*My Personal Crop Circle Experiences – Part 2

 Part 2 – Avebury, England 27th July 2012

I arrived at Avebury at 6pm on Friday evening, and following my nose, as usual, this is where I went and what I experienced:

I had looked online for the newest circle formations and so I knew where to go as Avebury has been my spiritual base since the early nineties and have explored it at length.

The whole complex at Avebury covers about 5 square miles and comprises many different sites, it has 2 major ‘ley’ or energy lines meandering through it, one predominately male and one predominately female, named the ‘Michael and Mary Lines’.

1. The Stone Circle – a ceremonial temple of antiquity which was used for the spring-time celebration of Beltaine, the uniting of the male and female for procreation, and the autumn-time celebration of Lammas, the fullness of Earth’s creation. It is a ‘Serpent’ with 2 inner circles dedicated to the Sun and Moon. Today, it’s inner ‘cross’ is the high street of a small village and a through road.

*(Having done a lot of esoteric and energy work, coupled with a knowledge of biology and Nature, and some common sense, in my opinion, the ‘Single Serpent’ theory does not hold water. This theory leaves out the female centre at Windmill Hill altogether and ignores the Moon/Sun configuration and the fact that 2 ley-lines run through here, one male and one female. One only has to look into the wisdom behind the Caduceus, the Staff of Hermes, and that two snakes mate by coiling themselves around each other, to see that 2 snakes make creation, not one!)

2. Windmill Hill – is the female starting point, lying approxinately 1 mile to the west, with a ceremonial path down into the Moon centre. It is a much older burial site with many tumuli. One can imagine the young brides-to-be, dressed all in white, being decked with garlands of flowers. My dear mum nearly got rooted to the spot here, when I took her – it was really quite hard to get her to move on! She stood looking back to Silbury Hill with a drifty look on her face saying “It wasn’t at all like this back then, you know! All the trees have gone!”

3. The Sanctuary – is the male starting point, lying approximately 1 mile to the east, with a ceremonial path down what can still be seen as a stone lined path, called ‘The Avenue’ into the Sun centre. This is thought to have been a male initiation school – elders teaching the lads the facts of life and reading the riot act!

4. Silbury Hill is a huge man-made cone-shaped hill, from which the old priests would conduct the ceremonies with a fire on the top. It had a spiral outer path leading to the top. The contents of the hill have been found to contain specific layers of chalk rubble, earth and bones and there is a secret doorway to a tunnel underneath. It may have been part of the magic of the priests to make things appear and disappear from a hidden access to the inner tunnels, and some years ago, there was serious subsidence below the centre of the top-most point. (ha! the truth will out!)

5. Kennet Spring – just south of Silbury Hill, is the source of the River Kennet, thought to derive from the old word ‘Cunnet’ or ‘Waters of the Womb’. (The morning sun was perfect to highlight its clarity – my photo, below) The newly born river runs out in two directions, east and west, and mirrors the whole natural theme of this place.

6. Long Barrow – just up the hill from the spring, lies a long, tapering earth tomb, or barrow, the entrance of which is made of impressive megalithic stones, guarding the entrance to 5 interior chambers, in which small groups of interred skeletons were found. (See Next Discussion, Part 3 for a visit here)

7. The Ridge-Path – in the days when thousands of people from all over the south of England would come to Avebury for these serious celebrations, the surrounding countryside was quite densely forested and was inhabited by wild animals non-existent in England today, and so they arrived in their family and tribe groups, pushing carts and carrying babes, leading goats and ponies, by walking along the high ridge-paths that connected all areas to Avebury and Stonehenge.

To the south and west of the circle a megalithic ‘long-stone’ can still be seen marking another ceremonial path towards Knoll Down, a long hill and burial site

Below – This is the over-view, but not to scale and not in the correct placements (English Heritage information board found on site- oh well, they do their best!)

It is really hard to see where the crop circles actually are, at ground level, until you arrive in them, and so the easiest way to find them is to watch where others are stopping, or walking through the wheat to and from them. There were very few people about, but I saw the first sign – four people coming down a field back to a car park next to Silbury Hill. After a quick chat with them, off I went, reassured by the first signpost, a rare and beautiful thing!…(Below)

Below – Going up the hill along a ‘tram-line’ (tractor tracks)…

Below – Looking back to the top of Silbury Hill…

Alas, I couldn’t see where this one was hiding; I walked left and right, but it was not meant to be, as it sometimes happens. The wheat changed to barley (photo below) which was waving and whispering in the evening breeze and from here I had a wonderful view all around. The skylarks leapt out of their hiding places and rose up into the evening air to hover and sing the sun down.

I knew exactly where the next one was and I wanted to get there before dusk, so off I went and happened to meet 2 lovely French people going the same way. It is sometimes helpful to have a person in your photos to give size and perspective. We couldn’t see this formation at all from the lay-by, so I could help by leading the way…up another hill along the tram-lines.

It is some years since I last stepped into a circle, so it was with huge delight to suddenly arrive, but nothing prepares you for the sheer scale of these formations…

This is the one, below (not my photo!) and I arrived in the tiny circle at the top of the right ‘hand’ in the picture(I see these as ET hands): INFO HERE

The sun was setting quickly while I meandered through this formation, working my way up and down the ‘fingers’ and out to the ‘diamonds’ and coming to rest in one of the ‘knuckles’. Although the flash went off accidentally in the one above, I make no apology for the level of light exposure in these photos, because using flash would be-lie the atmosphere.

Below – the bottom ‘diamond’

Below – the top ‘diamond’

Below – looking across the ‘knuckles’

Below – one of the 2 centre ‘knuckles’ – oops, I forgot to check flash-off, but at least it shows the detail.

Below – And then the sun went down…

So, real or fake? In all honesty I cannot confirm that with this one. I didn’t have my pendulum with me but my feeling is, although I like the formation, it is a wee bit cartoony, and for a fresh one, yes it was well made, but the wheat lying down did not have the careful precision and patterning in the laid-down weat stalks of better ones. I looked at the bends in the stalks and they weren’t bent at the nodes, just pushed over at ground level – so open verdict I’m afraid. But it was a beautiful evening and there was more to come.

I had decided to sleep overnight in the back of my car, and I knew where there was a secure site. Not far from where I was, there is a world-famous pub called ‘The Barge’ (Alton Barnes) which is the World Hub for any crop-circle enthusiast. I shall take you there…

The camp-site was heaving but I found a space between some rather psychadelic mobile homes and went into the pub – a tardis if ever I saw one. Standing room only, I wormed my way through a special breed of human – the Wiltshire Tribesman and the Global Elite of the UFO and Crop Circle World – with my hot chocolate (T-total!) and found a perch in the Central Command Control Room. There, to my horror and delight I found a big-screen TV where they were all watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Now, I have to explain here, that when you are on a mission, nothing is superficial or irrelevant and nothing goes unnoticed, by me. After all the hype around possible False Flag Alien Attacks and possible WW3 Nuclear Attacks, could it be that I was in the right place at the right time for a mass lift-off? :))))

In this room, the ceiling has been painted out with a fantastic mural, which does your head in after a cider or two (which is why I stick to the hot-chocolate) and the bulletin board has all the info and photos you need to map out the lie-of-the-land as far as CCs are concerned.

Below – the psychadelic camp-site

yes, that concave ceiling looks convex!!!

The camp-site, although low-key, was buzzing, so I decided to go back to an off-road lay-by to get some sleep and settled down for the night, just enjoying the moon-lit sky and peace.

(I had a bit of fun playing around with these photos!)

I dropped off to sleep but was woken up suddenly with a very real feeling I was being pulled out of the boot of mt car by my feet – so much so I grabbed the sides of the car to stay put! My initial thought was that the ‘unseen’ wanted me to go out to play, but I decided I was too comfortable and went back to sleep peacefully until 6am when I got up and went back to the pub to take these photos before more exporing.

This chalk-hill horse is normally white, but in the shadows of the early morning sunlight it came out blue.

Please go to Part 3 for what came next…

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  1. What’s up, just wanted to tell you, I liked this article.

    It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

    • Thanks 🙂 Love your website and product – well done you!

  2. wow my dear friend that was quick – I hadn’t finished putting it all up – posted it to look how it came out. try again to see the finished result – but, to what you have said…yes, I am getting full body rush – massive vibes and i had the thought too that my perspective has changed over the years – sharper, more detail, looking out for errors, more cautious – sometimes I read the accepted info and have to question it because it just doesn’t feel right, cos many itmes what the early writers said has been taken for gospel truth and never questioned.

    thanks ‘V’…always value your input hugely xxx

  3. Reply from ‘V’ in NZ:
    Oh Wendy shit how beautiful..I just burst into tears..shoot the energies massive!!!!.. well these are my thoughts on your images here…they are all real no fakes, … I was most intrigued by this crop circle because its so different to all the others we have seen,its more raw and not so geometrically shaped were expecting them all to be absolutely perfect every time,cos that’s what we have seen so many times…

    and ok wait for it this is what I got from it though and it makes sense to just what you said on your post..

    “Infinite potential unraveling like a goddess Kundalini to reveal the unity[mirrored]….we continue from the left as we traveled distance..we have a half wavelength.. ‘the twisting of the way we perceive things its like winding serpents, it twists the memory…don’t forget that everything you watch changes only because you are watching it… the act of observation is that anything will change its real movement if being observed ergo everything is uncertain and there is only probability. All is what you believe it is because it changes its movements when your energy is in contact with it and it adapts itself to yours’..observed with this understanding duality softens..just reflection and infinite absorption neighbor in skys”….

    well that was interesting I must say..”

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