*The Bridge of Love


Have you ever wondered where the feelings of sadness come from? Sadness is sometimes described as having ‘a heavy heart’, just as happiness can be described as ‘lightheartedness’. We feel sad when a loved one goes away but the thoughts we have at the time determine how sad we may feel. If we have strong thoughts that our loved one loves us, we may miss them, but feel reassured that they will return to us and our sadness will turn to happiness again.

But when our loved one goes away forever, as in death, our sadness turns to grief – a deep, painful sadness that seems incurable. If we believe that our loved one loved us, as we loved them, we may have faith that that love endures even at their departing.

But if that love was not acknowledged before death we may be left with dreadful feelings of regret. How then do we lift our heart into happiness once more?

With Love. Love transcends all distance, time and boundaries, even death. If you can remember the feelings of joy when you received a letter or card from someone you thought had forgotten you, or didn’t love you anymore, you can imagine the joy you could send a loved one by sending them a Message of Love. Send your thoughts with happy memories, strong feelings, maybe of forgiveness, or asking for forgiveness, and mental pictures of something beautiful, that would mean something to them. Then believe that they will get your message, feel your love for them and be uplifted; their spirit will feel lighter and they may send you a message in return.

How and when that message comes, only you will know, when it arrives. Then the heaviness in your heart will leave and your heart will feel lighter. The Heart is known as the Bridge between the Earth world and the world of Spirit. It is on this bridge, The Bridge of Love, that you will be able to meet your loved one again.

Wendy Salter

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  1. Grief, unhealed, can put your life on hold. Forgiveness is a powerful thing and when we learn that death only separates us physically and love can reach across the Bridge between this world and the next, life can begin again.

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