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Tom Evans

Tom Evans

If you are a budding author and could do with some help, Tom’s your man!

This is a questionnaire that easily describes Tom from my point of view. To visit his website click here

The BookWright Questionnaire

Name : Wendy Salter

Company Name (if applicable) : http://www.wendysalter.com

Profession : Writer

What stage were you at with your writing before working with Tom?

I knew I wanted to write a book, but I hadn’t started it. I had been writing for years in essays, short stories and journals.

What is the purpose of writing a book for you?

I hoped to turn my experience and knowledge into an enjoyable read for those who could benefit from its message.

What was it that inspired you to work with Tom?

Tom is inspirational because of his enthusiastic personality, a love of his craft, knowledge of the technology of making a book and his friendly encouragement during the process of turning my writing into an actual book.

What Specific problems were you having that made you seek Tom’s expertise?

My greatest problem was a lack of self-confidence and technology required to turn what I wrote into an actual book.

How did you work with Tom?

Tom became my mentor and I attended his workshop.

What specifically did you achieve from working with Tom?

Firstly, Tom encouraged me to start a blog where I could air some ideas and the first installments of my book. This helped me overcome my fear of criticism and rejection by the general public reader as I received much encouragement from a surprising number of visitors to the blog-site, which has grown constantly. Secondly he helped me to self-publish my book. I was too nervous and impatient to seek out numerous rejections from publishers. Once I had a book in my hands, it has been a steady progress to success. Tom’s positivity has never wavered.

Where would you be now with your book if you hadn’t met Tom?

I can categorically say that my writing would still be hidden in a file on my lap-top if I had not met Tom.

If recommending Tom to others, what would you say makes him stand out from other Book Mentors?

In all honesty I have never needed another book mentor. What stands out though is that Tom provides everything a budding author could need. His love of his craft, technological know-how and dedication to each writer, as though they are the most important writer in the world, is a special combination that is hard to surpass.

An thing else you would like to add?

As with any service, the specific requirements of the client are paramount, for that service to be relevant and effective. Tom treats us all with a great respect, for the strange and unique beings that writers are, being of the creative and artistic group of human. Others may fail when they start presuming that we, the writers, can all be bunched together and treated the same. An artisan is hardly ever a good business person, and so the technical and marketing side needs tremendous support. Tom provides not only this support but his understanding of the psychology of the creative mind is probably his trump card.

I have sold over 50 copies of my first book, solely from home. I am now just completing my second book. Readers of the first book are now asking me to write more and on other subjects.

I wish Tom a lasting success for all that he has given me.

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