*Law of Attraction Part 1


Communication between two people is such a complex subject any discussion of it will be left wanting.

Primal man and woman responded to clearly defined laws of attraction, to mate and procreate. Like all animals, early humans attracted a mate in an unconscious way, securing the best genetic blueprint for their offspring to survive in an elementally raw, and unpredictable world.

Over millenia the human being has evolved into a deep and meaningful mystical being, with ancestry and history locked into its genetic chemistry and the laws of attraction now involve a chemical alchemy that is almost impossible to fully understand.

It is the belief of many, far more than Establishment statistics would have us believe, that we are far, far more than just animal. In our evolution we have developed sentience, a knowing and understanding of ourselves in relation to our environment and each other that brings the whys and the wherefores of our existence into constant debate.

It may appear that the laws of attraction between two people can go far deeper than for just the purpose of the continuance of the species. The chemical and electrical responses activated within the human body when two people meet is a veritable ‘Big Bang’ in the biology of man and woman.

Anyone who has experienced an intense and spontaneous attraction to a stranger knows what I am talking about here. Consider the number of people one might pass, see, brush against accidentally, shake hands with, or talk to, in an ordinary day, where no such spontaneous reaction occurs, not even a slight awareness of the other person, and then ask the question why him/her, why right now and why such an intense attraction that seems almost like recognition?

We hear people talk about ‘love at first sight’ or‘seeing a stranger across a crowded room’ and these people bear witness to this extraordinary phenomenum of spontaneous combustion in human communication.

What purpose would this reaction serve? Obviously it draws two people together; it forces an exchange of attention with each other, bringing each one into an interaction, a brief relationship that may only be understood with hindsight, and then only partially.

Very often these interactions are described as ‘it was as though we had known each other before’, or ‘I felt as though I had known them all my life’. ‘All the hairs on the back of my neck stood up’ is another comment and ‘I had a sudden rush of energy, I suddenly got red hot, my ears were ringing and the rest of the world disappeared!’

There is something happening here that is not about procreation, although the sexual response is extremely strong. The sexual attraction is part of the irresistible urge to get closer, speak with this other person, stay in their company. The magnetism between these two people pulls them inexplicably but inevitably together.

And yet, nine times out of ten a drama unfolds that does not lead to a happy-ever-after ending. Another element starts to show itself and the drama is not enjoyable. Antagonism builds, arguments start, the couple find that they just can’t be together, or have a normal relationship, and then it all implodes, is over and is gone.

Where there was once irresistible attraction, excitement, love, passion, then chaos and eventually something close to hatred, the magic is broken, the drama is dispelled and the two people move away from each other swearing never to set eyes on the other one again.

If this happens, something is not understood. Watch this space for a possible explanation into this extraordinary behaviour between two human beings.

Wendy Salter

[original writing]

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  1. 2 weeks ago this gorgeous out of my league girl came to my work to drop some things, as soon as she entered the door, there was this feeling that I never had before, my heart beat escalated from 68/minute to I don’t know 500, I felt my heart wanted to explode. She smiled and walked away, there I was thinking it was only one way attraction, but she came the next day and the next and the next for 10 days straight at leats 3 times a day, I had couarge up to talk to her it was fun, exciting and different and everytime she comes my heart would wanna come out of my chest and my brain goes blank for a few seconds. Haven’t seen her for a week now. But I’m not angry I’m glad I had experienced that kind of attraction. It was my first attraction and it was out of this world feeling.

    • Zander – thank you for sharing your special story with me, how beautiful. All the best, W

  2. Trying to contact Amelia Powers-not the one in London. Do you have any contact info?

    • If it’s not the one in London that you are looking for – no – sorry.

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