force?
Dowsers of natural energy show that the life-force in our world has two distinct ‘polarities’. These can be called + and – , positive and negative, or male and female. Each of these has a flow, or character, or effect, that is different to the other. One has a clock-wise and descending spin – and has a more direct, highly tuned feel – where the other runs anticlockwise and ascends and is more fluctuating, or rhythmic and soft. In the planet Earth, the poles, or focal points of these two energies are in the north and south Arctic regions.

Prophecies of old have forewarned us about a ‘Pole Shift’ or even a ‘Pole Swap’. Now that our scientists can study the physical mechanics of our Earth’s magnetic field, which is caused by the emanations of magnetism from molten magma flexing around the crystalline metallic core, and the positioning of the magnetic poles, they can confirm that we have had Pole Shifts before, and are likely to have more in the future.


Our scientists have found that the Magnetic Shift has already started and will likely cause a ‘flip’ into a Pole Reversal. The South Atlantic Anomaly, which is a weakening area of our magnetic field, affects the instruments on the International Space Station every time it crosses it, while orbiting the planet, and has shown that this area is allowing an increased level of protons into our vicinity. We will experience different phenomena as this happens but one important effect will be on bird migrations: it is highly likely that the Natural World, and especially certain animals, will give us signs that it is happening.

p1000975Geomancers of the past have known about the magnetic nature of the living energy of our planet and have been able to trace lines, commonly called ‘Ley’ lines, or ‘dragon’ lines. When we look at the position of megalithic monuments along these lines, and at intersections called ‘nodes’, we can see that our ancestors went to great lengths to put these great stones in place, so there must have been an important reason for doing so. Many of the megalithic circles, or ‘landscape temples’, are also calendars which mark out the solstices and equinoxes and watch the subtle changes in their cycles. They also align to the zodiac constellations and are our gauge on the great cycle of the turning cosmos, called The Great Year, or Precession of the Equinoxes. The stones may also have been an attempt to ‘fix’ the energy in that place to stabilise it, or to mark concentrations of energy and benefit from it. Some studies have noted alignments around the world to a different North and South magnetic pole and a different Equator – on which sat the Great Pyramid at Giza. The period of the last Pole Shift may have been around the time of the Great Flood, around 10- 12,000 B.C.E.

Once the studies of the past and the studies of the present come together, it may present a full picture of how these anomalies not only repeat but can be predictable. Now we have the technology to know what the ancients also seem to have known, we should be well prepared. But what seems remarkable is that this subject still seems to be one of conjecture, or one dismissed as mystical or unfathomable, or antiquated or science-fiction, or one that is only discussed behind closed doors… and a subject of which the general public seems to be blissfully unaware.

A pole-shift, or reversal of polarity of the Earth’s magnetic field, may not be felt or noticed immediately except by measuring it with instruments, but an ‘axial tilt’ shift is a very different thing. If the tilt of Earth’s axis should increase or decrease, the effects would be felt physically in seismic upheavals and noticed immediately in changes in the sun and moon positions and radical climate changes. Extreme changes may occur, plummeting us into an Ice Age.

Evidence of large areas of land changing dramatically from one climate to another is very visible. For example, both the Sahara desert and the Gobi desert show evidence of large areas of water and vegetation, and the Antarctic has given up its secret landscape and habitation to reveal a green and pleasant continent beneath its miles-thick ice-cap.

Something obviously turned the world.

In the following short video, we can see an imaginary turning of Earth after a possible 40 degree axial tilt.

In our new book “There Is Something About The Moon…”, John H Shaughnessy and  I, Wendy H Salter, explain how the Moon has the muscle to pull the Earth into new axial tilts, with an original theory. Using Arctic ice-core sample results, they demonstrate how the regular cycles of cold and warm climates, in reoccurring Ice Ages and Inter-glacial, or Water Ages, change the shape of our planet and thus change the gravitational torque relationship between the Earth and the Moon… thus changing the tilt angle. Can the Moon actually tell us when the next axial tilt may happen, and when the next Ice Age may occur? This fascinating book, which covers many different ways of re-assessing Earth’s relationship with the Moon, and how the true message from the man on the Moon has been removed from our consciousness, can be found here: http://www.tisatmoon.com


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