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AVIA is ‘Grandmother‘ in Latin  and my Medicine Name is ‘Grandmother-Green-Grass’.

I am a Pilgrim of the Unseen Path in a Quest to find my Starting Place.

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place (and our self) for the first time.”

T. S. Elliot

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*Law of Attraction Part 1


Communication between two people is such a complex subject any discussion of it will be left wanting.

Primal man and woman responded to clearly defined laws of attraction, to mate and procreate. Like all animals, early humans attracted a mate in an unconscious way, securing the best genetic blueprint for their offspring to survive in an elementally raw, and unpredictable world.

Over millenia the human being has evolved into a deep and meaningful mystical being, with ancestry and history locked into its genetic chemistry and the laws of attraction now involve a chemical alchemy that is almost impossible to fully understand.

It is the belief of many, far more than Establishment statistics would have us believe, that we are far, far more than just animal. In our evolution we have developed sentience, a knowing and understanding of ourselves in relation to our environment and each other that brings the whys and the wherefores of our existence into constant debate.

It may appear that the laws of attraction between two people can go far deeper than for just the purpose of the continuance of the species. The chemical and electrical responses activated within the human body when two people meet is a veritable ‘Big Bang’ in the biology of man and woman.

Anyone who has experienced an intense and spontaneous attraction to a stranger knows what I am talking about here. Consider the number of people one might pass, see, brush against accidentally, shake hands with, or talk to, in an ordinary day, where no such spontaneous reaction occurs, not even a slight awareness of the other person, and then ask the question why him/her, why right now and why such an intense attraction that seems almost like recognition?

We hear people talk about ‘love at first sight’ or‘seeing a stranger across a crowded room’ and these people bear witness to this extraordinary phenomenum of spontaneous combustion in human communication.

What purpose would this reaction serve? Obviously it draws two people together; it forces an exchange of attention with each other, bringing each one into an interaction, a brief relationship that may only be understood with hindsight, and then only partially.

Very often these interactions are described as ‘it was as though we had known each other before’, or ‘I felt as though I had known them all my life’. ‘All the hairs on the back of my neck stood up’ is another comment and ‘I had a sudden rush of energy, I suddenly got red hot, my ears were ringing and the rest of the world disappeared!’

There is something happening here that is not about procreation, although the sexual response is extremely strong. The sexual attraction is part of the irresistible urge to get closer, speak with this other person, stay in their company. The magnetism between these two people pulls them inexplicably but inevitably together.

And yet, nine times out of ten a drama unfolds that does not lead to a happy-ever-after ending. Another element starts to show itself and the drama is not enjoyable. Antagonism builds, arguments start, the couple find that they just can’t be together, or have a normal relationship, and then it all implodes, is over and is gone.

Where there was once irresistible attraction, excitement, love, passion, then chaos and eventually something close to hatred, the magic is broken, the drama is dispelled and the two people move away from each other swearing never to set eyes on the other one again.

If this happens, something is not understood. Watch this space for a possible explanation into this extraordinary behaviour between two human beings.

Wendy Salter

[original writing]

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*Law of Attraction Part 2


“Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.”

<Douglas Adams>

The Law of Attraction does two things. The first is that it will attract opposites, to make a perfect whole. Like yin and yang. The second is that like will attract like. This likeness will attract, as a reflection in the mirror, but will then repel as there is no balance.

Supposing, just supposing, the person you are in a relationship with right now is not who you think they are.

You may feel that you have just found the one person in the world who makes you feel special, who attracts you with the most amazing chemistry, or magnetism and that you have ‘fallen in love’.

If you are ‘opposites’, in every sense of the word, you may set up a home and procreate, which is natural, but that’s not what is being discussed here.

If you are mirroring each other, in any way at all, you will eventually repel each other. It seems that the purpose of attraction is to reflect what you are and what you aint. And if you meet someone mirroring something negative, they have arrived for a purpose.

It may be that this person is outside your marriage, or relationship. They may have suddenly appeared from no-where, unexpectedly, and thrown you into a flat spin.

You may be so distracted by this person that you are demonstrating some unusual behaviour. You may be having wild dreams, possibly erotic. You may find that you want to talk to them constantly, day and night, be with them all the time. You may feel that this attraction is out of your control.

Further down the line, you may find yourself acting out of character, doing things you wouldn’t normally do. You may find that this person has got under your skin and now you are having anxious thoughts about where it is going. The happy ending is not in sight. It’s going a bit wrong.

Eventually you may find that you want to shake yourself awake, get out of the relationship and you can’t. You may have realised by now that things aren’t what you expected, it has got complicated, surreal, and you want out. You think that you have made a big mistake and you are seriously worried.

Now, ask yourself these questions.

“What have I learned about myself during this strange time? What have I done, or what has been done to me that doesn’t feel right? What is making me feel angry, hurt or afraid and what am I blaming this other person for?

Right! Got it? Now apply all your answers to yourself. Own every aspect of this experience as a lesson to correct some aspect that is in yourself, that is out of balance and needs to evolve.

This reflection of you has come into your life just for YOU, to bring some experience to the front of your attention so that you can learn and grow.

A Soul Mate is a person whose spirit is akin to yours. They step into a role, or arrive with certain qualities, just to reflect back to you what is in you and some of it may not be nice.

Look in the mirror. See yourself in the other person. It may be hard to see if it is some quality you don’t like in yourself, something you are denying or pretending is not there, or even something you had no idea was there.

The hardest aspect of this process is that the imbalance may be so deeply hidden, created so far back, even before this life-time, that you may have trouble identifying it.

Look in the mirror that IS the other person, the reflection of yourself.

Why fall in love? Because that is the only way we can be pursuaded to deal with this, lured, if you like, into having an opportunity to address this issue. The mechanics of the magnetism, the attraction, what feels like love, is so complex it really doesn’t matter if you don’t know how it works. What does matter is that you love YOURSELF enough to own it, understand it and let it transform you.

And that you LOVE the other person, who now appears to be the enemy, a rogue, a deceiver, a temptress or seducer, a liar or a thief, or whatever. The other person can now go on their way, when you understand. Thank them and let them go. Job done.

This is not punishment, judgment or something that’s gone wrong. It is the part of you that is working for you, to find balance. In a strange way, the person who has found balance doesn’t need to fall in love. The perfect relationship with another is one where both partners mirror all the good aspects in themselves, as opposites. You think that’s possible? The next stage is no relationship, apart from with yourself, as both yin and yang in one Self.

Next time, in Part 3, we will look at the Law of Attraction that brings good luck, windfalls, success, Angels and Divine intervention and miracles.

Wendy Salter

[original writing]

*Law of Attraction Part 3

(if you can see odd lettering above picture it is irrelevant to the article)


Attractiveness suggests loveliness, something that is a beauty in the eye of the beholder.

As discussed in Part 2, the initial attraction in an unbalanced situation soon turns to a grim reality, a not-so attractive scenario where the ugly truth shows itself. That is only one aspect of the Law of Attraction, but one that serves a very important purpose in bringing one’s conscious awareness to some karmic problem.

Karma is a word heard more and more these days as the spiritual human comes to understand the Law of Creation. Whatever one sows, one will reap later, sometimes in a subsequent life where the seed that was sown has been forgotten. Karma is not all bad, although a lot of it is because for some reason we seem to have accumulated a lot of bad fruits. The sins of the father will be visited on the sons, suggests that it is not an immediate thing. The fruit of the seed sown takes time, maybe more than one life-time, to show itself.

Stevenson had no idea his early coal-driven steam engine would lead to wars, death and destruction in the Middle East. The Seneca Indians had no idea that their oily puddle was the tip of a massive oil-berg that would eventually lead to a poison called plastic.

Nevertheless, the Law of Attraction brings us all rewards too, because many seeds that are sown give the sweet fruits of evolution, creativity, enlightenment, Love and compassion, beauty and knowledge.

There may be a time when an act of kindness, generosity of spirit, compassion, self-sacrifice, voluntary dedication, friendship, loyalty, perseverance, bravery, craftsmanship, artistic accomplishment, purity, honesty and more, sows a seed.

Miracles, Divine intervention, Angelic rescues, windfalls, good luck and even synchronicity [serendipity], are the fruits of such seeds. When something really good just drops on your proverbial plate, rest assured you have deserved it. And it may or may not have anything to do with wealth or success, for a reason.

There is a part of you that knows what is good for you, what you most need and what would help you most. And that part is not the part that would like to win the lottery, retire to a place in the sun and live happily ever after with the partner of your dreams, in a huge mortgage-free house with matching pink Ferrari and Porsche parked outside.

The part of you that knows best may know that winning the lottery is what’s good for you – to learn about wealth, financial management, generosity, begging letters, and losing it all again.

The part of you that knows best may know that what you need is a holiday, a break from routine – to get a new perspective on your empty life.

The part of you that knows best may know that the partner best suited to your evolution happens to be a walking god or goddess who steals your fortune, abuses you and takes away your freedom – to help you wake up, deal with that karma and get back on track.

If your Higher Self and your lower self are in agreement, what you think you want may arrive.

If they are not, no amount of wishing, hoping, focusing, making wish-boards, filling out questionnaires on design-a-man/woman/life will ever bring it about.

Good things come because you have aligned yourself with your Highest Aspect. The good things that come may not be material. They may be a sense of contentment and peace, unconditional love from, and for, those around you, experience of harmony and balance. You may find abundance in the form of knowing you have everything you need, spiritual enlightenment, a joy in your work, Grace and fearlessness, love. This is regardless of what you have, have not, are, are not, do or don’t do.

“Remarkable are the Blessings that come from not dreading, not desiring, not hoping, not regretting, not waiting, not rushing, not wanting, not resisting, not being afraid.”

Sri Rameesh Purah

It could be that the Law of Attraction is only one part of the Law of Creation. It pushes us away from that which does not create and pulls us towards that which does.

Wendy Salter

[original writing]

*Grand Mother


As the 21st Century progresses we are witnessing on the world stage more horrors and chaos, turmoil and human suffering than ever before. For anyone who has stepped onto their ‘spiritual paths’ in the last twenty to thirty or even more years, it must raise the question ‘What’s going on?’

Since the beginning of time, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of the human race have sat by their fires and wrung their hands, looking through pale eyes that have seen ‘life’ and set deep into the lined faces of those who have walked the earth for a life-time. They were neither the elite, nor masters of the universe but I bet they mostly thought the same thoughts, ‘What’s going on?’ Every generation of elders looks out to a world that has seemingly gone mad. ‘It’s not like the good old days!’ they say, woefully, yet the wisdom of their years has always told them that things will always be like this: the changing world will always seem chaotic. And as Time pulls the good things away into the past, we will be left with memories of ‘the way things were’.

I am an ordinary grandmother. I look at my own babies, now mothers in their thirties; beautiful women, hard-working and balanced in the fulcrum between their parents and their children, yet still feeling inside like the young and free spirits they once were. My mother, a great-grand-mother still puts on her ear-rings and wants to dance. My grand-babies, now pubescants-with-attitude, think they can rule the world but still take a teddy to bed.

But I am a Grand Mother in my visions, my aspirations and my imaginings. I am Grand in my wellies, in my garden planting cabbages, and I am Grand because I have a faith born in a crisis or two and growing daily. I am Grand because I have given birth, endured and survived the pain of labour and because I have so much love I have to hug people and give some away, daily. I am Grand because I have seen such heavenly things beyond this world and because I can bear to witness the suffering in others, knowing there is a higher purpose to it all.

‘What’s going on?’ Life is going on. The more the populaton of this planet increases, the more we will witness life in all its diversity and extremes. The more of those who consider themselves to be the elite, the saved, the chosen ones, the enlightened, the wise, the healed, the wealthy, the successful, the good and the righteous…

the more we could see the opposite.

The buzz on the airwaves is that it is the time of the Grandmothers. It is time for the women of the world to speak out, to bring their way of being to center stage and ask the Grand Masters to step aside for a while. Have the women been absent? Are we not still here, individually enduring and surviving, growing and evolving? Are the men folk all tyrants and bastards, domineering and disempowerment of women? And do we think that because someone has put out the buzzword ‘Grandmothers Speak’ that grandmothers ever stopped speaking? Is it time for Grandfathers to stop speaking now?

This hierarchical view may be new-age fanaticism. Men and women are all humans, and the forces at work in this world and all the other worlds are continually there, and have been since the beginning of time. If the male/female juxtaposition is changing it is surely just a swing of the pendulum. We may feel it, acknowledge it and talk about it but do we control it? Maybe we do and maybe by the power of our thoughts we can change things.

Let us listen to the Grandmothers but not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Let the Grandmothers and the Grandfathers teach us their wisdom.

Perfect balance is when the pendulum stops: yet the very swinging of the pendulum is balance in the making. On this funny old lump of rock, spiralling around the sun, spiralling around in the cosmos, we, the little you and me, are at once the least significant and the most important thing in the universe, purely because we exist, in some form, and seem to be aware of it. And we call her Mother Earth, this rock. Now she is a Grand Mother. And the Grand Father? So, ‘What’s going on?’

The vision of the Spirit Grandmothers speaking their message comes at a time when women are definitely changing. We are bold and beautiful, caring and fearsome; we have opinions, views and wisdom; we are pro-active and gentle, can cry with laughter and cry with sorrow. Every now and then the Spirit World sends us a vision of love and hope, support and guidance, and we thank the Grandmothers for coming at this time.

It will give us the strength to love our men even more, stand up to them and put them right when they are wrong, and listen to their stories, dreams and worries, while holding their hands. We will shout across the land when we have had enough of horror, suffering and destruction and we will paint our art in acts of kindness, forgiveness and understanding. Just the way women do.

Wendy Salter

[original writing]

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*Yin/Yang Perfection

Hermes was a handsome Greek god and Aphrodites was a beautiful Greek goddess and they were so perfectly matched, reflected each other so perfectly, that their union in love gave birth to Hermaphroditus. A picture of him/her can be seen on the last card in the Major Acana of the Greek Mythic Tarot – ‘The World’. The teaching of this card in the Tarot is one of balance, unity, perfection and being whole. The four elements of earth, water, fire and air come together as a perfection of creation through the evolution of all the human aspects: the physical being, the intellect, the imagination and the emotions. Beauty is seen as the imaginative and logical mind working creatively together and unconditional love as the expression of the enlightened spiritual being through the earthly human being.

Let us imagine for one moment a simple possibility. If the ‘Whole’ is all the aspects of life between the poles of gender existence, from one extreme, masculinity, to the other, femininity, together in Oneness, and the separation of these two polarities is for the purpose of evolution, experience, knowledge and Self-consciousness, the journey away from and back to the ‘Whole’ is ‘Life’. From the beginning of Time, back to the end of Time, we can explore ‘Life’. The polymorphic reproduction of life is what life on earth is all about, and this is the source of our anxieties about genetic interference, modification and cloning.

Somewhere on this journey, we, as human beings, will experience being male or being female, with the potential to be the other in recession. The moment we become conscious of the opposite state hidden within us, we find ourselves in a position of choice. We can be one or the other, or both, to any degree at any one time. Picture the Managing Director of a Global Conglomerate wearing high heels and lipstick. The two aspects wouldn’t normally go together, in our view of a male and female world, but it has already happened. Imagine a six foot muscular, hairy truck driver feeding the baby. Again, another strange situation to imagine, yet I am sure there are some nurturing truckies out there. But why? Does a woman have to lose her femininity to rule in a ‘man’s world’; and does a man have to lose his masculinity to participate in a ‘woman’s world’? We allocate these roles to each gender purely because the traits of the gender lend themselves more easily to the role. But should that rule out the choice to swap roles?

Likewise, in a less extreme situation, can boys and girls both learn to cook and play football? Of course they can. But can men wear women’s clothes? Can women wear men’s clothes? Absolutely! In fact many men find women in dungarees and a hard hat very attractive and I have to admit the long dark locks and silk shirt of a Regency dandy quite appeals to me! Why? Because the sexuality/gender of the person is not only about what we wear. I have seen many strong, non-high-heels-and-lipstick feminine women become mothers, go about their career, choice of life-style or activity without any criticism. And there are many non-hairy, non-muscular men who are beautiful and soft and still very male and good fathers.

Since the very early beginnings of theatre, men and women have changed roles. The Greek Mythologies are full of men being women and women being men. Pantomimes still play with this form of entertainment. Angels are seen as being neither male nor female and both together. They are perceived as tall and strong, wise beyond our knowing, gentle and kind and beautiful, handsome and graceful. They are pure Light. [Actually I see them as vibrating webs of golden thread, patterns of conscious intelligence and not human in form but that’s another story].

There are, however, areas of modern life where men and women who act out-of-role, or feel differently and wish to live honestly with that, incite the wrath of public opinion; they upset the proverbial apple cart and seem to present some gender blurring, or morality questions we should be finding a solution for. It is just a matter of being open-minded, thinking outside-the-box for a moment. If a person’s appearance upsets us then we are living in the wrong century! Surely, by now, we have enough diversity in personal taste, physicality, fashion, culture and national differences to be tolerant to anything new and different. In the world of art, there is a direct intention to re-create what we already know into new concepts. In the world of fashion, the haute-couture designers push out and destroy the boundaries of conventionalism every day. So it is not so much about what we look like. There seems to be something else more subtle and hidden that will make us feel a gender difference is uncomfortable, or wrong in some way.

This week has seen a first in the world of the internet: the online debut of the works of Charles Darwin.

Chapter I ‘The Descent of Man’, Charles Darwin

‘HE who wishes to decide whether man is the modified descendant of some pre-existing form, would probably first inquire whether man varies, however slightly, in bodily structure and in mental faculties’.

If nothing else, Darwin set out, over a life-time, to study the effect of time on living things. He observed so much diversity that he suspected a natural law at work which aroused his curiosity. How did living creatures become so different? The more he looked the more diversity he found. His conclusion was that we are evolving, changing all the time, according to the influences of living in this world and with each other. He concluded that it was inevitable that we would change. I wonder if he ever thought that what he was observing on his travels was a prototype, a work in progress, or an end result?

The human embryo in its first stage of gestation is neither gender; it is an androgen [although some say the cells are actually female, probably because they are being created within the female body], but at around 8 weeks, one gender is favoured. This primary stage is a living replica of the primary stage in the evolution of life on Earth and each stage of development of the young embryo, foetus, baby and child replicates the evolution of man, through all the animal forms. The toddler is demonstrating the time when we, humans, stood up and became erect. We are continuing this evolution now. It may just be, hypothetically, that the end result will be a hermaphrodite, the male and female in one body, able to reproduce asexually.

Do we as humans have an arrogance about us being an end result, the top of the class, perfection? I don’t honestly think the majority of human beings think that. But some seem to think that their opinion is correct and final.

If religion has any positive role to play I shall expound my theories on it another day. One development of religion is that it gives some folk the right to judge others. If they are not matching the model of their religion, all others must be faulty. Enough said.

In the urge to criticise and judge, we humans show a lack of understanding about how we perceive another. We don’t like to feel uncomfortable and if we have to witness someone very different to ourselves, we feel threatened in some way and the first line of defense is attack. This is a primal reflex to a stranger, something unknown and different – not a member or our clan or tribe. But when we judge it to be wrong, we are not recognising the possibility that that trait is in us too.

What I would like everyone to think about is this: If there is going to be diversity in this world, and that diversity has a purpose, then we should not be criticising any form of life. Whatever gender, male or female, male/female, female/male, colour, shape, size or height we happen to be we may be perfection-in-the-making. Whatever gift, talent, style, view, expression we happen to have we may be perfection-in-the-making. But if anyone of us is having a bad day, suffering, in pain, lost, lonely or sad, we may have forgotten that we are perfection-in-the-making and may need a little help and a little tolerance and understanding from others.

If you are feeling good about yourself, smile and let the world know that you are seeing your perfection-in-the-making today and if you are struggling, just remember these words, and ask for help.

Wendy Salter

[original writing]

*Galactic Alignment


Is it time? Jose Arguelles has been a major initiator in the New Age concept, the Harmonic Convergence, which started in 1987, the Mayan Prophecy encoded in their calendar system, and the Galactic Alignment, when our Sun is set to align with the magnetic centre (black hole) of the Milky Way (our galaxy), on the 12th December, 2012 at 11:11pm precisely. He states that –The Law of Time is ready to be reinstated as a 13-moon system. Many others agree with him.

Wendy Salter

[This is not necessarily parallel to my reality]

Follow this link to the Galactic Research Institute and the Foundation of the Law of Time.


Listen to Jose on U-tube at this link. It is 1hour and 40mins long.



2012 is going to happen in 3 years  :-z

What is going to happen? :-0

What are your fears and dreams of the future?  :-((     :-))

Here are a few prophets and signs to explore, in no particular order of importance, relevance, or truth :>)

Nostradamus; Edgar Cayce; Sybil, the oracle of Delphi; Merlin, Celtic wizard; Mother Shipton, Yorkshire seer; John the Divine of Paphos, Revelations, the Christian Bible; Black Elk, Sioux visionary; Saint Birgitta; Mayan Calendar; Wiki, on the Apocolypse; Geoff Stray, ‘The End of the World as You Know It’; St. Malachy; Hopi Prophecies; I-Ching, Chinese Oracle; the Koran; Einstein, the polar shift; NASA, Sun-Spot activity and Planet X or Nibiru, the brown planet; Kuthumi, Ascended Master; Web Bot, the World Wide Web; Jeremiah, the Prophet; the Torah; crop circles (Apologies to anyone I have left out.)

Collectively they have predicted the following [not me] :~((

An Apocalypse of the planet and humanity by… a Galactic Alignment?; the arrival of a comet which will implode the Earth?; a mysterious planet coming close which will pull us out of our orbit?; a polar shift?; a tilt of the Earth’s axis?; moving into a Photon Belt?; a Harmonic Convergence?; and a shift in human consciousness?…

which may cause?…possibly…a complete breakdown of electrical systems, telecommunications and social order; massive weather changes including floods, droughts and high winds; earth disruptions including quakes, eruptions and tsunami; boiling seas, melting ice-caps; terrible wars; disease in epidemics and plagues; persecution of any religious believer; separation through fear and hatred; solar storms and red skies; two moons or two suns; famine, human suffering; nuclear threats; terror attacks, both small and large scale, etc. (Apologies if I have forgotten something)

So what’s new, you may ask  :-(?)

Have all the prophecies not been coming true for decades, centuries even? Is it all doom and gloom or is there light at the end of the tunnel?  :-)(

The general theory is that at this particular time, all these upheavals will be intensified  and be the direct result of a rare and catastrophic, or miraculous event. And there you have it. Anyone interested in this subject will fall into one of three categories:

  1. one of positivity that this is where those who have been enlightened will ascend and be saved :~))
  2. one of negativity in the belief that this is the end of the world }:<((
  3. one of confusion }:~s

BUT – if all the above is predicting a period of re-alignment in our galaxy, passing through a belt of Light and regeneration, we can expect upheavals BUT in a way that could bring enlightenment; a falling away of what is disused, decaying and dead; a chance to begin again, start afresh as the phoenix rises from the ashes; to build a new life in a new way, with an understanding of the Law of Creation, in peace, love and harmony.

Immediately after reading that, I hope that you will be thinking that you, your loved ones and the Earth are those who are in with a chance of survival, on any level.

If – the ‘Event‘ predicted for 2012 is going to throw the world into chaos,

how you think, and act, from what you believe will make all the difference ~:-|

Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, it will be down to you to behave in the best way possible. As in any severe condition, those who already have a strong survival instinct, and skills to match, will have a distinct advantage. It may not be about having more money, property, position, power and material things, but more about having more flexibility, ability to be adaptable, inventiveness, intuition, willingness to act or work for what you need and do without that which is not important. It may be a time to re-evaluate our lives, singly, and collectively, and think more carefully about the future.

Whether the chaos predicted is social, political, financial, health-related, climatic, geological, global, galactic, or spiritual, your preparation needs to be in self-reliance, self-responsibility and self-sufficiency. A well-trained mind that can focus and think clearly, an ability to stay calm and be fearless and a willingness to work well and help each other, will bring good results. For many people, their spiritual well-being is paramount.

I recommend that you continue your good practices, increase your skills or at least get started :~)

Looking back over what we know from history, it is easy to see that this is not the first time we have experienced a major cataclysm. We cannot stop changes, big or small, because it is within Nature – in cyclic changes – that evolution happens.

Resistance, denial and fear are the elements that cause pain and suffering. Acceptance, understanding and trust are the elements that generate the creative process.

May your God be with you, in Peace, Love and Light.

Wendy Salter

[original writing. Information quoted not necessarily parallel with my reality]

Links to interesting info:-

*Talking of Peace, saunter over to Peace One day on

*For any science-literate types, study Global Warming and Nuclear Hazards by Peter Fong at http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=0sI11HYlJzcC and click on preview, or buy it. It is a good counter argument for environmental myths.

*For the spiritually convinced, astral travel to http://www.thelightweaver.org/ (channelings)

*For an astronomical approach aim your telescope at The Daily Galaxy, especially http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2007/07/the-milky-way-c.html and http://www.dailygalaxy.com/myweblog/2008/11/the-vanishing-s.html (sunspots)

Let me know if you find anything else interesting and email me at

wendy@wendysalter.com Cheers!


Sunrise June 24th 2008 approx 5.45am

Holwell, Dorset, England

As the Summer Solstice sunrise was hidden from us this year, I thought you might enjoy this.

Wendy Salter

[original photo]

*Post Trauma Stress Disorder

Post Trauma Stress Disorder and Genetic Input

During a trauma we suffer stress: physical, mental, emotion stress. After, we expect to recover, over time. The symptoms can vary from person to person. ‘Strong’ people recover normally but some people, perhaps more sensitive, and possibly seen as ‘weak’ people, take longer. Some people don’t recover and they never reclaim an ‘ordinary’ life. This latter group of sufferers is now diagnosed as having PTSD – Post Trauma Stress Disorder.

With regard to the article sent to me by friend and journalist, Brenda Hanson, outlining the results of a study done on a group of PTSD suffers in Canada, reported in Thunder Bay [Variants in stress-related gene help …
http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dhttddcw_0cmz2rrcf&invite=r2q4vz ], and illuminating the subject of a variant gene being involved, I outline here my own observations on the subject.

It is always exciting when a new discovery is made. It is then up to us to decide whether this discovery adds to our knowledge or not, and whether it can be utilised to good effect. The scientific world looks to prove something, with clinical trials to provide data and statistics. When this backs up previously held suspicions or beliefs it is a wonderful thing. We must, at all times ask whether the new information expands our wisdom on things, rather than just making a statement that limits us.

Are the faulty genes the cause of the problem or are they the end result of a problem? To allocate the cause of any dis-order to faulty genes, we may run the risk of limiting ourselves, by halting the ever-necessary investigation into the true nature of dis-ease. We could say ‘Ah! We have found the dastardly culprit, now we can blame it and stop looking!’ But does that lead us to a healing process and a cure?

If a sufferer is told ‘It’s in your genes’ the general assumption of a lay-person may be that it’s just their bad luck and that there is nothing more they can do about it.

This doesn’t mean that the identification of a contributing gene may not be relevant. It may be relevant in identifying the person who may be more prone to the condition – QED- but not that their fate is not only pre-determined but that it is also final and fatal.

Should we not ask, when considering the cause of a disorder, to research into the possible purpose of that disorder? PTSD is a set of symptoms, not a disease from a known virus, for example. Each person who is presenting any one of, or all of the identified symptoms is a unique case and is presenting a unique, to them, set of circumstances. PTSD is possibly the acute or chronic stage of other stresses, which are coped with but at this level the person just cannot cope any longer and there is a breakdown, physically, mentally and emotionally. PTSD becomes evident after an accumulation of stress, or excessive stress. The external, circumstantial causes can be from any type of trauma.

To land conveniently on the genetic platform and announce ‘eureka!- this is the cause’, is bypassing the problem, for it requires another leap to saying it is the cure. Nevertheless, there has to be benefits of knowing the gene state.

  • The presence of the gene can be a contribution to the solution

  • The presence of the gene can identify the level at which stress becomes acute and PTSD

  • The presence of the gene can identify groups of people who accumulate such levels of stress.

Dis-ease and dis-order is the physical outcome and end result of a disruption in the well-being, safety, life-force, spirit/body relationship and evolution of the person. It can also be the set of keys to unlock the cure.

Any one gene which is seen to be contributing to a certain condition can be looked at as the cause, but then we must ask the question ‘How did that gene become the signature of that condition?’ If a gene brings about a physical manifestation, it will be seen as the cause, but what caused it to be different.? What is the cause of its nature? What happened to it to make it different to others and create a pattern within itself to cause that condition? Is it possible that the condition itself, over generations, caused the gene to change?

Do potential soccer-playing genes, accumulating information and creating specific patterns over generations, suddenly present a soccer-player gene?

Genes are the patterns of DNA held in the chromosomes that split during fertilisation of the ovum. The accumulated information from past milennia forms patterns which shows up as a personal attribute, physical feature, character trait or defect in the person. Some are good, some are bad, all are changing. Evolution determines those that survive and those that disappear by making the person strong or weak. This is Darwinism. There is another ‘ism’ and that is that we, as incarnating spirits choose the lineage that can offer us the best circumstances for us to evolve in, as a spiritual being. ‘Spiritualism’. Either way we have a very diverse gene-pool to choose from.

Continual ‘stress’ will sift the proverbial wheat from the chaff. Some of us will weaken under stress and some of us will thrive. All humans who start demonstrating the inability to cope with stress, [hard-ship, shock, trauma, degradation, malnutrition, lack of love, etc.,] will find an opportunity to find a new approach to coping. They will seek it out, investigate, experiment, persevere and survive, or cave in and perish. And there will always be doctors, scientists, therapists and healers to help them.

At this time in history we have an opportunity to strengthen our inherent genetic patterning with some very new, innovative, ground-breaking, exciting and positive approaches, with new understanding of how the mind works, the spirit/body relationship and the role of diet and natural medicines. Perhaps we are remembering and rediscovering some very old ways, too.

In days gone by, a soldier finding himself unable to cope with the extra-ordinary stresses of the war he has to fight, the battle-field he finds himself on and the conditions he has to deal with to either live or die, will have several choices.

  • He may just survive, by the skin of his teeth, and with a lot of good luck.

  • He may do something extra-ordinary and be held up as a hero

  • He may find he doesn’t have a choice and gets killed

  • He may not cope and run away, or tries to.

  • He may just survive long enough to come home, only to find his life is in ruins and his ability to recover from his injuries has gone

In the old days all surviving soldiers were heralded as heroes – some more than others and those got medals. Those who suffered ‘shell shock’ didn’t recover. Those who ran away were shot. They were branded ‘cowards’, ‘weak’, or having ‘low moral fibre’, or ‘LMF’.

I saw a TV program on the subject of heroism: why and how heroic deeds were done and who became a ‘hero’. Out of the 6 veterans that were featured, who had been awarded medals for bravery, not one of the six knew they were being brave at the time. Not one of the six had decided to be a hero. Not one of the six thought of themselves as heroes and not one of the six had their medal on display or talked about it.

Is it all about being in the right or wrong place, at the right or wrong time? Or is it about having the right or wrong genes? Or is it that at any one time any one of us has a choice? Do we know we have that choice at the time or do we just find ourselves doing something? Who we are and how we got to be that person is such a complex subject, it is a lifetime’s study.

If we believe that this one life is all there is, then nothing matters anyway; none of it is for any reason, it has no purpose; it is just an accidental occurrence and not worth discussing.

But we all know that that’s not the case. We know that what we do in any situation affects others as well as ourselves. In that case what we do is important and if it is important it’s not just for five minutes self-gratification. It must have a lasting significance, even after our passing and if that’s the case then we are all experiencing now the lasting effects of what happened before – that which others did before us.

If the genes we inherit were designed by our ancestors, everything they did to evolve those genes, to change them for better or worse, are in us now and it is up to us to do what we will with them. So what do I do if I inherit a bad gene which will pre-dispose me to cope badly with stress; what do I do about it? Roll over, give up and die? Go to a shop and but a new one? Or re-design the one I’ve got? I guess re-designing a gene takes some time, so where do I start?

What came first, the chicken or the egg? If I am past the age of passing on my genes to my offspring, how does changing my genes benefit anyone else? The Native Americans say that whenever I heal myself, I do it for all my relations: ‘Mitakwe Oyasin’. So what do I change?

I change the way I think. I change the way I view things, get a new perspective. I change the way I do things, behave differently. I can change the way I deal with things. And I can show others that I didn’t give up, that I can learn from it and in that way help others that come after me. Wounds heal. Stress can be relieved. Lessons can be learned. PTSD can be cured. Genes can change, in us and in those who learn from us.

But that is only the physical, mental and emotional side. What about the non-physical side? This, I know, is hard for a lot of people to understand. If I start talking about ‘energy’ or ‘spirit’ many people will think I am talking about fairies, or ghosts, and religion. I am talking about neither.

It is scientifically proven that we are energy – vibrating, moving, living energy which ranges across such a wide spectrum that we can only see one part, hear one part, sense another part and have no idea about the rest. Some people, like me, ‘see’ and ‘sense’ more than others and so I ‘know’ there is more to life than what we are physically aware of. [Convincing others is more difficult].

It is also proven that energy is influenced by thought and so how and what we think is a relevant point to discuss.

If someone who has a disability in coping with post trauma stress is told ‘It’s because you have a different, faulty or bad gene’, they will lose hope in ever recovering. If they are told they can be helped, hope returns. Positive thoughts return and already things are changing for the better.

When someone who understands and can communicate with the complex negative thoughts and memories in the unconscious mind and can work synergistically, i.e. using a variety of techniques together, and can say ‘we can help you’, even more hope comes to the sufferer.

And when the Power of healing – the highly charged energy – that moves, re-charges and re-enlivens every atom of that person, even in the genes, that person will feel so much hope, have so many positive thoughts, that any inherited gene that says ‘you will not cope with stress and you will not recover well from trauma’ will begin to change. The encoded information will change. Preset negative and destructive patterns will reorganise themselves and start to create a new pattern and the consciousness in that gene will be changed. The new consciousness in that gene will return to the collective consciousness after death with a different message and will then return in a new life with new abilities. It will have evolved.

The term ‘Akashic Records’ [origin unknown] describes the unlimited store of information about all life, forever, from the beginning to the end. It is a record of all lives and experience and it is also a library of all potential life and experience. It may be that the DNA in every cell in all living things holds the link to the Akashic Records and the genes are what has been selected for that life-time for that person.

When studying the aspects of ‘Past Lives’ we can tap into information that is in the unconscious memory from before this life-time. A past life scenario can play like a film demonstrating an event of a personal connection that can throw some light onto why certain circumstances are being experienced now.

‘Soul Retrieval’ is another method of healing, where lost memories, aspects of the ‘self’ can be retrieved, to awaken dormant DNA, or eliminate erroneous information that is now redundant or not belonging to the present situation. Akashic Records, past lives and soul retrieval do not belong to the scientific world and yet old cultures of the indigenous people of the world have practiced this form of healing for milenia. It is provable in its efficacy by the results. Maybe we do not have to understand it more than that. Let the researchers do some test trials on these procedures to witness the results but we have to give up for good the need to know and understand the ‘how’. We all believe the grass grows because we can witness it. We can observe it, scientifically study it and learn it’s process but we don’t really understand the ‘how’.

Another aspect is this: we are all unique. We are all born with a unique set of circumstances. No one cure-all can be 100% right for all people. Each one of us has a choice – are we going to let a trauma, a little gene and some bad thoughts and feelings get in the way and destroy us or are we going to use this opportunity to learn something, especially about ourselves, and discover something new – that the little gene can change, traumas can be healed and bad thoughts and feelings can dissipate allowing new good ones to arrive? It’s up to us.

“The nature of dis-ease holds the key to the cure of that dis-ease”

“If you want to change your life, change the way you think, because thoughts manifest according to their nature”.

An Example of gene programming: Back in time, something took place which we call ‘The Slave Trade’. Black people were enslaved by white people. According to the accounts, both personal, eye-witness and third-hand, extreme cruelty was inflicted on the slaves – not just once, but continually for some, and for successive generations. These experiences may have caused a ‘variant gene’, which was passed on and is now in the present generation, as a memory, to serve a purpose. The descendants of the slaves may experience something similar – child abuse, racial prejudice, injustice, poverty, poor social standing, and lack of freedom. If a traumatic event is experienced by someone in this generation, and they have a serious lack of ability to cope, they may be diagnosed as having PTSD. Investigation reveals a certain variant gene, in more than one case, and the gene is cited as the cause of PTSD or an increased risk of it.

It is possible that a variant gene does not CAUSE PTSD or an increased risk of it.

It is possible that the variant gene is CAUSED BY PTSD.

History repeats itself. We all know that fighting, racial hatred, greed, victimisation, cruelty, tyranny, etc. is bad, wars are bad. It doesn’t stop them happening. PTSD isn’t new – it’s as old as mankind. Maybe we are just learning to recognise the symptoms, acknowledging their existence as something we can help and change for the better, and finally seeing that Man does indeed hurt man. But he can also help man, heal man and be kind and love man.

If there is a variant gene for PTSD, or an increased risk of suffering from it in some people, there must also be a variant gene for learning, changing, heroism, healers, kindness, and unconditional love.

Wendy Salter

[original writing]

*The Bridge of Love


Have you ever wondered where the feelings of sadness come from? Sadness is sometimes described as having ‘a heavy heart’, just as happiness can be described as ‘lightheartedness’. We feel sad when a loved one goes away but the thoughts we have at the time determine how sad we may feel. If we have strong thoughts that our loved one loves us, we may miss them, but feel reassured that they will return to us and our sadness will turn to happiness again.

But when our loved one goes away forever, as in death, our sadness turns to grief – a deep, painful sadness that seems incurable. If we believe that our loved one loved us, as we loved them, we may have faith that that love endures even at their departing.

But if that love was not acknowledged before death we may be left with dreadful feelings of regret. How then do we lift our heart into happiness once more?

With Love. Love transcends all distance, time and boundaries, even death. If you can remember the feelings of joy when you received a letter or card from someone you thought had forgotten you, or didn’t love you anymore, you can imagine the joy you could send a loved one by sending them a Message of Love. Send your thoughts with happy memories, strong feelings, maybe of forgiveness, or asking for forgiveness, and mental pictures of something beautiful, that would mean something to them. Then believe that they will get your message, feel your love for them and be uplifted; their spirit will feel lighter and they may send you a message in return.

How and when that message comes, only you will know, when it arrives. Then the heaviness in your heart will leave and your heart will feel lighter. The Heart is known as the Bridge between the Earth world and the world of Spirit. It is on this bridge, The Bridge of Love, that you will be able to meet your loved one again.

Wendy Salter

[original writing]

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Finding Grace.

When we feel there is ‘something wrong’ for us, what do we do?

The ‘something wrong’ may be illness… bad weather… a grumpy kid or spouse… a difficult parent… a boring job… aches and pains… feeling too cold or too hot… wondering why the one you love has left… not enough money… lack of freedom… bad neighbours… depressing News… am I getting close?…

…too much housework… a hang-over… difficult homework… a struggling business… loneliness… feeling unloved… missing the rubbish-collecting day… feeling scared of the boss… an irritating wind… wind in the guts… bereavement… falling out with your best friend… fed up with what’s on TV… wishing you hadn’t said something… missing your flight… hating queues… frightened you may have something terminal.

If something in that list has caught your eye, or prompted a ‘something wrong’ of your own, would you like to feel better?

Look for Grace.

Grace arrives without any effort on our part. In fact Grace never leaves. Grace is there all the time, mostly without our noticing. Grace just always is. Look for Grace.

And when you notice Grace, something extraordinary happens. Grace becomes apparent, real, visible, audible, and permanent.

Just by noticing Grace, every ‘something wrong’ disappears instantly.

Have you found Grace now?

[If you can’t find Grace, click on contact me and send me an email]

Wendy Salter

[original writing]

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*Away and Home


Summer holidays are here! I have just come home from a holiday in Catalonia, N. Spain, and my grand-daughters have just flown off to Dubai. All around people are coming and going, travelling to somewhere to have a holiday.

Why do we do it? To go anywhere costs a lot of money, takes days to organise, hours of effort to leave the house in order, pack, get to the airport, or seaport, take buses, taxis or hire-cars to our destination, only to flop in a hot, sweaty, exhausted, limp mess at the end. Usually you can bank on at least a day to get there and a day to return. The rewards for these efforts must be enormous, for us to want to go.

I, personally, like to explore. I enjoy seeing other cultures, trying out a different way of life, seeking out the historic sites and sampling the local food.I also like to feel that my time is my own, to stay out late, or sleep in the afternoon, to idly sit and stare, and commune with Nature. I live in beautiful Dorset, but we have no mountains, so to experience a mountain or two is a change from home.

I also quite enjoy the actual travelling, the feeling of moving, going somewhere, away from the familiar into the unknown, despite the nervousness of being on the right train, going in the right direction, and making the link to the next stage, in time. It’s that ‘nervousness’ that I call excitement. To be in a state of alertness is good, I feel.

When we are away from home, we are exposed to the unfamiliar. We have to communicate in a different language. I have a ‘global’ language that seems to work quite well. It is a mixture of a few standard words in the local language, hastily learned from a guide book on the plane, a lot of hand signals and facial expressions and English spoken in a heavy accent [to disguise the fact that I am actually speaking in English], thrown in. The locals love it. It makes them laugh and I have never come across a local who hasn’t wanted to help a lost foreigner struggling with a map or strange currency.

On arriving home, I am exhausted. I really feel as though I have been somewhere. Not just physically, but in other ways. Time has passed, I am older and wiser, my hair has grown, and I am different because I have a different view on life, and the people and places in the World. I think it was Tennyson who wrote something to the effect that when we travel the world, living adventures, we finally come to the place from whence we started and see it ‘as for the first time’.

There is talk on the grape-vine that our attitude to travel will have to change, as fuel becomes more expensive and the emissions make too much pollution. It is curious that they said that about horses once. We do have alternatives. We can use our feet more. We can find different, less polluting fuel. We can stay at home. And we can ‘virtual’ travel. To ‘virtual’ travel one needs mental pictures, either from personal memories, or from a vivid imagination.

Salvador Dali saw the world in a different way, Science Fiction imagines other worlds and other dimensions. Even Science Non-Fiction offers us ‘quantum perspectives’ on reality. We have ‘virtual’ pictures already with photography, and the computer. It seems that we can imagine anything, and ‘travel’ to imagined places already. The vehicle we need to travel to the ‘virtual world’ is the ‘Inner Eye’, and we all have one already.

However you may be traveling to your summer holiday, have fun and collect some wonderful memories. If you cannot travel physically to a place abroad, or even at home, try ‘virtual travel’ and see how far you can get, and have fun at your IMAGINed destINATION!

Wendy Salter

[original writing]

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*Communication with the Unseen

Probably the most important aspect of human nature is communication. We can talk. We can convey to another, or many others, what we think and how we feel. Speech, and the ability to write, makes us unique amongst the living creatures in this world. Speech is externalised thoughts.

But we can also communicate without speech. Our body language, facial expression, stance, appearance, the colours and clothes we wear, the body chemicals we emanate and invisible electro-magnetic impulses radiating from us all convey ‘messages’, subtle information from one to another. Telepathy is communicating without speech and is just as effective. We convey our thoughts all the time, subliminally, and those we think about will receive our thoughts, subliminally.

If, for any reason, there is a limitation in how, when or how much we can communicate to others, a certain angst occurs in us human beings. There appears to be some emotional and mental satisfaction and benefit in communicating with others. Those imprisoned, in solitude, silenced, misinterpreted, or without the faculty of speech are inhibited and frustrated in their need to communicate.

Some humans find it difficult to communicate, not necessarily in the function of communication, but in the quality and content of their communication. Early learning difficulties, language barriers, intelligence differences, disturbed thinking and crossed wires can prevent healthy and productive communication.

Communication can be a tool, used to benefit everyone as in sharing knowledge, or maliciously as in spreading gossip or propaganda. I can remember a time at school when everyone in my group knew a secret except me. I felt left out, and decidedly unloved. As soon as I learned the secret I felt relieved, included, enlightened and empowered. Sharing knowledge helps us to work as a collective, towards a common aim and for the good of the community.

Political edicts should be a good thing so that we can all follow the same rules and know where we stand. But when used to further the personal interests of a few, they can be misleading and disruptive. A good leader needs to speak out clearly to the public ear and inspire others to live in harmony. A dictatorial tyrant will incite mass hysteria and cause unrest, fear and confusion, for their own hidden agenda.

Communicating with another human being is something we do pretty much without too much effort; we don’t need to analyse the workings of thought and speech. But what about communing with someone who is not with you physically? How do we ‘talk’ to someone whom we cannot see. Of course, we do this easily on the phone or by letter or email, but that’s because we know, and believe without question, that the person we are talking to is alive, even if we can’t see them.

So, to communicate with the Unseen, the discarnate, non-earthly beings on any level of existence, requires a belief that they exist, even though we cannot see them or hear them. We need to be able to imagine them in some form, usually a mental image of this ethereal being, or a feeling of what it would be like if they were there with us. Some people can ‘see’ or ‘hear’ other non-physical beings and can communicate easily. For the rest, it is not so easy.

In the physical world, if we wanted to communicate with, say, the Queen and we could not have a private audience with her, we could ask someone to mediate, take our message to Her Majesty for us and they would convey her reply back to us.

There are those who mediate with the Unseen in exactly the same way. Those who find it easy to communicate with the Unseen can carry messages and receive answers for us. The important aspect of this is that we need to have a ‘blind faith’ in who we are sending messages to and also to trust the messenger.

Learning to communicate with the Unseen is not really very difficult. First you will need to overcome any thoughts that you may be going mad by talking to someone who is not there. You will need to form a strong image or feeling of the ‘person’ you wish to talk to. Remember what we tell children: ‘Don’t talk to strangers’. Think about who would be good to talk to; who could help you? You wouldn’t ask for help, knowledge or directions from an ignorant or malicious person here on earth, so follow the same rule with the Unseen.

Perhaps you would like to talk to a scientist and you think Einstein would be a good person to talk to. ‘Why not talk to a living scientist?’ you may ask. Living people are restricted in their view of the world. We are all conditioned by the physical limitations of the world around us. When we are seeking new knowledge, or a Higher aspect of something, we need to appeal to those outside these physical restrictions; someone who has been enlightened by a Higher Knowledge.

The next step, after formulating your question is to learn to listen. We cannot receive our answers unless we can ‘hear’ and that is a matter of trusting and accepting what comes to you. This form of communication requires practice but in a short time you will find the benefits. Keep your first questions simple to start with, and personal so that you can test out the answers. Then upgrade to something more specific or important.

When you are communicating with the Unseen for guidance, use your own words, or thoughts, in a way that is natural to you. Then, when you receive the answer, it will be in a form that is easy for you to understand. If you are English and read a German prayer, for example, you may get a German reply and not understand it!

And remember to say ‘Thank You’. Those in the Unseen world want to help us and just like us, they like good manners. When we finish a letter we end by writing, ‘With Best Wishes’, or ‘With Love from…’ and when we get a reply it makes us feel good. A reply letter would start, ‘Thank you for your reply,’ These are simple but effective rules when communicating. You could also try writing your communication, asking your question, and then holding your pen ready to write whatever pops into your head or moves your hand. Read it as though someone else has just written it.

If you don’t get a reply straight away, don’t worry. You may get it like a ‘download’ later, while doing something mundane like washing up. Sometimes the answer will come while you are asleep and you will ‘get it’ when you wake up.You may get a name, maybe someone you know or not, but not always. Sometimes the reply will be from ‘Us’, more than one Being.

If you don’t like the reply, or it makes you feel afraid, worried, unhappy or ‘spooked’, stop. You have just communicated with the wrong person. You have got the ‘wrong number’. Leave it for a while, do something completely different and try at a later date. Start by calling upon your Guide, Saint, Angel, Prophet [Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed] or your God, to protect you while you communicate. Read this article again to understand communication and get some instruction from someone who knows this.

If your reply makes you smile, feel uplifted or even evokes tears, sometimes with overwhelming Love, you have just been successful in Communicating with the Higher Beings. Wendy Salter [original writing]



When I look up into the blue sky I feel something extraordinary. I feel a rising of my spirit. I can feel it physically in my chest like a bubble and very often it brings a smile to my lips and small tears into my eyes. It’s not like crying when I’m sad. It’s like something wells up inside me and overflows.

I love the blue sky and I miss it terribly when it is stolen by the blanket cloud that moves over it sometimes. I can remember the first time I went up in an aeroplane, I was petrified and thought I’d never get in the thing, but when we took off and lifted up through the clouds I fell in love with flying forever. Going through the clouds was like being lost in a fog. It looked cold and dismal and floated past the windows like a faceless ghost. Then suddenly we came out above them and the sky was perfectly blue. It was heavenly.

I peered through the little port-hole window and looked as far as I could see in every direction. The blue sky was everywhere, untainted and empty and vast. Far below was the blanket of clouds that now looked like a sea of cotton-wool balls and the earth had disappeared. I had ascended and gone into Heaven, along with a hundred or so other people who were flying to Stockholm.

I am not a child living in a fairy-book fantasy. I am a grown-up, a grandmother. I have a simple belief, and that is this: I believe that the world around us, all the things we see, hear, feel, observe, and know to happen in a physical way also happen in another way, that is not physical. I believe that there is an alternative life that is very similar to the physical life but is different in that we cannot see, hear, feel or observe it with our physical senses. It is only detectable with our 6th sense, or ‘spirit’.

When the aeroplane was flying through the air, I could see the way the sun lit up everything. Up there in my blue Heaven the only thing that was there was the sun. I couldn’t stay there though and after a while the aeroplane started to descend. It brought us all back down through the clouds and then I could see the earth below. Slowly, more and more came into view and I could see the landscape, then fields and towns, then houses and finally, when we touched down and taxied into the airport, I could see other people.

Whenever it is a dull dark day I remember how the sky above the clouds is always blue, and up there the sun always shines, unless I am on the other side of the world. There, on the other side, the sun is hidden from view and the sky is perpetual darkness, except for the stars. The stars fill the Heavens with a myriad of little lights. We can’t see the stars in the daytime, when the sun is so bright it fills the world with its light. But at night, when the sun is absent we can see the stars.

What does this tell me about ascending to Heaven? It tells me that it is a place where we can get a different view on life. We can see how the world is, in relation to everything else. The world and the planets, the moon and the sun are all moving around each other in a cosmic dance and we can observe it. We can see things that are enlightened but we can’t see things that are in the dark. But the stars give us a glimmer of hope. We can watch in wonder at things and try to understand. It is all there. The world we can see and the world we can’t see.

Everything that moves is moved by something you can’t see. Think about it. Every single thing that vibrates with life, that circles around and changes in time is motivated, moved, enlivened by …something you can’t see. But we can see the effect of this something that moves in everything, and when we ascend we can see it more clearly.

The worst time is when we are lost in a fog. We can’t see where we are going and we can’t see anything that can give us a perspective on things. It can feel quite frightening and we have to trust that the pilot knows how to take us through the fog in the right direction. On earth it can feel quite depressing when we can’t see the heavenly blue sky and there is no sun, and even the stars cannot be seen to give us hope. We then have to have faith that the clouds will pass, the winds of change will come and blow them away and then the sun will shine again and the stars will come out at night.

Our relationship to the sun in particular is paramount in our understanding of our relationship with light, especially the unseen light. The blue sky is only blue to us down here because of our unique atmosphere, yet the colour we see is important because the colour is an energy that affects us. It helps us to be happy. The moon, too, helps us understand and remember the cycles of time. And the stars, well if the stars weren’t there for us to wish upon, we’d have no hope. So the sun, sky, moon and stars represent a non-earthly component to the physical world that we live in. The rest is down here, where we put our feet. Non-earthly things we call spiritual. The virtual world of spirit is for us to know about but not touch, because it’s far away. Or is it?

Sunlight, the radiations from it, the warmth and light, give all living things what they need to grow. Without the sun we would be nothing. The blue sky helps us to feel happy because we can see the great ‘out there’ and then we don’t feel alone. The moon comes around like a true friend, with regularity and helps us remember we are going somewhere. Because it changes its appearance in cycles, we can see how time is progressing, and how we must be progressing, too. And the stars, there are so many of them, they seem like a token of all that has been and all that can be, places we can visit in our dreams, places for the imagination to be inspired.

Look around you and notice the living things on earth that respond in different ways to the things ‘above’ us. Animals look down, towards the earth. Even the birds that fly in the sky look down. Fish hide, protected, in the waters. Insects hide, protected under leaves, debris or the earth. But people, some people, look up. Those of us who look up are different to those who are mostly looking down. Those who look up aspire to something beyond the physical world. They dream, gaze into space for inspiration. They think a lot and wonder at the greater picture. They are connecting to something that is greater than ‘where’s dinner?’ or ‘where’s bed?’ or ‘where’s my mate?

While we are looking up, rising above the mundane, connecting to ‘Spirit’, dwelling on higher matters, ascending towards Heaven, it is really important to remember one thing. Our connection to Earth, the planet we call home is more important than just providing for our bodies. By lifting our thoughts, our imagination and our learning to higher things, we are raising our spirits for an important reason. That is, to bring that enlightenment to Earth. And for that reason we need to keep our connection to Earth by having deep roots that go right to the core of the planet. This way we, as individuals, and collectively as a human soul group, will ascend together with Earth. We will travel as on a space ship towards a higher world, where life is similar, but different in that it is as yet unseen. Heaven is all around us, around Earth, but the Light of the Living Sun will love us and give us life, both seen and unseen, until we re-unite.

I believe we are on our way. We have started the journey home and everyone who can incarnate from the human soul group has done so. We are all on board and heading back. Some will get there before others as we start to become less physical and integrate into the unseen version of life. Those who get there first will not be the winners, or the losers, because we will work together as we have always done, because we are not separated. We have to help each other. We have to work as a team, not in competition, not some exploiting others for their own benefit. It’s not a matter of the wealthy few getting an easier trip, because those who have nothing will have nothing to lose. Anything physical gained in this, the physical world, cannot go into the unseen world. Nothing except our own soul, the spirit that has come to drive the body of our choice, will pass through the transformation into spirit. All matter will disintegrate into its energy form once again, until we are the love and light that we started as, once more. All physical attachments are just baggage that will weigh us down. Release the attachment to these things and the journey for you will become easier and more enjoyable.

Imagine going through an airport check-in with nothing to hold, not even a boarding pass, or passport. With nothing to carry you, your-self, will be the passport and you will glide effortlessly to your first-class seat. Effortlessly you, along with a couple of hundred or so other good folk, together in groups, will lift effortlessly into the air, with no air-con, no duty-free sales, no cramped legs or safety belts, no over-head luggage racks, no safety exit routine, no plastic lunch pack, just a pilot and a couple of stewards to be there for you. Then off you will go, up through the clouds, through the fog of fear and confusion, and out into the wild blue yonder, the heavenly blue sky, towards the sun.

And when you look back, just for a second, you will see that there are others, millions and millions of others, all coming along for the ride, even the Earth itself!

Wendy Salter

[original writing]

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*Cata to Catalan


Browsing the dictionary, one may come by some interesting connotations of this root word: CATA…

According to the O.U.D. the [Gr./L.] root CATA-, KATA- [Arab.], CAT- and CATH- can be used to mean:-

Down [as in a place down there], down [as in away, entirely], implying disparagement [dishonour, inferiority or disgrace from association or marriage with inferior person], inferior, down upon, [as in below others], hence, [as in away from here], against and reflecting back, answering to, and lastly, intense, downright, completely.

In Catalonia, N.E. Spain, there is an autonomous community once known as Aragon, ruled as a kingdom under the auspices of the Caliphate of Cordoba. The area was once occupied by the Greeks, some from Rhodes, reflected in the coastal resort of ‘Roses’ [Rodes] and a monastery [now a ruin] and church, perched high above Vilajuiga [town of Jews], dedicated to St. Pere de Rodes. The saracen from N. Africa also occupied this area. It may not have been an invasion, rather an integration of migrating families. The people of Catalonia, the Cathars, filtered north into Pyrenees Orientales and Langudoc, on the French side of the mountains. Langedoc, literally translates as ‘Language of ‘Oc’ [hidden place], suggests the language spoken in this region was different – neither French, nor Spanish, or both? Were there settlers from the East, maybe even from the Orient originally, and was the Catalan language, [basically Latin], the primary language from which both French and Spanish grew, or was it that it just didn’t change into modern French or Spanish, maintaining it’s unique quality still known as Catalan?

Of course it is Catholic country but it was also known as Cathar country, and the Cathars are remembered as a people whom the central Catholic administration in Rome called heretics. The Spanish [Catholic] Inquisition is well known – it was not just one occurrence but a continual process over many years, whereby the central administration from Rome questioned vigorously any individual or group that may be opposing or resisting its doctrines and authority.

Catalonia is ‘Cathalunya’. Here we have two root words: ‘cath’ and ‘lun’. Quite literally this could be presumed to be the land down below the mountains [Pyrenees], but the symbolic use of, and hidden knowledge in language suggests far more: the ‘inferior’ people’s place under the ‘Moon’, perhaps? [The word for land in French and Spanish is ‘Pays’, not ‘Lun’] The Moon, in esoteric terms, is the feminine, reflective, illusive and mysterious, or occult light, as opposed to the masculine, direct, inclusive light of the seen and known, of the Sun. The patriarchal, omnipotent Catholic Church in Rome would have opposed any feminine, mysterious and esoteric, or pagan influences. They would have sought out and eliminated any splinter group, or ‘underground’ movement, and may have seen it as inferior knowledge, perhaps. Was it simply that Catalonia, the home of the Cathars, was a place hidden under the setting sun, i.e. in the West, a dimly enlightened place, like the moon, far from the Solar Centre of the Roman Empire? [which would originally have been Byzantium – Constantinople, Istanbul, and then Rome.]

History, and written language, is passed down by those who record it, and at that time that would have been in Latin, the base language of Italian, Spanish, French and most of our English. Further back and Greek would have underpinned modern written language, and further back still, Hebrew and Arabic. The languages are still hidden in English, in commonly used words.

Our own personal biological history is recorded in our blood, in the DNA. For those who develop their intuition, or inner knowledge, there is an instinct, or inner reaction, to verbal rather than written history: knowing what feels right. The history of All Men is recorded, in some form, as a Universal Truth, which some call the ‘Akashic Records’. I am not here to tell that truth, only to present some clues hidden in the ‘Word’: the sounds, letters and words that are passed down for us to hear a truth.

If we string together the words above, highlighted in bold, we may have a sentence that describes the Catalonians, the Cathars – “The lowly people who live together in a place down there, entirely away from here [the centre of knowledge, the Central Command of the Catholic Church, the Solar Plexus of the Roman Empire, Greek Empire or Jerusalem]. A people who are disparaged by marrying inferiors, ignorant pagan peasants, heathen barbarians, or foreigners, mixed-bloods, not ‘of the faith’ and are now inferior, dishonoured and in disgrace, and are thus hence, [gone], living against [the Central Command of the Church] and are only a pale reflection and not answering to [Central Command] and downrightly intense in themselves, completely on their own.

This may have described them physically, as settlers who moved west, and mixed with settlers from other places, but by doing so they may have become a people in their own right, of their own mind, with their own way of life, their own spiritual practices, rituals, philosophy and belief. They may have had oriental, Greek or Arab blood, mixed with their European, French and Spanish blood.

Look at some other associations with the root word CATA, KATA, CAT and CATH…

Catholic – all-encompassing or universal. Catholic with a capital C – Unified Religion.

Catalogue – an all inclusive list, or register. Within the Cathar population there was an ‘Order’, which taught only to the local people in their homes. They had no church but they had members, initiates.

Katabatic – the descent of cold air down a slope, [the ‘tramuntana’ North wind from the Pyrenees Mountains]

Cataplexy – complete entrancement; suspended animation, feined death, – out of body experience?

Cathartic – purging, downwards. Purging with certain plant medicines causes healing and self-awareness. Cathartin is a bitter substance extracted from Senna.

It is possible that the Cathars, a rural, pagan folk, with knowledge of herbs and medicines from distant places, could have used herbs in a cleansing, purging, spiritual ritual, which would have been forbidden by the Roman Church because it would have induced spiritual enlightenment, individual religious experience and self-empowerment. Also herbs could be used to induce cataplectic reactions, pain relief, out-of-body experiences, lack of fear of death and belief in reincarnation. [All of the above would have been outlawed by the Roman Hierarchy to prevent individualism and to protect their power, enhanced by their installation of fear of death.] It is known that the Cathars had a ritual, performed only by the trained initiates, called the ‘Consummatiolatem’, commonly believed to give them the power to overcome the fear of death; [L. consummationem: supremely qualified, complete, accomplish, fulfil, perfect]. Many cultures around the world, people who have retained their knowledge of sacred plant medicine, have the antidote to any narrow religious dogma that incites fear. [Opiates, hallucinogens, psychotropes and purgeants].

It is recorded that all Cathar heretics were persecuted and silenced by execution [burning].

That is history, the lesson of which has been learnt, hopefully. Within the legacy of both the Cathars and others like them and the Church itself, in fact of all religions, there lies all the symbolic, esoteric knowledge that we need, and is still available for all to seek, witness, understand and be enlightened by. We know that it is not knowledge itself that is dangerous or wrong, only the mis-use of it.

Other words:

Cathay – old term for China; a Cathai’an, or Catai’an, man from China, scoundrel.

Catacomb – underground burial chambers

Catastrophe – the final event

Catharan – a purist

Catalysis – dissolution, ruin; a substance that causes a reaction

Catamenia – the moon cycle, menstruation.

chthonic \THONE-ik\, adjective:

Dwelling in or under the earth; also, pertaining to the underworld

“Driven by dæmonic, chthonic Powers.”
— T.S. Eliot

“The chthonic divinity was essentially a god of the regions under the earth; at first of the dark home of the seed, later on of the still darker home of the dead.”
— C. F. Keary

I recommend browsing for more insights….


The origins of all religions appear to be unanimous in the recognition, honouring and respect for the Mother/Father Creators, unified as One, to give birth to Life. The downfall of all religions arrives in the separation of the wisdom into either ‘this or that’, ‘male or female’, ‘right or wrong’, ‘mine or theirs’.

May the Right of all to think, speak, and act according to their own belief persist in Freedom – to Unite all, and to create Peace and Enlightenment for all. A’men. Namaste. Sh’al’om. A’dio’siao. May your God be with you. Pax e Lux. Mitakuye Oyasin. [please add more]

Wendy Salter

[original writing]

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*Happy New Light Year


earth rise

Happy New Light Year!

I mean it. I wish you a really Happy New Light Year.

When you wake up on the 1st January, 2009, it will be a very auspicious moment – to start the new day, the New Year and the next part of your life in the most brand-new way possible, with a real ‘light bulb’ moment of self-realisation.

And it is absolutely possible.

First of all, a little science.

In all that matters there is energy – a living, creating energy, full of life. This energy has a magnetism which attracts more energy. It is very attractive, in fact it is irresistible. When it is seen, it is the most beautiful thing. This magnetic energy attracts towards itself energy that is also very irresistible. When it is known, it is the most powerful thing. One type of energy appears to spiral downwards and as soon as it meets the other type of energy, which seems to spiral upwards, we can experience the effect that it has created.

Now, if the effect that has been created doesn’t feel, sound or look good, in the eye of the beholder, something is missing – the magnetic attraction. If something is the matter, it needs enlightening.

The up-spiralling energy contains information – in-form-ation. There is data in its form. The down-spiralling energy contains enlightenment – en-lighten-ment. There is power to turn on the light. As soon as light is shed on the data, we can see what is the matter.

Anything that feels uncomfortable in our lives needs a little light to make it known. When we can see it and understand it fully and consciously it is beautiful. When it is beautiful it is irresistibly attractive and we can love it. Giving love to the problem can switch on the light.

So, in this first moment, of the first day of the year, switch on the light. In every possible moment from then on seek to shed light on what you can’t see. Seek to understand what the discomfort is helping you to become aware of. Then, when you are fully conscious of it, you and the life you create will be the most powerful, beautiful thing. In this way you can heal your life and create the life of happiness that you seek.

The New Sun is starting to grow in strength, rising slowly on its path through the sky and lengthening the day – 2 minutes every day. That’s one hour a month. Imagine all that new light going into a light- bulb moment in your mind, and illuminating your life.

If you close your eyes, while you can see nothing, create a symbolic picture of a world full of light – for example, colours, music, warmth, friends, health, happiness and love. Consciously create the world you want to live in and then imagine it flowing into the world through you, until it is real. Then put it into action. Act in all those colours, sounds and friendliness and with love.

Happy New Light Year from

Wendy Salter

[original writing]



new enlightenment on the reality of the spiritual world we experience

*Winter Solstice


The Winter Solstice is the end of the year. It is when the Sun ‘dies’ and we experience it as the shortest day and longest night of the year.

Traditionally, for those who live according to the Laws of Nature, the death of the Sun is mourned, for it is the Source of Life. As the dark night passes, we can reflect on our inner nature, to seek those parts of us that need to die.

Old thoughts that no longer create good things in our lives, and the negative emotions that go with them, can slip away, having served their purpose. Old habits and negative behaviour can be discarded. The ‘rubbish’ of the inner self can be put out for re-cycling.

It is time to clean up the inner temple.

Imagine your inner temple as a vast sacred hall, lined with mirrors, reflecting the colours and light of your true nature. Imagine cleaning those mirrors, polishing them so that they shine in pristine beauty. Imagine sweeping the floors of your temple of all the dust and litter that may have collected there, to leave a clean open space in which to let your spirit dance. Imagine cleaning the chandeliers of light cascading from the heavenly blue ceiling of your temple, using the finest feather duster, to allow the colours of light to shine down on you while you dance.

Now imagine the music of your soul, vibrating through your inner temple, and see your spirit sway and move and be uplifted to its rhythms.

Now you are ready for the birth of the New Sun, the start of your New Year, the beginning of the next part of your journey. The New Sun arises from the horizon and you can rejoice, sing out loud, laugh and dance in the New Dawn.

The death of the Natural World has always been followed by the birth of the New World. As surely as day follows night, Spring follows Winter, Life follows Death. Look for the first flower of Spring – the snowdrop.

I wish you all Great Blessings for the New Year, and much happiness through the Christmas holiday.

Wendy Salter.

[original writing]


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