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Happy New Light Year!

I mean it. I wish you a really Happy New Light Year.

When you wake up on the 1st January, 2009, it will be a very auspicious moment – to start the new day, the New Year and the next part of your life in the most brand-new way possible, with a real ‘light bulb’ moment of self-realisation.

And it is absolutely possible.

First of all, a little science.

In all that matters there is energy – a living, creating energy, full of life. This energy has a magnetism which attracts more energy. It is very attractive, in fact it is irresistible. When it is seen, it is the most beautiful thing. This magnetic energy attracts towards itself energy that is also very irresistible. When it is known, it is the most powerful thing. One type of energy appears to spiral downwards and as soon as it meets the other type of energy, which seems to spiral upwards, we can experience the effect that it has created.

Now, if the effect that has been created doesn’t feel, sound or look good, in the eye of the beholder, something is missing – the magnetic attraction. If something is the matter, it needs enlightening.

The up-spiralling energy contains information – in-form-ation. There is data in its form. The down-spiralling energy contains enlightenment – en-lighten-ment. There is power to turn on the light. As soon as light is shed on the data, we can see what is the matter.

Anything that feels uncomfortable in our lives needs a little light to make it known. When we can see it and understand it fully and consciously it is beautiful. When it is beautiful it is irresistibly attractive and we can love it. Giving love to the problem can switch on the light.

So, in this first moment, of the first day of the year, switch on the light. In every possible moment from then on seek to shed light on what you can’t see. Seek to understand what the discomfort is helping you to become aware of. Then, when you are fully conscious of it, you and the life you create will be the most powerful, beautiful thing. In this way you can heal your life and create the life of happiness that you seek.

The New Sun is starting to grow in strength, rising slowly on its path through the sky and lengthening the day – 2 minutes every day. That’s one hour a month. Imagine all that new light going into a light- bulb moment in your mind, and illuminating your life.

If you close your eyes, while you can see nothing, create a symbolic picture of a world full of light – for example, colours, music, warmth, friends, health, happiness and love. Consciously create the world you want to live in and then imagine it flowing into the world through you, until it is real. Then put it into action. Act in all those colours, sounds and friendliness and with love.

Happy New Light Year from

Wendy Salter

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