*The Nature of Life – Elements, Chakras, Myths, Spirit and Science – Part 1

Understanding the nature of life involves looking at it from many different perspectives; to view any one subject one needs to walk around the circle – a sphere, even – and look down each spoke to the hub, the centre, or core of the issue.

fire flame

Primary life can be described as either starting with a spark or a big bang – an ignition of creation in a single moment in time and space and from that moment something extraordinary is started, which we call ‘Life’. It is both scientific in terms of physical matter and spiritual in terms of a living energy that has a life-force, a momentum, a purpose, and consequences – a ‘causal action’ followed by ‘experiential effects’.

In all traditions the primary elements are symbolically displayed in myth and magic, alchemy, personified deities, esoteric wisdom, natural sciences and imaginative creations.

The world around us is the platform from which we launch ourselves into both the outer and inner worlds, but there is a harmonious conformity that links all things into a universal truth, and we, as human conscious beings, can only understand it from our perspective. As the Aboriginal Peoples say, “Wherever my feet stand, that is the centre of the Universe.”

Primordial Fire seems a good place to start, like a sunrise on a brand new day as the Orb of Fire we call the Sun appears above the horizon in the east. It is not the Sun that is rising, of course, but the Earth turning towards it. Now that we have technology to observe and study the Sun, rather than shielding our eyes from its brightness, we can watch its Nature. This fiery orb has always been known as the supreme provider of Light and Heat, the gift of a god to its subjects. The Sun God features in every ancient religious belief system as the powerful Benefactor of Life on Earth.

Sun-light is white-light which separates into all the colours of the rainbow once it moves through the prismatic atmosphere of our planet. The prism, or pyramid, is therefore something that demonstrates how this ultimate full-spectrum power graduates down through the lower frequencies to the lowest, being infra-red. firelightprism

It is also representative of a structured  hierarchical system, one in which reverses the flow so that the peak, the ultimate power, is fed by the accumulative efforts of all the lower levels, especially the bottom of the heap – the work-force. This system has either endowed Earth with a progressive life, by a deity… or the other way round – the elite ruler has been empowered by the life-force of Earth.

fire volcanoIt is possible that our earliest forefathers suddenly discovered one day that fire could spontaneously ignite under certain circumstances. They may have had a crystal to make fire, like we can use a lens, or used flints to make a spark, and as mythology tells us, Prometheus may well have brought the gift of fire to Humanity; but we do have our own source of fire on Earth – Volcanic Fire.

Volcanoes, natural pyramidal mountains, have given rise to a plethora of mythological deities – Zeus and his entourage on Mount Olympus for example. Powerful and terrifying, unpredictably spectacular events like an eruption would have been interpreted as the god being angry, but beneficial, like a stern father or teacher, as volcanic ash is rich in minerals making soil fertile and the subjects would thrive, ultimately. Thunder and the white-fire energy in lightning balances the electric fields of our atmosphere and electro-magnetic grid, which keeps our planet ticking. Regeneration of the land and the surrounding people after an eruption may be the origin of the mythological Phoenix – new life rising from the ashes of the parents’ funeral pyre.

fire phoenix

One man’s magical Phoenix is another man’s Dragon; mythology around the world holds many stories of  Dragons, or Serpent gods, or Reptilian ETs. From the temptation of Eve by the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, to David Icke’s revelations about the Reptilian Blood-line of the Illuminati, the blood-curdling serpent-dragon has lived in our unconscious memories for millenia.


Fighting the dragon represents a human’s quest to conquer his or her fears, not just to survive, but to get to the treasures that the dragon is guarding – the secrets of the sacred knowledge. In all life, a person has to draw on their ‘dragon’ energy to fight for his life, what he needs or what he believes in. The primordial fire is both courage and wisdom – when to stand one’s ground and fight or when to run like hell to save one’s life – the ‘fight-or-flight’ syndrome. At times like these adrenalin is pumped around the body, increasing the body’s temperature, supplying nutrients and energy for strength and sharpening all the physical senses to be alert and aware, including pupil dilation to see more clearly.

fire flight or fight

This response arises from what is called the Base Chakra (Sanskrit ‘vortex of fire’), the part of the body you sit on! This is the base of the body but the legs and feet connect it to the earth in what is termed a ‘Root’. Like animals, we had the ability to feel vibrations through our feet rising from the land itself and this signal would be received in the first chakra, and so this spiritual-physical part of the body is designed to help us survive.

“Shall I stand still and watch the sunset, run and hunt, or sit down by the fire?” Our ancestors moved up a notch from the animal kingdom when they used fire to cook food. Not only could they make their food last longer, but they could eliminate the micro-organisms that were potentially harmful. (This is another subject but will just mention that in the developed countries, the hearth and home-cooking is nearly lost; central-heating has eliminated the fireplace in many homes; GMO, chemical-polluted produce, pre-cooked and micro-waved foods and a lack of raw food has seriously threatened our health) The cooking fire-oven came at a time when humans settled more in one place, put down their roots, and started to clear the land for agriculture. It is suggested that Man was taught these skills by ‘otherworldly’ visitors, foreigners either from out of space, another dimension, or from inside our planet – up through tunnels or out through the poles. Besides cooking and agriculture, humans suddenly seemed to have knowledge of the stars, cycles, arithmetic, symbolism and language. It was quite a leap! Was it out of the pot into the fire?

fire cooking

The spiritual fire known as ‘Kundalini’ is also seen as a serpent, or pair of serpentine energy currents spiralling from the genital area up the core of the body, in line with the spine, right to the top of the head – like a central communication channel. When the kundalini rises it can be experienced as a spiritual orgasm and ecstatic enlightenment, but the physical orgasm is just as important for our procreation.



The fire of passion raises not only the creative forces of the spirit but the physical forces of heat, hormones and emotions which unite two people in the act of pro-creation. Some ancient cultures knew that to call the spirit of the unborn into incarnation, they must first ignite the fire of their imagination with heart-fire, to open the portals to the spirit world and invite the soul of their child into the physical dimension. Fortunately it still works without this knowledge as the fire of passion works its magic, but some great wisdom and human spirituality has been lost. The feeling of exhaustion after making love is a measure of the energy ‘spent’ in this creative combustion. The father-to-be has ‘fired his weapon’ and the ammunition arrives in the crucible of the mother-to-be.

fire of passion

But the question now arises of the existence of other fires – Inner Fire, as another sun in Inner Earth;  Black Fire, as in the Black Hole of the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy; Shamanic Fire, as in the ability of the spirit (or soul) to rise out of the body, and Spiritual Fire, as in the enlightened consciousness. Life is not as simple as lighting a fire to keep warm or to cook dinner anymore. From simple beginnings, humanity on Earth has changed into an all-consuming parasite which is threatening the living entity of our planet. Humanity has become Man: all things humanitarian have lost its balancing feminine counterpart. We have discovered every combustible substance in the earth to fire our engines and fuel our technologies, and even fire on our neighbours and threaten to wipe out life altogether.


We need to fire up our consciousness! We can no longer sit on our base chakra contemplating our fate, chewing the end of a match and ignoring the smoke signals, bowing to an inhumane ruling elite. Raising our level of attention and observation and knowledge into a creative plan on a higher level of existence is called raising our vibration, or conscious awareness, or ascension into the 5th dimension. To do that we need to retrieve Harmony, Balance, and the missing Feminine. Men and women humans need to unite in the Violet Flame of Love.


Part 2 – The Crucible of Life: Sophia, Mother Nature; Sacred Garden, Water of Life, Holy Grail, Cave, Womb, Hara (2nd or Sacral Chakra), Alchemy, Emotional Intelligence and Blackmail.

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