Finding Grace.

When we feel there is ‘something wrong’ for us, what do we do?

The ‘something wrong’ may be illness… bad weather… a grumpy kid or spouse… a difficult parent… a boring job… aches and pains… feeling too cold or too hot… wondering why the one you love has left… not enough money… lack of freedom… bad neighbours… depressing News… am I getting close?…

…too much housework… a hang-over… difficult homework… a struggling business… loneliness… feeling unloved… missing the rubbish-collecting day… feeling scared of the boss… an irritating wind… wind in the guts… bereavement… falling out with your best friend… fed up with what’s on TV… wishing you hadn’t said something… missing your flight… hating queues… frightened you may have something terminal.

If something in that list has caught your eye, or prompted a ‘something wrong’ of your own, would you like to feel better?

Look for Grace.

Grace arrives without any effort on our part. In fact Grace never leaves. Grace is there all the time, mostly without our noticing. Grace just always is. Look for Grace.

And when you notice Grace, something extraordinary happens. Grace becomes apparent, real, visible, audible, and permanent.

Just by noticing Grace, every ‘something wrong’ disappears instantly.

Have you found Grace now?

[If you can’t find Grace, click on contact me and send me an email]

Wendy Salter

[original writing]

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  1. I just found Grace today – my aching leg, my toothache, my headache – a message from spirit saying “listen to your body” – it all ties together and makes sense. Grace was actually with me all along, I just wasn’t listening

    luv & lux

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