*Are we Living a Computer-Simulated Existence?

It is possible that we, as sensor-mechanisms or transmitter-receivers, are now fast becoming cognitively self-aware and aware of the Systems-Program; that is, the physical creation and purpose of the human is the Program but the Programmer is now talking to us and telling us our nature, when and why we were created, what our potential is and that we can actually cooperate by being willing to send experiential feedback and our own  creative ideas to the Programmer, rather than just being unconscious and unaware with no participation. If freedom of choice was always there but we were not programmed to activate it until we gained this awareness, that we can be both the programmer and the user, then we were left with an unconscious sense of being a slave or victim or a genetic construct of the invisible but all-powerful creator-god, or ET aliens, and  that we could only connect with it through worship, blind faith or ‘prayer’ (a conversation with the invisible God or gods). If we are a living computerised programmed creation, then the computer itself does not have to be an unfeeling or un-living electro-mechanical system but a living conscious entity. The ‘holographic’ theory simply suggests that the ‘program’ is embedded in every particle, from the quanta to the universe, as the hologram is seen as complete in every part just as in the whole. Equally, the human soul is as complete in the whole of humanity (and not just on Earth) as in each individual human.

Perception is always the key – both from within and from outside ourselves.

When I was writing once I came to a pause in the flow of what I was writing so I closed my eyes and in that moment I ‘saw’ myself inside the computer looking out through the screen at me sitting in front of it with my eyes closed! I didn’t think I had become taken over by the computer, only that there was a co-operation between my mind and what the computer could do for me; in fact by getting inside the computer I could help myself better – like doing a search.

If we continually think we are controlled by some anonymous exterior thing/being/mind/system, we will be, but the moment we understand that we are that exterior thing, guiding ourselves, we will understand our own power. It works both individually and collectively.

The communication system between the outer and the inner ‘thing’ (whatever you want to call it) is a sensual energy we call emotion, or a ‘moving energetic experience’, which acts like a sort of litmus paper that can demonstrate what we are doing and thinking and how it aligns with this other part of us. If the outer and inner parts (or higher and lower-self) agree and comply and work in unison, we feel a pleasant emotion like happiness, if not we feel pain and misery.

This aspect does indeed make us uniquely human. Any person demonstrating emotion is a human, any cold and unfeeling person is not, by definition, and is either completely cut off from its own Programmer or is a non-biological soul-less robot controlled by a machine – something we feel is innately evil because we recognise this lack of sensory communication called ‘feeling’.

I believe that the mind is not the brain. The right hemisphere receives information in an unconditional download via the Mind from its own Programmer or Central Databank, or Source or Universal Thought (cosmic rays?) and the left hemisphere transmits that information as recognisable data (electrical impulses) or consciousness to activate, drive and motivate the body in a certain way that is beneficial. When this is over-ridden by interference, the person is misdirected. There seems to be a fail-safe device which can over-ride the interference if the person is in serious danger of going critical.

We could interpret all of this as having no self-determination, freedom of choice or individual identity but we must be mindful of paranoia and total victim/slave/mind-control freakdom. Unless we are the god-of-all-gods I think we have to accept some collective unity, or we are lost in some sort of tyrannical egomania.

Our knowledge and abilities have increased enormously since the discovery of the computer, which initially was a code-breaker, but we should always remember that humans built the computer, not the other way round. To apply the same concept to the Great Creator is doing that Great Mystery no small injustice, even though it most probably helped us to discover it! It’s like saying we created the Creator, rather than being the creation of the Creator, but both may be true. Binary code is, after all, simple duality..an on-and-off code – being or not being…the quantum of Light particles, being there or here only when observed by an observer. Are we here being observed or are we observing what we are creating? Is thinking necessary for being? Is understanding necessary for being? Is knowledge necessary for being? And when we have all this knowledge will we have the wisdom to use it?


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  1. Bzzt, bzzt, click, click…does not compute…bzzt, click….clunk…


    (not getting all NSA on you…was just interested in finding out more about you Wendy.)

    • I am honoured – thanks Cyborg 🙂 This one is right up your street

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