*My Personal Crop Circle Experiences – Part 3

Part 3 – Avebury, England 28 July 2012

I started my second day by going into the Stone Circle at Avebury. I have spent many happy hours here over the years and the huge stones always feel like old friends – on every stone, you can see ancient faces frozen in time.

Many stones have gone. In the 1900s a determined deconstruction started, partly because the circle’s pagan history irritated the Church, and partly because building stone was needed for the village. When there was a fatal accident during the removal of one stone, the old rural superstitions halted the work and the rest of the sacred site was saved from further ruin.

Unlike Stonehenge, where expensive entry tickets have to be bought, turnstyles and the souvenier shop have to be passed through, and your visit is overseen by uniformed guards, Avebury, thanks to its small colony of villagers in the centre, is open and free to all. Again, I see the gentle folk who visit the crop circles wandering around here, having picnics between the stones and caressing and hugging them with familiar affection.

There are two ‘Guardian’, ‘Gateway’, or ‘Door-keeper’ stones at the east and west entrances, and I was told, and have proved, that your experience in the circle will be very much enhanced if you pay your respects to the Guardians before entering.

Below – Here are the two stately beings in the east. You will notice the coloured light around the top of the one in the foreground. I would like to explain something about this. Scientifically speaking, it is explained as a refraction of light through the lense of the camera, to which I agree. In my opinion it is more than this. Imagine, if you will, the full spectrum light coming from the sun. When full spectrum white light passes through a prism, the light is broken up into its range of frequencies and wave-lengths and can be seen as a rainbow of colours. We see objects in colour because the nature of the object will absorb all frequencies except the one, itself, resonates at, which it reflects, enters the eye and we recognise as a colour. This stone acts as a prism. The full spectrum light hits it and it reflects back to the camera (eye) those frequencies at which it resonates, itself. Therefore the stone will resonate as what we see as grey, but this one also happens to send to the camera, because of the angle the sun’s rays hit it or something near it, the colours of other frequencies – predominantly magenta and emerald, and I can see turquoise, violet and indigo too – because that is the nature or resonance of this stone, or something near this stone. What I am saying is that these shafts of light are not due to camera anomaly but an energy of light either emanating from the stone’s energy field or from a Light-being near the stone. If you look on this little chart, you will see that these colours are all in the higher end of the spectrum. Take it or leave it, that is just my opinion. This is what it is like to see auras.

Below – these are the Guardians of the west…

Below –  these are the Moon Stones in the centre of the Moon Circle. The Sun Stones have all gone now, and have been replaced by small concrete bollards, just to show where the circle had been.

The village is quintessentially English. The Henge shop is a cottage and the pub used to be called the Greene King, with strong pagan connections, but is now called the Red Lion (oh, the symbolism in that!) What do the locals say to that?…

Onward. I couldn’t find the next one – I think the field had been cut so I went to an old favourite before my last crop circle… The Long Barrow is ancient – no-one knows how old, but it has been excavated and one can go inside. I walked up another hill and greeted the old Guardian stones before going inside.

Come on in, the energies are great…

Look at those faces on the left! And from the inside looking out…

Below – from the top of the barrow, looking across the top of the Guardians to the east and every sunrise for thousands of years…

(note the violet energy emanating from the Big Chief Guardian stone, or is it a huge orb, a spiritual being, hovering just above it?) The top of the barrow was bedecked with swathes of purple flowers and below is the view back to Silbury Hill…

Lastly, my favourite formation, which is a geometric form full of symbolism and left me buzzing. Again, conveniently, some people were walking back from it so that I could find it easily, and some elderlies watching from the lay-by even pointed me in the right direction. I walked the well-trodden path up another hill…

As you can see, it looks nothing from ground level, so this is what it looks like from above (borrowed photo MORE HERE)…

Only now, posting this photo, can I see that I totally missed the 5 little gems over on the other side of the field. I can vouch, categorically, that this is a genuine formation. What is its symblism? ‘Squaring the Circle’ is one of the oldest esoteric symbols for the alignment of Earth with the Cycles of Time – the centre circle with a dot in its centre is the oldest ever symbol of the sun. The thinner lines suggest the various movements to bring the square into its new position – 45 degrees round from its old position. And the 5 little circles to the south – I see them as moons – five months to go – EXACTLY – from the date of this formation to the completion – 24th July – to 24th December?

Below – inside the formation – the outer circle on the right, 2 tram-lines running down to the road and 2 diagonal lines of the formation…

(note the sheen and interweaving, the delicate centre-piece (which would not still be standing if this was made by Willie and Dick using their plankers and string theory!)

When one has been washed clean by the high energies in a sacred place, the animals show you, because they just love to get up close and personal…


PS – a humorous afternote – remember the white chalk-hill horse that turned out blue? (in Part 2) As I headed homeward, driving through the next town I saw this…

Original writing and photos by Wendy Salter (except where stated)

The last formation I visited on a following day with my grand-daughter:

(borrowed photo)

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  1. Thanks ‘V’ – glad you enjoyed it – I certainly did. It was a really nice trip out there with lovely weather and I met some great people. I see in your next reply, the vid of the 3 circle makers doing their thing – and I admire their skill – but can they create the strong magnetism found in them too? And hours? With the number of people milling around, on night watches, camping in lay-bys, watching and waiting, and the number of circles that are made in one season, somebody would have caught them at it by now, surely? Yes, circles are easy to make – a child could do it, but in the dark? In the short time I was there, there were helicopters and light planes flying about, criss-crossing over the fields all the time – over the years, ONE of them would have spotted a work in progress, surely? yes, pilots have reported flying over a clear field and back only minutes later to find a huge one fully formed. And in the documentary below, they show that vid of the lights and the instant laying down of the formation, then never mention it again, conveniently!! – let’s face it they have no answers with any logic. I thought you said don’t mention the plankers any more?:))

    I went back up today with my grand-daughter and we met a German lady in another formation, and we all agreed it had a wonderful, but completely indefinable feeling in there. I took my pendulum this time and it nearly swung out of my hand – INSIDE, but hung limply outside. So there we go, no logic. Thanks for your interest ‘V’ and yes, get out there and take some pix xx

    • Reply by ‘V’ from NZ:
      “No that’s right they cant create these its BS that’s my point exactly.. and when I said don’t mention the plankers anymore I meant it as in saying the terminology of a disbelief that these things arn’t real that’s all… we have established they are made by off worlders not humans & planks in my eyes anyway…and like you just said above no they cant create the magnetic elements in them,impossible.. they are just pulling at strings[pun intended]…:)”

  2. Comment by ‘V’ from New Zealand:
    “I wish you’d stop talking of Willie and Dick using their plankers and string theory! havn’t we already established that the crop circles are not faked in any way and looking at your photo’s which are so much better close up that I can feel the energies on them even.. so this speaks millions..just love your natural photo’s of these places such natural beauty and you have a great camera to takes good clear crisp shots..even the animals are coming alive to me and I can almost hear them bleating and mooing even and hear their breath to..now that’s cool..and yes I do see the energies from above the huge stone spreading out over everything in the background.. that’s really strong and it looks like an orb dosn’t it.. it has an arc type effect,such a magical place,your so lucky to be able to visit it.

    I should so go out on another trek and start sharing photo’s of beautiful NZ bush scenes and things of interest to around where I live,we have so much here to view.. but no crop circles sadly 😦 that I’ve heard of or seen however…definate UFO sightings though.”

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