*’Diversitas’ – a poem


I am me and I am alone;

I am the centre of the Universe

and the Universe is all around me;

I am not the Universe

and the Universe is not  me;

The Universe is all out there, beyond me,

and I am here, right here.

No-one is like me;

No other person is anything like me;

All other people have nothing to do with me,

even my children and my parents are not me;

I am.

I am an individual ‘I’ –




What is it that keeps me free from all else, all others?


Inside me are all the images I have ever seen.

Inside me are all the sounds I have ever heard.

Inside me are the smells, the colours, the light, the dark, the motion.

Inside me they are separate,

not connected to the source from whence they came,

not now.

Disconnected from their source, they are all inside me;

they are mine;

they belong to no-one except me.

I am the owner, the keeper, the holder of all that I have seen and heard

and these things create a Universe within me.

All inside me is an Inner, stolen from the Outer,

yet the Outer does not know it is missing these things;

there are no holes left where they once were.

Inside me they create anew:

a new Universe which belongs only to me.

I can go inside and see and hear anything I wish to see and hear.

These things inside me are my own creation

and I can recreate them,

a recreation for my amusement alone,

no other.

There is no other inside me except echoes, reflections, once belonging to outside,

now secretly hidden inside.

There is no sign, no clue for any other to know that which is inside me;

I give nothing away;

I take all I want;

I stand silent and still with a whole Universe inside me

and no-one knows.

And yet…

I am You and He and She and It.

I have a magic ingredient that is in all that is –

all that is, is me – and you.

It is a wondrous dichotomy:

a fractal of unequal proportion branching out in unison and opposition.

Diversity and Uniqueness are we, in eternal expression.

What I feel, you feel;

What I see, you see;

What I hear, you hear.

When I drop a pebble – you are the ripple;

When you breathe – I am the wind.

We are the Infinite and the Absolute,

The enormity of all that is.

Together, we are parts of the Whole, the Atom and the Universe;

The One.

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  1. Beautiful poem ❤

    • Thank you Janet :)) xx

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