*Divine Mother

The Immaculate Conception
1618-19, Diego Velázquez

 ‘immaculate‘ – ‘free from mental or moral pollution’
 ‘conception’ – ‘that which is conceived in the mind, spirit’

 The Queen of Heaven is standing on the Moon, looking down to Earth and has the 12 stars, or constellations, around her head. She lights the Heavens with wisdom, grace, purity and compassion. She is the essence of every form of the Divine Mother. Her dress and robe are fluid and subtle like the passing clouds; she is without constraint and has the power of manifesting form – she is nebulous; she is Creation’s Mother and gives birth to Galaxies.

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*Super Moon at Carnac, Brittany

John and I were lucky enough to have visited Carnac Stones on the evening of the Super Moon, 14th November 2016. We stood in the alignment and watched the full Moon rise in all her splendour. It was a special moment for us as we had received the first copy of our newly-published book only 2 days before. We were delighted so find that we had been surrounded by a host of mysterious ‘orbs’ as we walked around the stones in the light of the huge Moon.

“There Is Something About The Moon…” is a book we have co-authored following 3 years of research, and is now on sale both in paperback and on Kindle.


Our website for the book is www.tisatmoon.com

If you would like to contact us, drop us a line at info@tisatmoon.com

“In this book we are taking a fresh look at the Moon. We believe that the Moon holds important information that has been lost, forgotten, ignored or hidden, and needs to be retrieved.

We will take a journey back in time to our furthest, almost-forgotten history.

We all – every living being on this planet – need to know how to survive in a mutually beneficial way, especially through periods of change.”




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*Full Moon on Summer Solstice, 20th June 2016

Today is both a Full Moon and the Summer Solstice – talk about synchronicity and auspicious events!

Being in tune with the Moon is easy and free. Listen to Tom Evans describe how you can tune in to improve the rhythms of your life: it’s as easy as 1,2,3 and 4

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*My Personal Crop Circle Experiences – Part 3

Part 3 – Avebury, England 28 July 2012

I started my second day by going into the Stone Circle at Avebury. I have spent many happy hours here over the years and the huge stones always feel like old friends – on every stone, you can see ancient faces frozen in time.

Many stones have gone. In the 1900s a determined deconstruction started, partly because the circle’s pagan history irritated the Church, and partly because building stone was needed for the village. When there was a fatal accident during the removal of one stone, the old rural superstitions halted the work and the rest of the sacred site was saved from further ruin.

Unlike Stonehenge, where expensive entry tickets have to be bought, turnstyles and the souvenier shop have to be passed through, and your visit is overseen by uniformed guards, Avebury, thanks to its small colony of villagers in the centre, is open and free to all. Again, I see the gentle folk who visit the crop circles wandering around here, having picnics between the stones and caressing and hugging them with familiar affection.

There are two ‘Guardian’, ‘Gateway’, or ‘Door-keeper’ stones at the east and west entrances, and I was told, and have proved, that your experience in the circle will be very much enhanced if you pay your respects to the Guardians before entering.

Below – Here are the two stately beings in the east. You will notice the coloured light around the top of the one in the foreground. I would like to explain something about this. Scientifically speaking, it is explained as a refraction of light through the lense of the camera, to which I agree. In my opinion it is more than this. Imagine, if you will, the full spectrum light coming from the sun. When full spectrum white light passes through a prism, the light is broken up into its range of frequencies and wave-lengths and can be seen as a rainbow of colours. We see objects in colour because the nature of the object will absorb all frequencies except the one, itself, resonates at, which it reflects, enters the eye and we recognise as a colour. This stone acts as a prism. The full spectrum light hits it and it reflects back to the camera (eye) those frequencies at which it resonates, itself. Therefore the stone will resonate as what we see as grey, but this one also happens to send to the camera, because of the angle the sun’s rays hit it or something near it, the colours of other frequencies – predominantly magenta and emerald, and I can see turquoise, violet and indigo too – because that is the nature or resonance of this stone, or something near this stone. What I am saying is that these shafts of light are not due to camera anomaly but an energy of light either emanating from the stone’s energy field or from a Light-being near the stone. If you look on this little chart, you will see that these colours are all in the higher end of the spectrum. Take it or leave it, that is just my opinion. This is what it is like to see auras.

Below – these are the Guardians of the west…

Below –  these are the Moon Stones in the centre of the Moon Circle. The Sun Stones have all gone now, and have been replaced by small concrete bollards, just to show where the circle had been.

The village is quintessentially English. The Henge shop is a cottage and the pub used to be called the Greene King, with strong pagan connections, but is now called the Red Lion (oh, the symbolism in that!) What do the locals say to that?…

Onward. I couldn’t find the next one – I think the field had been cut so I went to an old favourite before my last crop circle… The Long Barrow is ancient – no-one knows how old, but it has been excavated and one can go inside. I walked up another hill and greeted the old Guardian stones before going inside.

Come on in, the energies are great…

Look at those faces on the left! And from the inside looking out…

Below – from the top of the barrow, looking across the top of the Guardians to the east and every sunrise for thousands of years…

(note the violet energy emanating from the Big Chief Guardian stone, or is it a huge orb, a spiritual being, hovering just above it?) The top of the barrow was bedecked with swathes of purple flowers and below is the view back to Silbury Hill…

Lastly, my favourite formation, which is a geometric form full of symbolism and left me buzzing. Again, conveniently, some people were walking back from it so that I could find it easily, and some elderlies watching from the lay-by even pointed me in the right direction. I walked the well-trodden path up another hill…

As you can see, it looks nothing from ground level, so this is what it looks like from above (borrowed photo MORE HERE)…

Only now, posting this photo, can I see that I totally missed the 5 little gems over on the other side of the field. I can vouch, categorically, that this is a genuine formation. What is its symblism? ‘Squaring the Circle’ is one of the oldest esoteric symbols for the alignment of Earth with the Cycles of Time – the centre circle with a dot in its centre is the oldest ever symbol of the sun. The thinner lines suggest the various movements to bring the square into its new position – 45 degrees round from its old position. And the 5 little circles to the south – I see them as moons – five months to go – EXACTLY – from the date of this formation to the completion – 24th July – to 24th December?

Below – inside the formation – the outer circle on the right, 2 tram-lines running down to the road and 2 diagonal lines of the formation…

(note the sheen and interweaving, the delicate centre-piece (which would not still be standing if this was made by Willie and Dick using their plankers and string theory!)

When one has been washed clean by the high energies in a sacred place, the animals show you, because they just love to get up close and personal…


PS – a humorous afternote – remember the white chalk-hill horse that turned out blue? (in Part 2) As I headed homeward, driving through the next town I saw this…

Original writing and photos by Wendy Salter (except where stated)

The last formation I visited on a following day with my grand-daughter:

(borrowed photo)

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*My Personal Crop Circle Experiences – Part 2

 Part 2 – Avebury, England 27th July 2012

I arrived at Avebury at 6pm on Friday evening, and following my nose, as usual, this is where I went and what I experienced:

I had looked online for the newest circle formations and so I knew where to go as Avebury has been my spiritual base since the early nineties and have explored it at length.

The whole complex at Avebury covers about 5 square miles and comprises many different sites, it has 2 major ‘ley’ or energy lines meandering through it, one predominately male and one predominately female, named the ‘Michael and Mary Lines’.

1. The Stone Circle – a ceremonial temple of antiquity which was used for the spring-time celebration of Beltaine, the uniting of the male and female for procreation, and the autumn-time celebration of Lammas, the fullness of Earth’s creation. It is a ‘Serpent’ with 2 inner circles dedicated to the Sun and Moon. Today, it’s inner ‘cross’ is the high street of a small village and a through road.

*(Having done a lot of esoteric and energy work, coupled with a knowledge of biology and Nature, and some common sense, in my opinion, the ‘Single Serpent’ theory does not hold water. This theory leaves out the female centre at Windmill Hill altogether and ignores the Moon/Sun configuration and the fact that 2 ley-lines run through here, one male and one female. One only has to look into the wisdom behind the Caduceus, the Staff of Hermes, and that two snakes mate by coiling themselves around each other, to see that 2 snakes make creation, not one!)

2. Windmill Hill – is the female starting point, lying approxinately 1 mile to the west, with a ceremonial path down into the Moon centre. It is a much older burial site with many tumuli. One can imagine the young brides-to-be, dressed all in white, being decked with garlands of flowers. My dear mum nearly got rooted to the spot here, when I took her – it was really quite hard to get her to move on! She stood looking back to Silbury Hill with a drifty look on her face saying “It wasn’t at all like this back then, you know! All the trees have gone!”

3. The Sanctuary – is the male starting point, lying approximately 1 mile to the east, with a ceremonial path down what can still be seen as a stone lined path, called ‘The Avenue’ into the Sun centre. This is thought to have been a male initiation school – elders teaching the lads the facts of life and reading the riot act!

4. Silbury Hill is a huge man-made cone-shaped hill, from which the old priests would conduct the ceremonies with a fire on the top. It had a spiral outer path leading to the top. The contents of the hill have been found to contain specific layers of chalk rubble, earth and bones and there is a secret doorway to a tunnel underneath. It may have been part of the magic of the priests to make things appear and disappear from a hidden access to the inner tunnels, and some years ago, there was serious subsidence below the centre of the top-most point. (ha! the truth will out!)

5. Kennet Spring – just south of Silbury Hill, is the source of the River Kennet, thought to derive from the old word ‘Cunnet’ or ‘Waters of the Womb’. (The morning sun was perfect to highlight its clarity – my photo, below) The newly born river runs out in two directions, east and west, and mirrors the whole natural theme of this place.

6. Long Barrow – just up the hill from the spring, lies a long, tapering earth tomb, or barrow, the entrance of which is made of impressive megalithic stones, guarding the entrance to 5 interior chambers, in which small groups of interred skeletons were found. (See Next Discussion, Part 3 for a visit here)

7. The Ridge-Path – in the days when thousands of people from all over the south of England would come to Avebury for these serious celebrations, the surrounding countryside was quite densely forested and was inhabited by wild animals non-existent in England today, and so they arrived in their family and tribe groups, pushing carts and carrying babes, leading goats and ponies, by walking along the high ridge-paths that connected all areas to Avebury and Stonehenge.

To the south and west of the circle a megalithic ‘long-stone’ can still be seen marking another ceremonial path towards Knoll Down, a long hill and burial site

Below – This is the over-view, but not to scale and not in the correct placements (English Heritage information board found on site- oh well, they do their best!)

It is really hard to see where the crop circles actually are, at ground level, until you arrive in them, and so the easiest way to find them is to watch where others are stopping, or walking through the wheat to and from them. There were very few people about, but I saw the first sign – four people coming down a field back to a car park next to Silbury Hill. After a quick chat with them, off I went, reassured by the first signpost, a rare and beautiful thing!…(Below)

Below – Going up the hill along a ‘tram-line’ (tractor tracks)…

Below – Looking back to the top of Silbury Hill…

Alas, I couldn’t see where this one was hiding; I walked left and right, but it was not meant to be, as it sometimes happens. The wheat changed to barley (photo below) which was waving and whispering in the evening breeze and from here I had a wonderful view all around. The skylarks leapt out of their hiding places and rose up into the evening air to hover and sing the sun down.

I knew exactly where the next one was and I wanted to get there before dusk, so off I went and happened to meet 2 lovely French people going the same way. It is sometimes helpful to have a person in your photos to give size and perspective. We couldn’t see this formation at all from the lay-by, so I could help by leading the way…up another hill along the tram-lines.

It is some years since I last stepped into a circle, so it was with huge delight to suddenly arrive, but nothing prepares you for the sheer scale of these formations…

This is the one, below (not my photo!) and I arrived in the tiny circle at the top of the right ‘hand’ in the picture(I see these as ET hands): INFO HERE

The sun was setting quickly while I meandered through this formation, working my way up and down the ‘fingers’ and out to the ‘diamonds’ and coming to rest in one of the ‘knuckles’. Although the flash went off accidentally in the one above, I make no apology for the level of light exposure in these photos, because using flash would be-lie the atmosphere.

Below – the bottom ‘diamond’

Below – the top ‘diamond’

Below – looking across the ‘knuckles’

Below – one of the 2 centre ‘knuckles’ – oops, I forgot to check flash-off, but at least it shows the detail.

Below – And then the sun went down…

So, real or fake? In all honesty I cannot confirm that with this one. I didn’t have my pendulum with me but my feeling is, although I like the formation, it is a wee bit cartoony, and for a fresh one, yes it was well made, but the wheat lying down did not have the careful precision and patterning in the laid-down weat stalks of better ones. I looked at the bends in the stalks and they weren’t bent at the nodes, just pushed over at ground level – so open verdict I’m afraid. But it was a beautiful evening and there was more to come.

I had decided to sleep overnight in the back of my car, and I knew where there was a secure site. Not far from where I was, there is a world-famous pub called ‘The Barge’ (Alton Barnes) which is the World Hub for any crop-circle enthusiast. I shall take you there…

The camp-site was heaving but I found a space between some rather psychadelic mobile homes and went into the pub – a tardis if ever I saw one. Standing room only, I wormed my way through a special breed of human – the Wiltshire Tribesman and the Global Elite of the UFO and Crop Circle World – with my hot chocolate (T-total!) and found a perch in the Central Command Control Room. There, to my horror and delight I found a big-screen TV where they were all watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Now, I have to explain here, that when you are on a mission, nothing is superficial or irrelevant and nothing goes unnoticed, by me. After all the hype around possible False Flag Alien Attacks and possible WW3 Nuclear Attacks, could it be that I was in the right place at the right time for a mass lift-off? :))))

In this room, the ceiling has been painted out with a fantastic mural, which does your head in after a cider or two (which is why I stick to the hot-chocolate) and the bulletin board has all the info and photos you need to map out the lie-of-the-land as far as CCs are concerned.

Below – the psychadelic camp-site

yes, that concave ceiling looks convex!!!

The camp-site, although low-key, was buzzing, so I decided to go back to an off-road lay-by to get some sleep and settled down for the night, just enjoying the moon-lit sky and peace.

(I had a bit of fun playing around with these photos!)

I dropped off to sleep but was woken up suddenly with a very real feeling I was being pulled out of the boot of mt car by my feet – so much so I grabbed the sides of the car to stay put! My initial thought was that the ‘unseen’ wanted me to go out to play, but I decided I was too comfortable and went back to sleep peacefully until 6am when I got up and went back to the pub to take these photos before more exporing.

This chalk-hill horse is normally white, but in the shadows of the early morning sunlight it came out blue.

Please go to Part 3 for what came next…

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*My Personal Crop Circle Experiences – Part 1

Yes, I have personally been inside many crop circles, over a period of a few years, but some time ago now. I like to see the latest ones and have watched them grow more and more complex and beautiful. How do they feel? Well, there is a feeling of anticipation but also reverence. Those who drive out to experience them are lovely people, some with kids, lovers hand-in-hand, gentle folk who sit and meditate, sometimes they take their dogs in, people of all ages, they just walk slowly around taking it all in quietly. Some lie down in the centre. And there are the more studious sort and journalists and photographers.

There is always a sense of awe. I am a dowser so I have measured the energy configurations in many and it is always a pattern of alternating pos/neg or male/female polarities according to the patterns. There is a marked boundary at the edge, where the energy inside is strong and outside is weak. In a fresh one, the pendulum goes mad and once it flew out of my hand it was rotating so powerfully.

They make you smile. I went in the first time with my daughter and her baby daughter and felt very safe. I took my grand-daughter back to another one when she was three or four. She is a bit special anyway, having spoken first in a different language and learned English by the time she was 2, so she told us some amazing things, but when I took her inside one of the largest there has ever been, on a lovely sunny afternoon, she just wandered off, picked up 2 corn stalks and started dowsing with them! I don’t dowse with rods, so she didn’t learn it from me. It was in this one – it was so huge it covered nearly an entire field…

You see the ‘tram-lines’? these are where the tractors go up and down to spray the crops so each pair of lines is as wide as a pair of tractor wheels – that’s how big this circle is! Notice the ‘sheen’ inside each circle? – that is because the corn is laid down in such a perfect way that it is like machined metal plate. The centres of each little circle twist around in a perfect knot. Every edge is one corn-stalk sharp – two stalks side-by-side, one would be standing upright, the other lying horizontal, bent over at a ‘node’ in an exact right-angle. The lying down stalks overlay each other, sometimes interweaving; they are not squashed, burnt, or damaged in any way and after some time they tend to stand up again and can be cut by the farmer without loss.

While I was up there (about an hour’s drive from my home) I had an impression that they were made from above by something like a TV remote control which just downloaded the imprint in a ‘zap’. This video demonstrates it well.


If you go into a man-made one, you can tell instantly – it is ‘dead’ and scruffy, and usually boring. These guys who say they do them all are rubbish – and no-one has said – “ok, show us how you do a really difficult one and tell us what the geometry is and what it means!”

I don’t know if it has changed my consciousness, because I don’t know what level of consciousness I would have now if I had never been in a crop circle. And I have done many things and had many experiences which would also affect it.

During those times I met a man called Freddy Silva and we had a good chat in the pub garden one afternoon. He had made a very long and detailed study of the crop circles around Avebury and Stonehenge (Wiltshire) and went on to write an excellent book called ‘Secrets in the Fields’. He showed the incredible sacred geometry involved in them and said he had had out-of-body experiences while lying in the circles.

I know many people are sceptical because they can’t have their own experience. Back then I hadn’t come to terms with plasma beings, or Light Beings, or ETs and had never seen a UFO, as in large space ship, so I felt they were thought-form manifestations. Now, I feel that the lights seen over them are plasma ships, which is such far-out technology, I shall leave you to investigate.

Please go to Part 2….

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*Underground – hidden worlds

When living on the land becomes dangerous, expensive, or crowded, we have a few options – upwards in high-rise buildings, or downwards, inside the earth.

From ancient caves to underground tunnel networks, to new ecologically beneficial cities, evidence of people living under the surface is plentifold.

It is interesting to note that ‘going underground’ features strongly in legend and mythology, as in the kidnapping of Persephone by Hades, who took her to the Underworld, and the misdventures of Orpheus in search of his wife-to-be Eurydice, who was also kidnapped. Seen as Hell by Christian tradition, and the home of many a monster, commonly, the underground world was dark and dangerous (More HERE)

Were these myths to deter the adventurous from going where no man should go or to deter him from finding a Paradise Lost, the world’s best-kept secret.




CATACOMBS OF ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT (rather wobbly guided tour by an excited American tourist)





MONTE SANT’ANGELO, ITALY. To get to this sacred cave, one has to drive up to the top of a mountain (round 30 hair-pin bends) and then enter a plain church. Inside one descends down 5 flights of stairs to arrive in a huge cave ornamented like a cathedral. This cave is dedicated to the Archangel Michael:

“St. Michael the Archangel first appeared at Monte Sant’Angelo in 490. According to tradition, it all started when a local nobleman named Elvio Emmanuele lost the best bull of his herd. After much searching, he found it kneeling in a cave. Unable to approach it, Elvio shot the bull with an arrow, but the arrow turned around and struck the man instead.

Bewildered (and presumably bleeding), Elvio went to see his bishop, who ordered three days of prayer and fasting. At the end of the three days, St. Michael the Archangel appeared to the bishop and said:

‘I am Michael the Archangel and am always in the presence of God. I chose the cave that is sacred to me. There will be no more shedding of bull’s blood. Where the rocks open widely, the sins of men may be pardoned. What is asked here in prayer will be granted.’ “

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*Bald Women Are Beautiful, In More Ways Than One


I have a friend who is classically beautiful.

Until recently she had a mane of long dark hair.

She has had to come to terms with losing her hair and has courageously shaved her head around where her wound is and decided to face her loss with style. Amazingly, she is now even more beautiful. Her inner beauty shines forth and her face has a radiant beauty. She is a truly extraordinary young woman.

I decided to have a look around for other beauties who don’t rely on their hair.


Example 1 from ‘Kryptonian Warrior :

Question: Is A Woman With A Shaved Head Hot?


quote: “The answer to the post title above would be “yes”, if her name is Amber Rose…
Why did I (Krypton Warrior) ask the question? Well I’m a huge fan of women, as you’ll know if you read this blog regularly, and when a woman who stands out from the crowd comes along I like to point her out. Megan Fox has been pointed out on here more than most, and she stands out more than most simply because she’s stunning (some would argue of course), but with Kanye West’s girlfriend it’s a different matter. She’s not your average stunner who conforms to the norm. She’s as bald as I am, voluntarily, and is still super hot… It’s not that women who shave their Waaren’t hot, it’s just not something you see every day and are used to (unless you like Demi Moore in G.I. Jane).”

Example 2 from ‘Buzznet’:

Half Shaved Head- Who wore it and Who's wearing it Now photo 1


Alice Dellal

British model Alice Dellal has been storming catwalks with this distinctive look. It goes rather well with her off the runway personal style. Dellal pairs her undercut with black leather jackets, combat boots and heavy, black eye liner creating a wild and rebellious image that’s inspiring young IT girls. 

Buzznet.com correspondent and fashion enthusiast, Hanna Beth jumped on the trend stating in her blog that she loved Dellal’s look. Hanna writes, quote: “I have never been as happy with my hair as  am now.. I love it..” She and her best friend both took to the razor’s edge an adopted the edgy style. Even though the undercut can look rather punk rock, Hanna does an impeccable job of keeping this look very clean and feminine combining it with lacy blouses and leopard print outer wear.”


Example 3 from ‘Switchboard’:

On Memorial Day, West Virginia women shaved their heads on the steps of the state capitol in a call to end mountaintop removal mining. Today, a crowd cheered as more women (and several men) joined the call and sheared off their hair on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.  

As Appalachia Rising explains, “In Appalachia, a woman’s hair is her adornment, and in the native American community, women would sometimes shave their heads as a sign of mourning.” The cultural significance of women’s hair makes head-shaving a meaningful sacrifice. It was one that the participants were glad to make in exchange for some national attention to the ongoing destruction of mountains, streams, and communities through mountaintop removal. As one of the shorn activists said today,”My hair’s gonna grow back, but the mountains won’t.”


Well, it is one thing to choose to lose your hair, and quite another to have to face losing your hair through illness and fighting for your life. I have so much admiration for all those women – and men – who have found their courage and beauty through losing their hair – so all love and three cheers to a beautiful friend.

God Bless and here’s to strength, courage, style and beauty through adversity, but most of all to Life!

*Easter Island Statues’ Bodies Exposed

Easter Island statues (Moai) bodies have been exposed in excavations.

Recent excavations carried out by  the Easter Island Statue Project have dug down and exposed the rest of 2 statues’ bodies that had been buried deep in the ground. Petroglyphs carved on their backs can now be seen. This story has not had much publicity and there is not much more to report except the diaries and detailed excavation data from the project reports plus some more photos on their website –  http://www.eisp.org/3879/
It seems extraordinary that this has not been done before now and the discoveries will pose a lot of questions about why, how and when they were buried and what the petroglyphs mean. Some artifacts have been found amongst the soil removed, including some charcoal remains, bone fragments and tools.

Above is an image from a previous excavation (source unknown) that shows you the scale of the statues, and how deep they were buried. The site is carefully protected and access to it restricted, due to the fact that it is a World Heritage Site, but the team have been quite communicative with visitors.

It is a very exciting discovery.

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*Update on Earth Shakes

Updated – monthly update below the map…

Follow to see what is happening, especially near you…Fore-warned is fore-armed and you can take simple measures to stay safe, calm your fears and help others. The seismic activity is increasing, but remember these are natural events – we just happen to be part of it. Go with the flow…

The event predicted for the 22nd March 2012, as seen in the original post, has happened, but not quite how it was feared, thankfully.

As far as we know no Heavy Mass Object entered our atmosphere nor crashed into the Pacific Ocean, (or anywhere else) but what can be seen is an increase of activity around the Ring of Fire, or the Pacific Tectonic Plate. This is a good thing, because regular, frequent and numerous non-critical quakes and volcanic releases will ease the planet as she ‘tightens her belt’ to move through these extraordinary planetary alignments. The closer the alignments get – ready for the major event on 21st December – the more Earth will need to let off steam and shake herself to adjust – and that’s a good example for all of us! Most of the activity over the Spring Equinox period was just south or north of the Equator. (Mexico, Chile, Hawaii, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Phillipines and Java, in the Pacific/Indonesia, with East Russia and West Alaska in the north. Also Mt Etna in Sicily, Santorini in Greece and the Canary Islands over in the Mediterranean/Atlantic and Turkey)

Refer to the previous post ‘Earth Shakes’ for useful links plus this one HERE at USGS

Latest in from our CRA Joni G.,

5.6 ‘shallow’ but dangerous quake in central Australia last night, 22/23 March (see ‘thewatchers’ page HERE)

DAILY UPDATES: (M5.0 and above)

20th March – Mexico x 6 (up to M7.4); Tonga; Papua New Guinea, Indonesia; (+~150 others M1-4.9)

21st March – Mexico x 2; Papua New Guinea; (M6.6) (+~170 others M1-4.9)

22nd March – Mexico; Philippines; Vanuatu; (+~150 others M1-4.9)

23rd March – Australia; (+~120 others M1-4.9)

24th March –  Chile; Japan; (+~100 others M1-4.9)

25th March – South Pacific/Arctic Ridge (Sandwich Is); South Atlantic/Arctic (Bristol Is); Japan; Fiji x 2; Chile (M7.1); (+~105 others M1-4.9)

26th March – Russia; Turkey; SW Indian Ridge; NE Pacific Rise x 3 (M6.0); Indonesia; (+~125 others M1-4.9)

27th March – South Pacific Is; Papua N G; Japan x 3(M6.0); Nepal/India Border; (+~115 others 1-4.8)

28th March – Sumatra;

April  – I have upped the anti – here’s Aprils delivery – all M6.0 and over – looks like things are hotting up! It’s important to remember that earthquakes and volcanoes are like the valve on a pressure cooker – letting off steam to prevent further damage. There were a total of 90 shakes over M5.0 and 2 over M8.0 in Sumatra.

6.7 neiafu, tonga 2012-04-28 10:08:07 18.643°S 174.725°W 129.4
6.7 manokwari, indonesia 2012-04-21 01:16:52 1.604°S 134.276°E 16.0
6.2 east of the south sandwich islands 2012-04-17 19:03:56 59.005°S 16.655°W 11.8
6.8 lae, papua new guinea 2012-04-17 07:13:49 5.463°S 147.111°E 198.0
6.7 hacienda la calera, chile 2012-04-17 03:50:16 32.701°S 71.484°W 37.0
6.2 off the west coast of northern sumatra 2012-04-15 05:57:40 2.583°N 90.268°E 25.0
6.2 isangel, vanuatu 2012-04-14 22:05:26 18.972°S 168.735°E 10.0
6.2 drake passage 2012-04-14 10:56:19 57.677°S 65.296°W 15.0
7.0 santa isabel, mexico 2012-04-12 07:15:48 28.624°N 113.116°W 13.0
6.0 santa isabel, mexico 2012-04-12 07:06:01 28.854°N 113.029°W 9.0
6.5 arteaga, mexico 2012-04-11 22:55:10 18.218°N 102.681°W 20.0
6.0 bandon, oregon 2012-04-11 22:41:46 43.582°N 127.636°W 8.0
6.0 taitung city, taiwan 2012-04-11 14:46:23 22.647°N 121.600°E 10.0
6.0 off the west coast of northern sumatra 2012-04-11 14:40:37 3.707°N 92.962°E 10.0
6.1 off the west coast of northern sumatra 2012-04-11 14:32:17 4.640°N 92.287°E 10.0
8.2 off the west coast of northern sumatra 2012-04-11 10:43:10 0.796°N 92.462°E 23.4
6.0 north indian ocean 2012-04-11 09:27:56 1.254°N 91.735°E 10.0
8.6 off the west coast of northern sumatra 2012-04-11 08:38:36 2.294°N 93.078°E 20.0
6.1 taron, png 2012-04-06 16:15:55 4.566°S 153.502°E 88.7

May – Most major activity around west and east of Pacific Rim as usual, with Japan still suffering, but a few more westward towards Mediterranean with 2 significant ones in Italy; 1 in mid Atlantic and a strong one west of Norway, which some say has shifted the Magnetic North. Total of 27 above M5.5.

June – Total of 36 above M5.5 – Panama and Japan rocking the boat at M6.3 – our thoughts and prayers with the folk living there. Out of 6,726 quakes in June, worldwide, 1,053 were noticable (above M2.5)



Watch as Mother Earth progresses and carries us through this year’s changes. Keep observing to be a part of this and allow your positive thoughts to guide your emotions – because there are likely to be some big releases. Remember – Volcanoes and Earthquakes happen a lot, all the time, always have, and sometimes people happen to be near them.

GRATITUDE – our beautiful world and some wise words…

Volcanoes – Active List.

12,000 years
3500 years
2000 years
800 years

*Earth Shakes

Earthquakes and volcanic activity are worrying if you live near them, but overall should we be worried?

Every now and then the Earth needs to have a good shake to re-align itself and keep itself steady. It’s like a dog shaking itself after a swim, shaking off the surplus water and settling its fur back into place. As the Earth rotates within a field of gravitational pushes and pulls between its neighbouring bodies in the solar system, sometimes it just needs to have a good shake to maintain its equilibrium and stability. Recently we have observed unusual alignments between our planets, the moon, the sun and the centre of the galaxy – and we can see the dramatic effect that is having on the sun. The stresses and pressures in the molten rock under the Earth’s crust have to vent too and the volcanoes are perfect valves to let off steam. Humans do the same!

Reports tell us that the axis on which the Earth turns and the polarities of its magnetic field are changing, as it does regularly over cycles of many hundreds or thousands of years and of course we, as inhabitants of this planet, will feel it. We, like the flees on a dog’s back, get a good shake up now and then. It can feel disturbing but things normally settle down again. What we notice most is the damage these shake-ups cause, when buildings and roads break up and collapse – but the Earth cannot stop its natural shakes for us – we, as individuals can just hang on.

It is interesting to note how the very ancient stone structures around the world have managed to survive over eons of time, but their structural design seems to have been well thought out. The stones of megalithic monuments were built with joints that could move, or with spaces to allow movement, or in a geometric shape that kept it stable (pyramids for example). Our buildings are tightly cemented together, which crack and break under stress, and steel girders that cannot flex. The newest designs for large buildings in earthquake zones are now incorporating a kind of shock-absorber system in their foundations.

Breaking News:

A recent video is proposing a new situation, where an incoming Heavy Mass Object (HMO) may be heading our way. This could shake things up a little too much. It is an interesting forecast which is worth a view. Following on from this is another video which looks at some interesting alignments, and geometrically implicates a 188-year cycle. Just to keep things in balance, I am adding a commentary on this theory, the link to which follows the 2 videos:

Video One – Earthquake warning…

Video Two – 188 CODE

188 Commentary (Common Sense Conspiracy) – HERE

To watch the activity around the world, visit the Earthquake and Volcano sites below.

Earthquakes – ‘World Earthquakes’

Volcanoes – ‘Volcano Discovery’

Grateful thanks to my Chief Research Assistant – Joni Gardner

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*The Phrygian Cap

Among the items of clothing that people choose to wear, the hat, or cap, seems to be far more than just functional  – that is, to keep the head warm. Remember the game ‘Associations’? When hats and caps came to my attention I had no idea the many paths of discovery it would lead me down, just by associating one train of thought with the next. This is a wonder of the human mind!

In the book that I was reading** (see end note) a cap worn by the ancient god Attis was described as a ‘Phrygian cap’. I didn’t know what it looked like so I started my research…

The Phrygian cap is a felt, conical cap with a floppy tip, usually depicted as red, but found in the most obscure places. It is famous as a ‘liberty cap’ given to slaves freed by the Roman Empire to cover their shaved heads. So why did Attis wear it?

Attis was the god of fertility in the old country of Phrygia in Turkey. This connection at least identified why it is called a Phrygian cap. His myth is another parallel to the various myths regarding the old pagan rituals around the death of winter and re-birth of spring. You can find these stories in just about every country in the world, where the seasons move from the dead of winter to the new life of spring and the glorious abundance of life in summer. And Attis is also Mithras, Adonis, Tammuz and Jesus, in this symbolism.

So did Attis wear his cap just because his head was cold, like the freed slaves?

The Phrygian cap is commonly confused with the ‘pileus‘, a similar conical cap worn by Greek sailors, like Odysseus, and Albanian peasants, and can be seen on the statue of the Dioscuri twins in Rome.

I started to think about who wears hats, or caps, now. Our armed defenders all wear caps as part of their uniform. Royalty wear crowns. Judges passing the death sentence wear the black cloth. Mexicans wear huge ‘sombreros‘ to keep the sun off their heads. Women wear veils and scarves. Fashion brings hats in and then out again.

In the 30’s and 40’s hats were very much in vogue. And the customs of how to use your hat were quite strict. A man would ‘doff’ his hat to a woman, or another respected person, and was not allowed to wear it indoors. It was an item of status, the flat cap being the working man’s hat. But then I found that the original pileus may have been a cloth version of a metal helmet, like the copper and bronze helmets worn by warriors. I thought about the construction worker’s ‘hard hat’. The list of variations is endless but I then went down another curious path.

The Phrygian cap is depicted in many places as an emblem of liberty on national flags, coins, insignia’s, statues etc. (Wiki Gallery), one of which is on the point of the spear in the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, 1789. (the spear is the spear Destiny, of Longinus, who pierced the side of Jesus on the cross, the spear that ambitious leaders covet)  The picture of this declaration (below) is interesting, not only for the vast number of symbols used in it, but for another association – the French National emblem – Liberty – a goddess and warrioress of liberty, equality and fraternity, otherwise known as ‘Marianne’ (A form of Mary, or Ma – the universal name for the Divine Mother). The Statue of Liberty in New York is the very same Liberty, so ‘freedom’ seems to be a key to this little red cap. It is interesting to note that in this Declaration the equality of women is included but not the freedom of slaves. In the 2nd Declaration, 1793, the rights are extended to slaves, and the symbolism of the picture has changed to remove Marianne and elevate the ‘bonnet-rouge’ – the Phrygian cap – because this was after the French Revolution. Some points of interest here – the original phrase ‘Liberte, Equalite, Fraternite…’ ended ‘a la Morte’ and so the spear and red cap takes on a ‘until death’ symbolism. Also, Marianne, or Liberty, originated as Isis, but this connection remained for only those who knew. One more thing – the sunburst around the pyramid and all-seeing eye clearly suggest where all this symbolism originated – Egypt.

But then, still following my nose, I discovered that Marianne had only been the emblem of France since it became a republic, after the French Revolution. Before that, the emblem was a Rooster, used, not by the French, but by the Romans, as a pun on words: ‘gallus‘ means both ‘rooster’ and ‘Gaul’, a Frenchman.

There is another use of this image for the French: it is described in the story of Jesus that Peter would deny Him three times before the cock crowed. Remembering Jesus’s words, Peter kept his faith and so the rooster became a symbol of overcoming the Darkness of Doubt, at the time of approaching Light.

One can go round and round in circles when observing the symbolic nature of our world, but the best solution is usually the simplest – like reducing a theory to its simplest equation. In solving a mystery, it is sometimes useful to look at the most natural form of it…

I suddenly saw that the Phrygian cap looks just like the cockscomb on the Rooster!

Did the Roman slave crow like a rooster the moment he was made free? Did the ancient farmers and seafaring heroes see themselves as cock-o’-the-roost? Did the rituals of the pagan gods announce the dawn of creation to the world every year, as the roosters did every morning? Do both the Phrygian cap and the Rooster proclaim Freedom, Resurrection or something much more sanguin? (*see comment below: The Phrygian cap is emblematic of *death*. It refers to the phase of Goddess Cybele when she travels through the underworld, i.e. winter. It is traditionally red in reference to the annual sacrifice of nearly all the male animals. The legend of Attis, her consort, is about castration, the gruesome practice that allowed more male herd animals to be kept for meat and slaughter since they no longer fought. Roosters were caponized, rendered asexual. Attis’s story is also about his rebirth, so the cap is emblematic of life in the sense of ‘resurrection’. T.M.)

And then I saw something else familiar – the common, or garden, Gnome. The gnome is a little being who works tirelessly in your garden – the natural world – while you are asleep. His home is the toadstool…

The toadstool Fly-Agaric and other magic mushrooms are famous for their psych- otropic properties traditionally used by shaman, medicine men and wizards to have an altered state of mind and an ‘out-of-body’ experience. (*see comments below: “Agaric” is from the Scythian word for amadou. The Agarikon were a tribe named specifically for it. The Phrygian cap was felt, but not from animal hair; it was, specifically – amadou felt. Amadou is a tinder fungus that was used to stop bleeding. Because it was so useful and necessary, the Phrygians considered the fungus sacred. The funny little flopped-over peak was a handy pocket for carrying items such as a tinder kit and extra amadou. T.M.)

But this red toadstool is also called the ‘Death Cap’ and that association is more sinister because if this pagan symbol means death, then why is it still used in all the other modern associations? I came across another red cap in reference to Mithra, a Roman god adopted from the Persian pantheon and, before that, the Vedic traditions from India. This god was the binder of contracts and oaths and so it makes more sense when seen on the Seal of the American Senate and the dollar coin. It is still interesting how we find these old pagan symbols and myths in today’s top ensignia. The binding of oaths though was also connected to harvests and rituals of antiquity regarding the Vegetation gods, which inevitably involved sacrifices. Mithra became, amongst others, Attis in Phrygia, Turkey.

Mithras was adopted by the Judaic Priesthood of Moses under Josephus in Rome after the Fall of Jerusalem in 70AD. Mithras Sol Invictus was the underground political power house for establishing the new Roman Christian Church and later became the secret Masonic lodges of Europe. (see The Moses Legacy by Flavio Baliero). 

The gnome then reminded me of the Seven Dwarfs, who, as you remember, rescued Snow White, the virginal maiden, from her death-like slumber (winter). (This fable is an analogy for the renewal of life).

They all wear the Phrygian cap, which, when one goes back to Attis wearing this cap (with his consort Cebele),  reminds me again of the purpose of the pagan god – to represent the death of the Spirits of Nature during winter and the re-awakening,  re-birth, rejuvenation or resurrection of Life in Spring.

Lastly, the famous red-capped, magical, legendary figure is of course, Father Christmas – that old pagan bringer-of-gifts (offerings) in the dead of winter, riding his flying reindeers (that eat Fly-Agaric, apparently) to herald the new life of Spring by bringing in the evergreen tree.

And Santa wears a Phrygian cap!

Original writing by Wendy Salter, with references and links and thanks to Talzhemir Mrr for his comments.

**The Golden Bough by Sir James Frazer

*Approaching 2012 and Beyond and a Planet called HOME

At the risk of getting 2012’ed out, I offer another extremely informative addition to what we know to date in the video posted below – An Interview with Geoff Stray.

Also one of the most poignant full feature films I have seen about Planet Earth, called ‘HOME‘, should, I feel, be watched by everyone at this point in time – http://youtu.be/jqxENMKaeCU (You Tube Free films)

Next year is getting a lot of press coverage for a reason – because of its historical, astronomical, astrological and cosmic importance – and therefore it is crucial that we on our little planet understand it and prepare for it as much as we are able. There are those for whom 2012 is just not on the radar screen. Many who are aware of its significance either feel it is so vast a subject and open to so much speculation that they switch off and say ‘que sera, sera’. But if we wish, we can go into this experience with both eyes wide open and experience something phenomenal. There is always something more that we can do and it seems that being conscious, or not, is the foundation of whether it is a positive experience, or not.
To date, the extent of world knowledge has been streamed through academia (state controlled), science, religion and archaeology; it has been lost, burned, deliberately hidden or distorted, censored and limited. Until knowledge brought forward by the spiritual channels, the psychic senses, the free-consciousness and expansive mind explorations (out-of-body experiences or OBEs), psychotropic plant teachers, and dreaming, or journeying, is accepted as real and relevant, we entrap ourselves in this 3-dimensional physical world that we seem to be bent on destroying. Great seers and sages through the ages, even when persecuted for being heretics, sacrilegious, traitors to the state or madmen, have brought into this world new ideas, new knowledge and new perspectives – even new technologies – without which we would never have progressed – and in most cases through nothing more weird than a dream. It is imperative that we have the courage to think beyond the known, the mundane and the involving self-destructive behaviour we have thus far adopted.
It is time to acknowledge the non-physical and invisible (to most) dimensions of life. It is time to break free of our self-limiting, self-destructive negative thought processes and behavioural patterns, and open our minds.
To continue to ravage this planet to satisfy the greedy lust for hedonistic pleasure and comfort without any regard for the future, is to kill the very host we live on – to trample on our garden that provides our homes and food and to foul our own back-yard. To continue to war with each other is absolute madness. How killing our fellow human ever became acceptable as a part of ‘civilisation’, I will never understand. How we can turn a blind eye to the damage we do to man, our children and elders, the birds and beasts, the plant kingdom, medicines and forests, and oceans with no care or conscience, is beyond belief. And so I urge every one of us to ask the simple question –
“What is 2012 asking of us?”

Wendy Salter (original writing)

Geoff Stray found his calling when he discovered that two different sources to the ‘end date’ – 2012 – came from opposite sides of the world – or at least the Pacific Ocean – Mexico and China. It was Terrance McKenna who had discovered the incredible ninth wave in both the Mayan Calendar and the I-Ching when he received psychic communication during a psychotropic plant experience. Geoff takes up the story and delves into the evidence.

I also recommend anything on Graham Hancock’s site http://www.grahamhancock.com and GrahamHancockDotCom on YouTube

*City Riots and Kali

  City Riots

When a city erupts in violent riots it gives us an opportunity to pay attention to the cause of the unrest and not just suppress it or wash it away with fire hoses. England is not unique in its riots; outbreaks of violence have occurred in major cities around the world. The different comments, about our riots, in the international papers gives an interesting world view (see The First Post), when our own view may be clouded and biased. Basically, our reaction seems to be one of embarrassment. The U.K. – one of the top international political voices – has been caught with issues in its own back-yard.

Unrest, riots, demos and revolutions have different characters. Bubbles of unrest will always surface and disperse as a natural way of allowing the common voice to be heard. Demonstrations are, literally, the right of the civilian in a suburb to tell the central government how it feels. Revolutions happen when the government doesn’t listen, or doesn’t adjust conditions favourably, and when a tyrannical leader is left unchecked. But riots – wanton violence, pillaging, burning of property and man turning on man – is something more sinister.

In the present riots there seems to be a single motive of anger and revenge for the shooting of a man by the police. (This case is untried and the circumstances are as yet unproven). Was it the real catalyst for unleashing so much anger and hatred towards the Law? What doesn’t make sense, is that the victim of this violence is the community itself; it isn’t common man fighting a cause for freedom, justice or compassion. To break shops open, threaten and hurt the shop-keepers, blatantly steal goods with no conscience and destroy property with fire, is madness. A demon seems to have been released – a demon that has taken its sustenance from a whole bunch of negative grapes (gripes). The People are not happy.

I wonder what the true cause of this is. We have freedom of speech in this country, a good legal system, law-enforcement by an un-armed police force, plenty of food, water, work and social support – all the essentials for civil peace and democracy – so from what was this riot of anger and destruction born? Is it anarchy? A breakdown in family life? Drugs and alcohol abuse? Mass hysteria? Boredom? Violence under hypnosis?

“The devil finds work for idle hands” – is still true.

This riot has no moral banner and no obvious parallel with the struggle for human rights and political freedom seen in other countries. It reminds me of a very bad movie. Nevertheless, we cannot just blame those who have broken ranks, those with a brick in their hands; nor even the makers of mind-numbing, mind-controlling or mind-turning-to-violence media junk; nor the government, nor the global financial crisis. Maybe we should rise above the infected wound far enough to see the overall health of the entity itself. It’s not just London that’s in crisis – this is global.

“It’s all in the mind” – is also true. What is created starts with what is in the thoughts. What is on the mind of The People? Where do The People put their attention and mind energy? Where are The People’s values – or what do The People value?

Life on Earth is at a crisis point, with so many things wrong it is impossible to evaluate them or contemplate the subject, let alone the solution. Riots in London are no worse or better than the death and destruction everywhere – it’s all part of the same disease. And the cure?

The Other Side of the Street

Away from the fires of destruction, there is another life, alive and kicking: it is the complete antithesis of all of the above. It is peaceful and loving, gentle and beautiful. It is lived by gifted, intelligent, kind and caring people, who create extraordinary things and look after themselves. It is healthy and strong and can be found all over the world. This other life is a part of the same entity that is wounded and sick, and it is the part that will survive. For news of this we have to look behind the headlines.

Here are some pictures of the Riots in Manchester and London

Here are some pictures of the Aftermath

Here are some pictures of the volunteer Cleanup

(All courtesy of the BBC News)

It is always wonderful to see the surprising upside of horrors, and maybe fighting a common threat brings out the good in others and unites them. For every thug there are thousands of decent people. And even in some thugs, there is a glimmer of decency; but as in the story of the ‘Bad Samaritan‘ (BBC News), even those who would be expected to help each other, don’t, and worse – rob from those who have already been beaten. It shows how the leaders, the instigators of this bad behaviour are a rotten few, but many are drawn in and get caught up with it. In the few – the ‘bad apples’ – it seems all sense of decency has been overpowered by something else, something evil; but it spreads to the good apples and, one by one, they become rotten too.

(The Good Samaritan)


In the east, one comes across Kali. She is known as ‘The Destroyer’, or the ‘Dark Mother‘, yet she is a part of the Divine Mother, the Creatress. Kali knows right from wrong but she will fight like an aggressive warrioress, swords poised, ready to kill, when her angry thoughts see red. She turns the world towards the Dark, while holding the Light behind her. She can be seen in the eyes of those set to destroy, incensed by a mad rage in the battle with evil.

Kali is the fearful and ferocious form of the Mother goddess. In the Devi Mahatmya (a text of the 5th – 6th century AD) she is said to have been born from the brow of the goddess Durgha during a battle with evil forces. During the battle Kali became overawed by the evil and destruction, lost self control and began destroying everything in sight and, to bring her to her senses, Lord Shiva threw himself under her feet. Shocked, Kali stuck out her tongue in horror and put an end to her rampage.  Kali teaches that rage can easily lose control and take on a destructive force, but the moral strength of a person must differentiate between what is right and wrong. This is a common image of Kali:

Humans on Earth, are, apparently, falling from Grace: we started from a high and refined place and ended up here, in what the Hindus call the Kali Yuga.

The Kali Yuga is the last of four ages or phases of involution during which Man has gradually lost awareness of his inner and subtle and higher existence. From a state of perfection and truth, Man has descended to the pits, where evil and dishonesty rules the day. All manner of destruction, selfishness and ignorance characterise this age – the one we are now in – because we are preoccupied with the materiality of everything. We are living in the darkest and densest phase of our evolution. The ancient schools of knowledge all knew this would come and the time-line of these Ages and Epochs has been described for our benefit – so that we know what is happening and what will happen next.

In the Tulasi Ramayana, Kakbhushundi foretells: “In the Kali Yuga, the hot-bed of sin, men and women are all steeped in unrighteousness and act contrary to the Vedas (religious texts); every virtue is engulfed by the sins of Kali Yuga; all good books disappear; impostors promulgate a number of creeds, which they invent out of their own wit. The people all fall prey to delusion and all pious acts are swallowed by greed.”

It is also predicted that at the end of the Kali Yuga, Lord Shiva will destroy the world and all will undergo a great transformation. After this dissolution, Lord Brahma will recreate the world and man will become ‘Beings of Truth’ once again.

*Lost World Discovered Under Atlantic – Atlantis?

A statement in the World News today (12.07.2011) highlights the discovery by a research team at the University of Cambridge of  an ancient lost world deep below the Atlantic Ocean, off the north coast of Scotland, UK.

Is this the evidence that we have all been waiting for – or are we clutching at straws again?

Please read comment 1 below – This new evidence has nothing to do with Atlantis except that it affirms the possibility that a large area of land can sink into, or rise from, the ocean bed, but for different reasons.

From the Daily Mail:

Lost world: Ancient submerged landscape of mountains and riverbeds found on the Atlantic seabed

  • Lost terrain is 56million years old
  • It is located in the North Atlantic west of the Orkney-Shetland Islands

An ancient landscape long ago submerged beneath the North Atlantic Ocean has been discovered by scientists.

Researchers found the 56million-year-old lost terrain, which they have likened to the mythical lost city of Atlantis, by analysing data collected for oil companies using an advanced echo-sounding technique.

The 1.2mile-deep landscape is located in the North Atlantic west of the Orkney-Shetland Islands and has peaks that once belonged to mountains and eight major rivers.

Scientists were able to construct this 3D image of the landscape submerged beneath the North Atlantic Ocean by measuring the echoes made by underwater sound waves as they hit different land typesScientists were able to construct this 3D image of the landscape submerged beneath the North Atlantic Ocean by measuring the echoes made by underwater sound waves as they hit different land types

It would once have risen up to 0.6miles above sea level and probably joined up with what is now Scotland, and may even have stretched as far as Norway, the scientists said.

Researcher Nicky White, from University of Cambridge, said: ‘It looks for all the world like a map of a bit of a country onshore.

‘It is like an ancient fossil landscape preserved 1.2miles beneath the seabed.’

The discovery came from data gathered by a seismic contracting company.

A hi-tech echo-sounding technique was deployed that involved releasing high-pressured air underwater – this produced sound waves that travelled through sediment on the ocean floor.

An echo would bounce back each time these waves happened upon a change in the terrain through which they were travelling.

How the North Atlantic would have looked around 56million years ago. Points a, b and c are where scientists think plume centres were located. The dotted line represents the continental break-upHow the North Atlantic would have looked around 56million years ago. Points a, b and c are where scientists think plume centres were located. The dotted line represents the continental break-up

This echo was then picked up by a microphone being dangled deep underwater from a ship travelling on the ocean’s surface.

Scientists were then able to construct a 3D image of the terrain below, at which point they realised they had evidence of a submerged landscape.

Evidence of land-dwelling life was gathered by core samples taken from the rock beneath the ocean – these revealed pollen and coal.

Elsewhere, the Cambridge scientists found tiny fossils, proving the landscape was once a marine environment.

They believe that the landscape rose up and subsided within 2.5million years due to the Icelandic Plume – an upwelling of material through Earth’s mantle beneath the North Atlantic Ocean.

This functions by carrying hot magma from deep within Earth to just below the surface, where it ripples outwards.

Dr White said the landscape was probably swept beneath the Atlantic during this magma surge.

Indeed, he claims to have found two more recent underwater landscapes since, both caused by the same phenomenon.

The research is published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2013559/Ancient-subm…
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*NOW – and beyond 2012: The Next Level

The Next Level

(Lelabear’s Channel – You Tube)

The world has not ended! Our planet and it’s creator sun has been in existence for roughly four and a half billion years – and according to scientific consensus we have about five and a half billion years left (Sun Medicine). Enough time to do something good.

There are many great commentators (Michael Tsarion; David Wilcock;  David Icke  ) who have investigated our far distant past history to bring to light where we started and what seems to have gone wrong, but with all the talk about 2012 and speculations of doom and gloom, maybe we should be concentrating on our future with a little more optimism.

Undoubtedly, we have used our inventive minds to gain knowledge and develop new concepts and technologies, expanded our skills and evolved physically – and wrought much destruction in the process – but it would be a pity to throw the baby out with the bath-water by negating all we have now. Surely there is good in what we have, too.

Is 2012 – the cusp of a new era (Pisces to Aquarius) as we pass over the Galactic equator – heralding the impending disaster some predict, or a wonderful opportunity to re-invent ourselves? A wild guess of general consensus would be a future without war, without hunger, disease and poverty, greed and inequality, in favour of a future with more harmony between the patriarchal and matriarchal approaches towards societal living and a loving respect for the beautiful Nature of this planet, and ourselves.

In the video below, we see an eclectic view on how we may achieve this:

It starts with a quick look (with some cute animations) at the problems – climate change, species depletion, unsustainable life-styles, resource and fuel depletion, war, poverty, crime, conspiracies, and then goes on to look at the process in action:

Time, machine, matrix; tribal cultures – myth or history; statistics and the acceleration off the graph; psychic evolution and synchronicity; new consciousness; revealing ‘apocalypse’ (that which is covered); self-realisation; attitudes – passive, panic, prophecy, projection or positive; and creative vision.

The body of the video is listening to some great minds and scholars who offer their hope and vision:

Economy – profit or share; political eco-revolution; innovation and regeneration; social change; spiritual advancement and enjoying the Path; how to handle chaos and seeing a new ‘birth’; eco-technologies and making plans; knowledge shared instead of withheld; random thoughts; rapidly increasing changes; remote viewing, psychic projection and collective vision; spirit and science coming together; the miracle of forgiveness; the Tree-of-Life; parallel (not distant) universes and dimensions.

“God is not a ‘Being’ – God is BEING” – a useful thought! God is being exposed  – from the ‘invisible, grumpy old man, who is ready to smite aweful judgments on the unwary‘,  image  – to a new embodiment of divine creative perfection in each and every one of us.

The GOOD news is, that we have a lot in our favour – conspiracies and artificial, authorative control systems ARE being exposed and dismantled. HUGE numbers of people from all walks of life across the globe have ALREADY opened their hearts and minds to a new conscious way of living. The female principle IS returning to re-balance the living energy, or life-force, and the GRANDMOTHERS are voicing their wisdom. The ELDERS are speaking out about our lost knowledge. The CHILDREN are doing things differently. ECOLOGY and ENVIRONMENT movements are gaining momentum. REVOLUTIONS against the old regimes are already succeeding. ACTIVISTS are gathering in every field of life. And people are quietly – and noisily – changing their minds. EMPATHY and KINDNESS are growing in strength.

Beyond 2012 – Evolving Perspectives on the Next Age

(Full length feature, 1hr:o6m)

*Terence McKenna’s vision of 2012

It seems that once a new idea hits the mental fan of humanity, the thought-waves produced emit an energy-wave that has to go somewhere – as all energy is in motion.

In Terence McKenna’s video, here, he poses his extraordinary theory of how the I-Ching is a mirror-image of the peaks and troughs of a time-line of our known history over the last 4000 years.

Terence, who died in 2000, had an extra-visionary perception of how the mind and the cosmic universe work in tandem. His radical suggestions of how the unprecedented leap in human consciousness and knowledge may be attributed to the introduction of psychotropic plants in Man’s diet, tens of thousands of years ago. Rather than the effect of this being a psychadelic skew on reality, his personal experiences seem to prove that these plants allowed an expansion of the human perception. Terence’s own mind was far from being ‘askew’. He was, in my opinion, one of the genii of our time.

With this in mind, one wonders what both the modern diet of energy-dead food and chemical drugs will do to our mental capacities. How do we keep an open mind, ever expanding with new wisdom and understanding of the world we live in, while dealing with mal-nutrition and pollution?

One answer may be that now that the human mind has already opened into consciousness, and brought imagination and inquisitiveness through the dark ages, we can proceed with an intention and will to reach further horizons of knowledge. This ability to think beyond mundane thought, without fear, is commonly called the greater consciousness. Space travel, Time-travel and Cosmic communications may not be done with nuts and bolts technology after all – it may be an inner, personal – and very real – experience.

Robert Monroe experienced just this.

*Mayan Elder Speaks

Mayan Elder Carlos Barrios

Carlos Barrios, Mayan elder and Ajq’ij (is a ceremonial priest and spiritual guide) of the Eagle Clan. Carlos initiated an investigation into the different Mayan calendars circulating. Carlos along with his brother Gerardo studied with many teachers and interviewed nearly 600 traditional Mayan elders to widen their scope of knowledge.

Carlos found out quickly there were several conflicting interpretations of Mayan hieroglyphs, petroglyphs, Sacred Books of ‘Chilam Balam’ and various ancient text. Carlos found some strong words for those who may have contributed to the confusion:

Carlos Barrios: “Anthropologists visit the temple sites and read the inscriptions and make up stories about the Maya, but they do not read the signs correctly. It’s just their imagination. Other people write about prophecy in the name of the Maya. They say that the world will end in December 2012. The Mayan elders are angry with this. The world will not end. It will be transformed.”

“We are no longer in the World of the Fourth Sun, but we are not yet in the World of the Fifth Sun. This is the time in-between, the time of transition. As we pass through transition there is a colossal, global convergence of environmental destruction, social chaos, war, and ongoing Earth Changes.”
He continues: “Humanity will continue, but in a different way. Material structures will change. From this we will have the opportunity to be more human. We are living in the most important era of the Mayan calendars and prophecies. All the prophecies of the world, all the traditions are converging now. There is no time for games. The spiritual ideal of this era is action.”
Carlos tells us: “The indigenous have the calendars and know how to accurately interpret it — not others. The Mayan Calendars comprehension of time, seasons, and cycles has proven itself to be vast and sophisticated. The Maya understand 17 different calendars such as the Tzolk’in or Cholq’ij, some of them charting time accurately over a span of more than ten million years.
“All was predicted by the mathematical cycles of the Mayan calendars. — It will change –everything will change. Mayan Day-keepers view the Dec. 21, 2012 date as a rebirth, the start of the World of the Fifth Sun. It will be the start of a new era resulting from and signified by the solar meridian crossing the galactic equator and the Earth aligning itself with the center of the galaxy.”
At sunrise on December 21, 2012 for the first time in 26,000 years the Sun rises to conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic. This cosmic cross is considered to be an embodiment of the Sacred Tree, The Tree of Life, a tree remembered in all the world’s spiritual traditions.
Some observers say this alignment with the heart of the galaxy in 2012 will open a channel for cosmic energy to flow through the Earth, cleansing it and all that dwells upon it, raising all to a higher level of vibration. Carlos reminds us: “This process has already begun. Change is accelerating now and it will continue to accelerate.
If the people of the Earth can get to this 2012 date in good shape without having destroyed too much of the Earth, we will rise to a new, higher level. But to get there we must transform enormously powerful forces that seek to block the way.”
The date specified in the calendar Winter Solstice in the year 2012 does not mark the end of the world. Many outside people writing about the Mayan calendar sensationalize this date, but they do not know. The ones who know are the indigenous elders who are entrusted with keeping the tradition.
Carlos tells us: “The economy now is a fiction. The first five-year stretch of transition from August 1987 to August 1992 was the beginning of the destruction of the material world. We have progressed ten years deeper into the transition phase by now, and many of the so-called sources of financial stability are in fact hollow. The banks are weak. This is a delicate moment for them. They could crash globally, if we don’t pay attention. Now, people are paying attention.”
The North and South Poles are both breaking up. The level of the water in the oceans is going to rise. But at the same time land in the ocean, especially near Cuba, is also going to rise. Carlos tells a story about the most recent Mayan New Year ceremonies in Guatemala. He said that one respected Mam elder, who lives all year in a solitary mountain cave, journeyed to Chichicastenango to speak with the people at the ceremony. The elder delivered a simple, direct message. He called for human beings to come together in support of life and light.
“Right now each person and group is going his or her own way. The elder of the mountains said there is hope if the people of the light can come together and unite in some way. We live in a world of polarity — day and night, man and woman, positive and negative. Light and darkness need each other. They are a balance.”
“Just now the dark side is very strong, and very clear about what they want. They have their vision and their priorities clearly held, and also their hierarchy. They are working in many ways so that we will be unable to connect with the spiral Fifth World in 2012.”
“On the light side everyone thinks they are the most important, that their own understandings, or their group’s understandings, are the key. There’s a diversity of cultures and opinions, so there is competition, diffusion, and no single focus.”
Carlos believes the dark side works to block unity through denial and materialism. It also works to destroy those who are working with the light to get the Earth to a higher level. They like the energy of the old, declining Fourth World, the materialism. They do not want it to change. They do not want unity. They want to stay at this level, and are afraid of the next level.
The dark power of the declining Fourth World cannot be destroyed or overpowered. It’s too strong and clear for that, and that is the wrong strategy. The dark can only be transformed when confronted with simplicity and open-heartedness. This is what leads to unity, a key concept for the World of the Fifth Sun.
Carlos said the emerging era of the Fifth Sun will call attention to a much-overlooked element. Whereas the four traditional elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water have dominated various epochs in the past, there will be a fifth element to reckon with in the time of the Fifth Sun — that element is ‘ETHER’.
The dictionary defines Ether as a “hypothetical substance supposed to occupy all space, postulated to account for the propagation of electromagnetic radiation through space.” Perhaps it could be defined as the “space between space”. I would suggest it could be manifest as the alignment of charged particles from our solar system (Sun), and our galaxy (Milky Way) surge. The Ether element represents spiritual energy.
“The element of the Fifth Sun is celestial. Within the context of Ether there can be a joining of the polarities. No more darkness or light in the people, but an uplifted unity. But right now the realm of darkness is not interested in this. They are organized to block it. They seek to unbalance the Earth and its environment so we will be unready for the alignment in 2012.”
“We need to work together for peace, and balance with the other side. We need to take care of the Earth that feeds and shelters us. We need to put our entire mind and heart into pursuing unity and unity now, to confront the other side and preserve life.”
“We are disturbed — we can’t play anymore. Our planet can be renewed or ravaged. Now is the time to awaken and take action. Everyone is needed. You are not here for no reason. Everyone who is here now has an important purpose. This is a hard but a special time. We have the opportunity for growth, but we must be ready for this moment in history.”
Carlos says: “The prophesied changes are going to happen, but our attitude and actions determine how harsh or mild they are. We need to act, to make changes, and to elect people to represent us who understand and who will take political action to respect the Earth.”
“Meditation and spiritual practice are good, but also action. It’s very important to be clear about who you are, and also about your relation to the Earth. Develop yourself according to your own tradition and the call of your heart. But remember to respect differences, and strive for unity. Eat wisely — a lot of food is corrupt in either subtle or gross ways. Pay attention to what you are taking into your body. Learn to preserve food, and to conserve energy. Learn some good breathing techniques, so you have mastery of your breath. Be clear. Follow a tradition with great roots. It is not important what tradition, your heart will tell you, but it must have great roots.”
“We live in a world of energy. An important task at this time is to learn to sense or see the energy of everyone and everything — people, plants, animals. This becomes increasingly important as we draw close to the World of the Fifth Sun, for it is associated with the element ‘ether’ — the realm where energy lives and weaves. Go to the sacred places of the Earth to pray for peace, and have respect for the Earth which gives us our food, clothing, and shelter. We need to reactivate the energy of these sacred places. That is our work.”
“One simple but effective prayer technique is to light white or baby-blue colored candles. Think of a moment in peace. Speak your intention to the flame and send the light of it on to the leaders who have the power to make war or peace.”
Carlos reminds us this is a crucially important moment for humanity and for Earth. Each person is important.
He said the elders have opened the doors so that other races can come to the Mayan world to receive the tradition. “The Maya have long appreciated and respected that there are other colors, other races, and other spiritual systems. They know that the destiny of the Mayan world is related to the destiny of the whole world.”
“The greatest wisdom is in simplicity. Love, respect, tolerance, sharing, gratitude, forgiveness. It’s not complex or elaborate. The real knowledge is free. It’s encoded in your DNA. All you need is within you. Great teachers have said that from the beginning. Find your heart, and you will find your way.”

*Cherry Tree




In winter, you may look at Cherry Tree

And think perhaps it’s dead,

On freezing morning, there’s no sign,

No leaf, no life therein.

Imagine the surprise to find,

When frosty fog has gone,

That winter sun gives light anew,

To melting drops of dew.

Those shafts of light, for all the world,

Make diamonds of the view.

It isn’t only when it snows,

That Cherry Tree and I,

Play snowball fights and snowmen make.

No, snow arrives again in Spring,

When sunlight’s warmth explodes the buds,

And Cherry Tree becomes a sight-

A pom-pom tree of pink delight,

In which the bees drink up the wine

And hum in unison as they dine.

Then when the blossoms give their last,

The western wind provides the force

That blows each petal from its flower,

But in a pink snow shower.

Summer long, the flowers now gone,

Usurped by leaves of green,

My Cherry Tree becomes the host

Of every bird of song.

Out sings the tree as though it were

The voice of such a throng!

Until their cover turns from green

To every golden colour.

November’s gales wrought havoc strong,

Yet Cherry Tree hangs on;

It’s trunk and branches mighty made,

Withstand that force, until it’s gone.

To stand once more in winter’s shade.

Gold leafy coins, of fortunes told,

Lie round about its roots instead,

But Cherry Tree, though once you thought,

Is very far from dead.


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*The Story of the World’s Biggest Garbage Dump and the Albatross

These are beautiful images of an amazing bird.

And this is the story behind its greatest enemy – plastic waste, floating dangerously in our oceans. How will we ever clean it up?

In 2008 I had the good fortune to visit Hawaii, and coincidentally came across the story of an English film-maker who had gone to Hawaii and found the albatross chicks dying of mal-nutrition because their stomachs were filled with plastic debris, accidentally fed to them by their parents who had scooped up the plastic with the fish they were catching.

This photographer, Rebecca Hosking, came back to England and persuaded her home village to ban plastic carrier bags – something that was quickly adopted by other towns. Now, supermarkets across Britain are actively discouraging the use of plastic bags in favour of the ‘bag-for-life’ made from hessian. Rebecca’s fim ‘Message in the Waves’  was shown on BBC Natural History Channel.

The RSPB asks for used stamps to raise money for equipment for the long-line fishing vessels, which scares the albatross away so that they will not dive for the fish being hauled into the boat, thereby escaping death themselves.

It is interesting to me that Coleridge’s poem ‘The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner’ which tells of the sailor who carried an albatross around his neck as a punishment for killing the albatross, is so poignantly relevant today. We carry the dreadful burden of responsibility for destroying these magnificent birds, and all the other marine life, by allowing our oceans to become a death trap from our plastic and toxic waste.

Maybe plastic waste needs to be reduced at source – by the reduction of manufactured products like plastic bags – but until this can be achieved, retailers can change to paper or biodegradable bags and consumers can just stop using plastic wherever possible.  Our grandparents didn’t have plastic bags – they had hand-made shopping bags which were attractive, practical and durable, and brown paper bags; and they would take re-fillable containers for milk or cider, oil or vinegar, or paraffin.

Latest discovery:

Bug munches plastic trash, possibly cleaning oceans

Published: 29 March, 2011, 13:31 RT news on –  https://rt.com/news/sci-tech/bug-plastic-cleaning-oceans/

Image from state-of-affairs.org

Image from state-of-affairs.org

Nature may have found a way to dispose of the huge amounts of plastic garbage, which has been increasingly accumulating in the oceans. A small bacteria feeding on it has been discovered. This may be a boon or a bane for the aquatic environment.

The bacteria was discovered through electron microscopy on plastic items sampled at the Sargasso Sea, an area in the North Atlantic, where debris tends to stack up due to local currents.

The primitive organisms live in pits in the plastic and appear to feed on it as well, says marine microbiologist Tracy Mincer of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts.

“They look like you took a hot barbecue briquette and threw it into snow,” Nature News cites Mincer as saying. “You see this melting bit all around the outside of the cells, and they’re just burrowing into the plastic.”

The specialized bug is not encountered in other environment, like surrounding seawater or seaweed.

Scientists are not yet sure whether these organisms will eventually do more good than harm in dealing with pollution. If their digestion products are environmentally-friendly, then it would mean that nature has found a new way to limit the damage humanity does.

But plastic contains numerous toxins, and the bacteria may be introducing those into the food chain by feeding on it and then becoming food for larger organism.

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