*Approaching 2012 and Beyond and a Planet called HOME

At the risk of getting 2012’ed out, I offer another extremely informative addition to what we know to date in the video posted below – An Interview with Geoff Stray.

Also one of the most poignant full feature films I have seen about Planet Earth, called ‘HOME‘, should, I feel, be watched by everyone at this point in time – http://youtu.be/jqxENMKaeCU (You Tube Free films)

Next year is getting a lot of press coverage for a reason – because of its historical, astronomical, astrological and cosmic importance – and therefore it is crucial that we on our little planet understand it and prepare for it as much as we are able. There are those for whom 2012 is just not on the radar screen. Many who are aware of its significance either feel it is so vast a subject and open to so much speculation that they switch off and say ‘que sera, sera’. But if we wish, we can go into this experience with both eyes wide open and experience something phenomenal. There is always something more that we can do and it seems that being conscious, or not, is the foundation of whether it is a positive experience, or not.
To date, the extent of world knowledge has been streamed through academia (state controlled), science, religion and archaeology; it has been lost, burned, deliberately hidden or distorted, censored and limited. Until knowledge brought forward by the spiritual channels, the psychic senses, the free-consciousness and expansive mind explorations (out-of-body experiences or OBEs), psychotropic plant teachers, and dreaming, or journeying, is accepted as real and relevant, we entrap ourselves in this 3-dimensional physical world that we seem to be bent on destroying. Great seers and sages through the ages, even when persecuted for being heretics, sacrilegious, traitors to the state or madmen, have brought into this world new ideas, new knowledge and new perspectives – even new technologies – without which we would never have progressed – and in most cases through nothing more weird than a dream. It is imperative that we have the courage to think beyond the known, the mundane and the involving self-destructive behaviour we have thus far adopted.
It is time to acknowledge the non-physical and invisible (to most) dimensions of life. It is time to break free of our self-limiting, self-destructive negative thought processes and behavioural patterns, and open our minds.
To continue to ravage this planet to satisfy the greedy lust for hedonistic pleasure and comfort without any regard for the future, is to kill the very host we live on – to trample on our garden that provides our homes and food and to foul our own back-yard. To continue to war with each other is absolute madness. How killing our fellow human ever became acceptable as a part of ‘civilisation’, I will never understand. How we can turn a blind eye to the damage we do to man, our children and elders, the birds and beasts, the plant kingdom, medicines and forests, and oceans with no care or conscience, is beyond belief. And so I urge every one of us to ask the simple question –
“What is 2012 asking of us?”

Wendy Salter (original writing)

Geoff Stray found his calling when he discovered that two different sources to the ‘end date’ – 2012 – came from opposite sides of the world – or at least the Pacific Ocean – Mexico and China. It was Terrance McKenna who had discovered the incredible ninth wave in both the Mayan Calendar and the I-Ching when he received psychic communication during a psychotropic plant experience. Geoff takes up the story and delves into the evidence.

I also recommend anything on Graham Hancock’s site http://www.grahamhancock.com and GrahamHancockDotCom on YouTube


*Terence McKenna’s vision of 2012

It seems that once a new idea hits the mental fan of humanity, the thought-waves produced emit an energy-wave that has to go somewhere – as all energy is in motion.

In Terence McKenna’s video, here, he poses his extraordinary theory of how the I-Ching is a mirror-image of the peaks and troughs of a time-line of our known history over the last 4000 years.

Terence, who died in 2000, had an extra-visionary perception of how the mind and the cosmic universe work in tandem. His radical suggestions of how the unprecedented leap in human consciousness and knowledge may be attributed to the introduction of psychotropic plants in Man’s diet, tens of thousands of years ago. Rather than the effect of this being a psychadelic skew on reality, his personal experiences seem to prove that these plants allowed an expansion of the human perception. Terence’s own mind was far from being ‘askew’. He was, in my opinion, one of the genii of our time.

With this in mind, one wonders what both the modern diet of energy-dead food and chemical drugs will do to our mental capacities. How do we keep an open mind, ever expanding with new wisdom and understanding of the world we live in, while dealing with mal-nutrition and pollution?

One answer may be that now that the human mind has already opened into consciousness, and brought imagination and inquisitiveness through the dark ages, we can proceed with an intention and will to reach further horizons of knowledge. This ability to think beyond mundane thought, without fear, is commonly called the greater consciousness. Space travel, Time-travel and Cosmic communications may not be done with nuts and bolts technology after all – it may be an inner, personal – and very real – experience.

Robert Monroe experienced just this.


2012 is going to happen in 3 years  :-z

What is going to happen? :-0

What are your fears and dreams of the future?  :-((     :-))

Here are a few prophets and signs to explore, in no particular order of importance, relevance, or truth :>)

Nostradamus; Edgar Cayce; Sybil, the oracle of Delphi; Merlin, Celtic wizard; Mother Shipton, Yorkshire seer; John the Divine of Paphos, Revelations, the Christian Bible; Black Elk, Sioux visionary; Saint Birgitta; Mayan Calendar; Wiki, on the Apocolypse; Geoff Stray, ‘The End of the World as You Know It’; St. Malachy; Hopi Prophecies; I-Ching, Chinese Oracle; the Koran; Einstein, the polar shift; NASA, Sun-Spot activity and Planet X or Nibiru, the brown planet; Kuthumi, Ascended Master; Web Bot, the World Wide Web; Jeremiah, the Prophet; the Torah; crop circles (Apologies to anyone I have left out.)

Collectively they have predicted the following [not me] :~((

An Apocalypse of the planet and humanity by… a Galactic Alignment?; the arrival of a comet which will implode the Earth?; a mysterious planet coming close which will pull us out of our orbit?; a polar shift?; a tilt of the Earth’s axis?; moving into a Photon Belt?; a Harmonic Convergence?; and a shift in human consciousness?…

which may cause?…possibly…a complete breakdown of electrical systems, telecommunications and social order; massive weather changes including floods, droughts and high winds; earth disruptions including quakes, eruptions and tsunami; boiling seas, melting ice-caps; terrible wars; disease in epidemics and plagues; persecution of any religious believer; separation through fear and hatred; solar storms and red skies; two moons or two suns; famine, human suffering; nuclear threats; terror attacks, both small and large scale, etc. (Apologies if I have forgotten something)

So what’s new, you may ask  :-(?)

Have all the prophecies not been coming true for decades, centuries even? Is it all doom and gloom or is there light at the end of the tunnel?  :-)(

The general theory is that at this particular time, all these upheavals will be intensified  and be the direct result of a rare and catastrophic, or miraculous event. And there you have it. Anyone interested in this subject will fall into one of three categories:

  1. one of positivity that this is where those who have been enlightened will ascend and be saved :~))
  2. one of negativity in the belief that this is the end of the world }:<((
  3. one of confusion }:~s

BUT – if all the above is predicting a period of re-alignment in our galaxy, passing through a belt of Light and regeneration, we can expect upheavals BUT in a way that could bring enlightenment; a falling away of what is disused, decaying and dead; a chance to begin again, start afresh as the phoenix rises from the ashes; to build a new life in a new way, with an understanding of the Law of Creation, in peace, love and harmony.

Immediately after reading that, I hope that you will be thinking that you, your loved ones and the Earth are those who are in with a chance of survival, on any level.

If – the ‘Event‘ predicted for 2012 is going to throw the world into chaos,

how you think, and act, from what you believe will make all the difference ~:-|

Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, it will be down to you to behave in the best way possible. As in any severe condition, those who already have a strong survival instinct, and skills to match, will have a distinct advantage. It may not be about having more money, property, position, power and material things, but more about having more flexibility, ability to be adaptable, inventiveness, intuition, willingness to act or work for what you need and do without that which is not important. It may be a time to re-evaluate our lives, singly, and collectively, and think more carefully about the future.

Whether the chaos predicted is social, political, financial, health-related, climatic, geological, global, galactic, or spiritual, your preparation needs to be in self-reliance, self-responsibility and self-sufficiency. A well-trained mind that can focus and think clearly, an ability to stay calm and be fearless and a willingness to work well and help each other, will bring good results. For many people, their spiritual well-being is paramount.

I recommend that you continue your good practices, increase your skills or at least get started :~)

Looking back over what we know from history, it is easy to see that this is not the first time we have experienced a major cataclysm. We cannot stop changes, big or small, because it is within Nature – in cyclic changes – that evolution happens.

Resistance, denial and fear are the elements that cause pain and suffering. Acceptance, understanding and trust are the elements that generate the creative process.

May your God be with you, in Peace, Love and Light.

Wendy Salter

[original writing. Information quoted not necessarily parallel with my reality]

Links to interesting info:-

*Talking of Peace, saunter over to Peace One day on

*For any science-literate types, study Global Warming and Nuclear Hazards by Peter Fong at http://books.google.co.uk/books?id=0sI11HYlJzcC and click on preview, or buy it. It is a good counter argument for environmental myths.

*For the spiritually convinced, astral travel to http://www.thelightweaver.org/ (channelings)

*For an astronomical approach aim your telescope at The Daily Galaxy, especially http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2007/07/the-milky-way-c.html and http://www.dailygalaxy.com/myweblog/2008/11/the-vanishing-s.html (sunspots)

Let me know if you find anything else interesting and email me at

wendy@wendysalter.com Cheers!

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