*Law of Attraction Part 2


“Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.”

<Douglas Adams>

The Law of Attraction does two things. The first is that it will attract opposites, to make a perfect whole. Like yin and yang. The second is that like will attract like. This likeness will attract, as a reflection in the mirror, but will then repel as there is no balance.

Supposing, just supposing, the person you are in a relationship with right now is not who you think they are.

You may feel that you have just found the one person in the world who makes you feel special, who attracts you with the most amazing chemistry, or magnetism and that you have ‘fallen in love’.

If you are ‘opposites’, in every sense of the word, you may set up a home and procreate, which is natural, but that’s not what is being discussed here.

If you are mirroring each other, in any way at all, you will eventually repel each other. It seems that the purpose of attraction is to reflect what you are and what you aint. And if you meet someone mirroring something negative, they have arrived for a purpose.

It may be that this person is outside your marriage, or relationship. They may have suddenly appeared from no-where, unexpectedly, and thrown you into a flat spin.

You may be so distracted by this person that you are demonstrating some unusual behaviour. You may be having wild dreams, possibly erotic. You may find that you want to talk to them constantly, day and night, be with them all the time. You may feel that this attraction is out of your control.

Further down the line, you may find yourself acting out of character, doing things you wouldn’t normally do. You may find that this person has got under your skin and now you are having anxious thoughts about where it is going. The happy ending is not in sight. It’s going a bit wrong.

Eventually you may find that you want to shake yourself awake, get out of the relationship and you can’t. You may have realised by now that things aren’t what you expected, it has got complicated, surreal, and you want out. You think that you have made a big mistake and you are seriously worried.

Now, ask yourself these questions.

“What have I learned about myself during this strange time? What have I done, or what has been done to me that doesn’t feel right? What is making me feel angry, hurt or afraid and what am I blaming this other person for?

Right! Got it? Now apply all your answers to yourself. Own every aspect of this experience as a lesson to correct some aspect that is in yourself, that is out of balance and needs to evolve.

This reflection of you has come into your life just for YOU, to bring some experience to the front of your attention so that you can learn and grow.

A Soul Mate is a person whose spirit is akin to yours. They step into a role, or arrive with certain qualities, just to reflect back to you what is in you and some of it may not be nice.

Look in the mirror. See yourself in the other person. It may be hard to see if it is some quality you don’t like in yourself, something you are denying or pretending is not there, or even something you had no idea was there.

The hardest aspect of this process is that the imbalance may be so deeply hidden, created so far back, even before this life-time, that you may have trouble identifying it.

Look in the mirror that IS the other person, the reflection of yourself.

Why fall in love? Because that is the only way we can be pursuaded to deal with this, lured, if you like, into having an opportunity to address this issue. The mechanics of the magnetism, the attraction, what feels like love, is so complex it really doesn’t matter if you don’t know how it works. What does matter is that you love YOURSELF enough to own it, understand it and let it transform you.

And that you LOVE the other person, who now appears to be the enemy, a rogue, a deceiver, a temptress or seducer, a liar or a thief, or whatever. The other person can now go on their way, when you understand. Thank them and let them go. Job done.

This is not punishment, judgment or something that’s gone wrong. It is the part of you that is working for you, to find balance. In a strange way, the person who has found balance doesn’t need to fall in love. The perfect relationship with another is one where both partners mirror all the good aspects in themselves, as opposites. You think that’s possible? The next stage is no relationship, apart from with yourself, as both yin and yang in one Self.

Next time, in Part 3, we will look at the Law of Attraction that brings good luck, windfalls, success, Angels and Divine intervention and miracles.

Wendy Salter

[original writing]

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  1. thank you for this — I just got out of a tailspinner of a relationship and am glad for the wisdom gained on the other side of it. 🙂

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