*Dream Lake

Dream Lake

This is my dedication to the International Day of Peace, held on 21st Spetember,

initiated by ‘Peace One Day’, the inspiration of  Jeremy Gilley

I dreamed the dream

I envisioned it, wished it, wanted it

Brought it forth

Then grasped the day

I sought it,

Wrought it from my imagining;


Shoe set upon the track

This moment is my foothold

My creation.


Yearning water

A boat, afloat to drift

To breach the rift

‘Tween here and there

Alas, no permit given

Hopes riven

Never mind.

 Hear the water through the bird-call

See the water through willows tall

Fingers touching water, lightly leafed

Smell the water

Taste its presence.


Distant dazzling dancing diamonds

Catch the sunlight’s spirit nature

Cormorant finds perfect balance

On a buoy

Too far even for the lens to bring to focus

Yet my projected sight has it

Memory sealed, concealed, stolen for eternal joy.

 Deep drowning sky

Its shifting forms rippled

Drifting Galleon clouds

Perfect sailing day

Perfect lingering day

It’s mine, all mine,

I dreamed it.

 Every touch –

The peck of fish beneath

Zephyr’s kiss

A leaf fall

Brush of dragon-fly’s wing

Sends perfect circling ripples out;

Nearly imperceptible waves arrive

Like little blessings

Ever coming here (from where?)

Like thoughts rushing

Across the silvered reflection

My mind imitates.

 Black shadows, Valkyrie rooks,

Play in tree-top vortices

Reflected shards

Refracted rays

Sun’s swords of Light

Pierce and wound

And scrape my optic nerve

Intrusion on my introversion.

 Every second steals a moment

Heaven brought to Earth

Sky on water’s mirror

Refuses adamantly

To freeze time like a camera’s snap 

A moment shot and killed

Deprived of its ever-changing skills;

My skill

To stay statuesque

Like cormorant on buoy

While sylph and sprite and brown trout play

Because this is my day

I dreamed it.

 Buzzards circles sweep

Minnows flick in shallows

Long-tailed tits tweet in willows

Great-crested grebe, red butterfly

Hercules heron’s sweet surprise

And amethyst autumn croci

I look, I see

They come to me.

 Intruding gust disturbs the deep

But not my peace

Too perfect to deflect it

Sun’s warming Love protects it

This is my wish

I dreamed it.

 Original words and personal photos of Wendy Salter




2012 is going to happen in 3 years  :-z

What is going to happen? :-0

What are your fears and dreams of the future?  :-((     :-))

Here are a few prophets and signs to explore, in no particular order of importance, relevance, or truth :>)

Nostradamus; Edgar Cayce; Sybil, the oracle of Delphi; Merlin, Celtic wizard; Mother Shipton, Yorkshire seer; John the Divine of Paphos, Revelations, the Christian Bible; Black Elk, Sioux visionary; Saint Birgitta; Mayan Calendar; Wiki, on the Apocolypse; Geoff Stray, ‘The End of the World as You Know It’; St. Malachy; Hopi Prophecies; I-Ching, Chinese Oracle; the Koran; Einstein, the polar shift; NASA, Sun-Spot activity and Planet X or Nibiru, the brown planet; Kuthumi, Ascended Master; Web Bot, the World Wide Web; Jeremiah, the Prophet; the Torah; crop circles (Apologies to anyone I have left out.)

Collectively they have predicted the following [not me] :~((

An Apocalypse of the planet and humanity by… a Galactic Alignment?; the arrival of a comet which will implode the Earth?; a mysterious planet coming close which will pull us out of our orbit?; a polar shift?; a tilt of the Earth’s axis?; moving into a Photon Belt?; a Harmonic Convergence?; and a shift in human consciousness?…

which may cause?…possibly…a complete breakdown of electrical systems, telecommunications and social order; massive weather changes including floods, droughts and high winds; earth disruptions including quakes, eruptions and tsunami; boiling seas, melting ice-caps; terrible wars; disease in epidemics and plagues; persecution of any religious believer; separation through fear and hatred; solar storms and red skies; two moons or two suns; famine, human suffering; nuclear threats; terror attacks, both small and large scale, etc. (Apologies if I have forgotten something)

So what’s new, you may ask  :-(?)

Have all the prophecies not been coming true for decades, centuries even? Is it all doom and gloom or is there light at the end of the tunnel?  :-)(

The general theory is that at this particular time, all these upheavals will be intensified  and be the direct result of a rare and catastrophic, or miraculous event. And there you have it. Anyone interested in this subject will fall into one of three categories:

  1. one of positivity that this is where those who have been enlightened will ascend and be saved :~))
  2. one of negativity in the belief that this is the end of the world }:<((
  3. one of confusion }:~s

BUT – if all the above is predicting a period of re-alignment in our galaxy, passing through a belt of Light and regeneration, we can expect upheavals BUT in a way that could bring enlightenment; a falling away of what is disused, decaying and dead; a chance to begin again, start afresh as the phoenix rises from the ashes; to build a new life in a new way, with an understanding of the Law of Creation, in peace, love and harmony.

Immediately after reading that, I hope that you will be thinking that you, your loved ones and the Earth are those who are in with a chance of survival, on any level.

If – the ‘Event‘ predicted for 2012 is going to throw the world into chaos,

how you think, and act, from what you believe will make all the difference ~:-|

Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, it will be down to you to behave in the best way possible. As in any severe condition, those who already have a strong survival instinct, and skills to match, will have a distinct advantage. It may not be about having more money, property, position, power and material things, but more about having more flexibility, ability to be adaptable, inventiveness, intuition, willingness to act or work for what you need and do without that which is not important. It may be a time to re-evaluate our lives, singly, and collectively, and think more carefully about the future.

Whether the chaos predicted is social, political, financial, health-related, climatic, geological, global, galactic, or spiritual, your preparation needs to be in self-reliance, self-responsibility and self-sufficiency. A well-trained mind that can focus and think clearly, an ability to stay calm and be fearless and a willingness to work well and help each other, will bring good results. For many people, their spiritual well-being is paramount.

I recommend that you continue your good practices, increase your skills or at least get started :~)

Looking back over what we know from history, it is easy to see that this is not the first time we have experienced a major cataclysm. We cannot stop changes, big or small, because it is within Nature – in cyclic changes – that evolution happens.

Resistance, denial and fear are the elements that cause pain and suffering. Acceptance, understanding and trust are the elements that generate the creative process.

May your God be with you, in Peace, Love and Light.

Wendy Salter

[original writing. Information quoted not necessarily parallel with my reality]

Links to interesting info:-

*Talking of Peace, saunter over to Peace One day on

*For any science-literate types, study Global Warming and Nuclear Hazards by Peter Fong at http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=0sI11HYlJzcC and click on preview, or buy it. It is a good counter argument for environmental myths.

*For the spiritually convinced, astral travel to http://www.thelightweaver.org/ (channelings)

*For an astronomical approach aim your telescope at The Daily Galaxy, especially http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2007/07/the-milky-way-c.html and http://www.dailygalaxy.com/myweblog/2008/11/the-vanishing-s.html (sunspots)

Let me know if you find anything else interesting and email me at

wendy@wendysalter.com Cheers!

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