*NOW – and beyond 2012: The Next Level

The Next Level

(Lelabear’s Channel – You Tube)

The world has not ended! Our planet and it’s creator sun has been in existence for roughly four and a half billion years – and according to scientific consensus we have about five and a half billion years left (Sun Medicine). Enough time to do something good.

There are many great commentators (Michael Tsarion; David Wilcock;  David Icke  ) who have investigated our far distant past history to bring to light where we started and what seems to have gone wrong, but with all the talk about 2012 and speculations of doom and gloom, maybe we should be concentrating on our future with a little more optimism.

Undoubtedly, we have used our inventive minds to gain knowledge and develop new concepts and technologies, expanded our skills and evolved physically – and wrought much destruction in the process – but it would be a pity to throw the baby out with the bath-water by negating all we have now. Surely there is good in what we have, too.

Is 2012 – the cusp of a new era (Pisces to Aquarius) as we pass over the Galactic equator – heralding the impending disaster some predict, or a wonderful opportunity to re-invent ourselves? A wild guess of general consensus would be a future without war, without hunger, disease and poverty, greed and inequality, in favour of a future with more harmony between the patriarchal and matriarchal approaches towards societal living and a loving respect for the beautiful Nature of this planet, and ourselves.

In the video below, we see an eclectic view on how we may achieve this:

It starts with a quick look (with some cute animations) at the problems – climate change, species depletion, unsustainable life-styles, resource and fuel depletion, war, poverty, crime, conspiracies, and then goes on to look at the process in action:

Time, machine, matrix; tribal cultures – myth or history; statistics and the acceleration off the graph; psychic evolution and synchronicity; new consciousness; revealing ‘apocalypse’ (that which is covered); self-realisation; attitudes – passive, panic, prophecy, projection or positive; and creative vision.

The body of the video is listening to some great minds and scholars who offer their hope and vision:

Economy – profit or share; political eco-revolution; innovation and regeneration; social change; spiritual advancement and enjoying the Path; how to handle chaos and seeing a new ‘birth’; eco-technologies and making plans; knowledge shared instead of withheld; random thoughts; rapidly increasing changes; remote viewing, psychic projection and collective vision; spirit and science coming together; the miracle of forgiveness; the Tree-of-Life; parallel (not distant) universes and dimensions.

“God is not a ‘Being’ – God is BEING” – a useful thought! God is being exposed  – from the ‘invisible, grumpy old man, who is ready to smite aweful judgments on the unwary‘,  image  – to a new embodiment of divine creative perfection in each and every one of us.

The GOOD news is, that we have a lot in our favour – conspiracies and artificial, authorative control systems ARE being exposed and dismantled. HUGE numbers of people from all walks of life across the globe have ALREADY opened their hearts and minds to a new conscious way of living. The female principle IS returning to re-balance the living energy, or life-force, and the GRANDMOTHERS are voicing their wisdom. The ELDERS are speaking out about our lost knowledge. The CHILDREN are doing things differently. ECOLOGY and ENVIRONMENT movements are gaining momentum. REVOLUTIONS against the old regimes are already succeeding. ACTIVISTS are gathering in every field of life. And people are quietly – and noisily – changing their minds. EMPATHY and KINDNESS are growing in strength.

Beyond 2012 – Evolving Perspectives on the Next Age

(Full length feature, 1hr:o6m)

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