*’Easter’ or not?

‘Easter’ or not?animbunnyhatch

In England, we are so entrenched in our ‘Church of England’- Christian – festivals, we live through the year observing these old rituals regardless of whether we are active within that religion or not.eastercross

Easter‘, within the church, is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixtion, and his ascension into Heaven. The word ‘east-er’ appears to have been adopted from older words but to emphasise the East.

Oestrus‘ time is a fundamental natural phenomenon of fertility. This is the time when the Earth, March in the Northern hemisphere, gets fertile, pregnant, and creates life anew.

‘Austronis a goddess of fertility and the spring sunrise. The spring equinox is celebrated, as the sun-god returns to consummate the marriage between heaven and earth in the creation of new life.

stonehengeOutdoors. Some years ago I walked from Stonehenge to Lyme Regis, a distance of about 100 miles, along the Wessex Ridge Path. It was a leisurely stroll over 10 days, between May 1st and 10th, and what I remember of that time was the emerging living world – the freshness of the air, the aromas, the birdsong, the sunlight. There was an unusually early heat-wave and I walked in shorts and T-shirt, with my labrador ‘Lucky’. I was very happy.

The mornings started with heavy dew on the grass and the skylarks above, singing their hearts out. At noon, when the sun was quite hot, I rested under sweet pine and fresh, green beech and oak trees on a carpet of bluebells, eating my snack. Each evening I walked towards the setting sun with blackbirds singing the last song of the day.

Beltane, May 1st, is the time of the old pagan fire festival, which is celebrated with various rituals, including processions, the May Queen, erecting the Maypole, large bonfires and singing and dancing, in fact , a lot of revelry, to welcome the mating time.

Gardening. When Mother Earth wakes up, us gardeners only come indoors to sleep. So much to do! As my Dad used to say – ‘Those seeds won’t grow in the packet!’. My friend Tony has two hens. Doris and Mable, who give him an egg a day. These are the joys of life.hens

The cuckoo arrives…

In April he opens his bill

In May he decides to stay

In June he changes his tune

In July he prepares to fly

In August, away he must….

rabbitsAnd rabbits? Well, we know what rabbits are extremely good at! And mad March hares? The image of hares boxing shows the females warning off the males when they are not ready to mate.

What about chocolate?

Chocolate can effect the brain by causing the release of certain neuro-transmitters, the increase of which can impact our mood. Happy neuro-transmitters such as endomorphins can help to release stress and lead to feelings of euphoria.Easter Cake

Seratonin- known as an anti-depressant.

Phenylethylamine – called the ‘love drug’ because it raises the pulse rate, like when someone is in love.

Anandamide – can give feelings of well-being. (from the Sanskrit word for ‘bliss’)

Theobromine – can lead to mental and physical relaxation. (from the Greek meaning ‘food of the gods’)

NB. Many animals can be killed by the chemicals in chocolate. Theobromine in particular does not metabolize in other animals such as dogs and horses.

NB. Is chocolate addictive? Most scientists seem to agree that chocolate is not addictive. Some say that chocolate has a kind of placebo effect.

So chocolate eggs and bunnies, chicks and daffodils, celebration and happiness, love and procreation, are all in there to be enjoyed.

To return briefly to the religious story of the Christ on the Cross and his resurrection; there is a direct parallel to the metaphorical death of life with the low sun at the winter solstice, and the resurrection of the sun towards the spring equinox, which is easy to see. ascension

And the Ascension? If the cycle of life perpetuates our physical existence, one may ask ‘to what end?’ As man’s consciousness ‘rises’ from earthly concerns to more spiritual ones, his perception of life changes, perhaps to seek the answers of what lies beyond. The fifth element is ‘ether’. Earth, water, air, fire and ether.Can we ascend fully into an etheric existence beyond the physical domain, consciously?

Love Life, Live Love!

Wendy Salter





When I look up into the blue sky I feel something extraordinary. I feel a rising of my spirit. I can feel it physically in my chest like a bubble and very often it brings a smile to my lips and small tears into my eyes. It’s not like crying when I’m sad. It’s like something wells up inside me and overflows.

I love the blue sky and I miss it terribly when it is stolen by the blanket cloud that moves over it sometimes. I can remember the first time I went up in an aeroplane, I was petrified and thought I’d never get in the thing, but when we took off and lifted up through the clouds I fell in love with flying forever. Going through the clouds was like being lost in a fog. It looked cold and dismal and floated past the windows like a faceless ghost. Then suddenly we came out above them and the sky was perfectly blue. It was heavenly.

I peered through the little port-hole window and looked as far as I could see in every direction. The blue sky was everywhere, untainted and empty and vast. Far below was the blanket of clouds that now looked like a sea of cotton-wool balls and the earth had disappeared. I had ascended and gone into Heaven, along with a hundred or so other people who were flying to Stockholm.

I am not a child living in a fairy-book fantasy. I am a grown-up, a grandmother. I have a simple belief, and that is this: I believe that the world around us, all the things we see, hear, feel, observe, and know to happen in a physical way also happen in another way, that is not physical. I believe that there is an alternative life that is very similar to the physical life but is different in that we cannot see, hear, feel or observe it with our physical senses. It is only detectable with our 6th sense, or ‘spirit’.

When the aeroplane was flying through the air, I could see the way the sun lit up everything. Up there in my blue Heaven the only thing that was there was the sun. I couldn’t stay there though and after a while the aeroplane started to descend. It brought us all back down through the clouds and then I could see the earth below. Slowly, more and more came into view and I could see the landscape, then fields and towns, then houses and finally, when we touched down and taxied into the airport, I could see other people.

Whenever it is a dull dark day I remember how the sky above the clouds is always blue, and up there the sun always shines, unless I am on the other side of the world. There, on the other side, the sun is hidden from view and the sky is perpetual darkness, except for the stars. The stars fill the Heavens with a myriad of little lights. We can’t see the stars in the daytime, when the sun is so bright it fills the world with its light. But at night, when the sun is absent we can see the stars.

What does this tell me about ascending to Heaven? It tells me that it is a place where we can get a different view on life. We can see how the world is, in relation to everything else. The world and the planets, the moon and the sun are all moving around each other in a cosmic dance and we can observe it. We can see things that are enlightened but we can’t see things that are in the dark. But the stars give us a glimmer of hope. We can watch in wonder at things and try to understand. It is all there. The world we can see and the world we can’t see.

Everything that moves is moved by something you can’t see. Think about it. Every single thing that vibrates with life, that circles around and changes in time is motivated, moved, enlivened by …something you can’t see. But we can see the effect of this something that moves in everything, and when we ascend we can see it more clearly.

The worst time is when we are lost in a fog. We can’t see where we are going and we can’t see anything that can give us a perspective on things. It can feel quite frightening and we have to trust that the pilot knows how to take us through the fog in the right direction. On earth it can feel quite depressing when we can’t see the heavenly blue sky and there is no sun, and even the stars cannot be seen to give us hope. We then have to have faith that the clouds will pass, the winds of change will come and blow them away and then the sun will shine again and the stars will come out at night.

Our relationship to the sun in particular is paramount in our understanding of our relationship with light, especially the unseen light. The blue sky is only blue to us down here because of our unique atmosphere, yet the colour we see is important because the colour is an energy that affects us. It helps us to be happy. The moon, too, helps us understand and remember the cycles of time. And the stars, well if the stars weren’t there for us to wish upon, we’d have no hope. So the sun, sky, moon and stars represent a non-earthly component to the physical world that we live in. The rest is down here, where we put our feet. Non-earthly things we call spiritual. The virtual world of spirit is for us to know about but not touch, because it’s far away. Or is it?

Sunlight, the radiations from it, the warmth and light, give all living things what they need to grow. Without the sun we would be nothing. The blue sky helps us to feel happy because we can see the great ‘out there’ and then we don’t feel alone. The moon comes around like a true friend, with regularity and helps us remember we are going somewhere. Because it changes its appearance in cycles, we can see how time is progressing, and how we must be progressing, too. And the stars, there are so many of them, they seem like a token of all that has been and all that can be, places we can visit in our dreams, places for the imagination to be inspired.

Look around you and notice the living things on earth that respond in different ways to the things ‘above’ us. Animals look down, towards the earth. Even the birds that fly in the sky look down. Fish hide, protected, in the waters. Insects hide, protected under leaves, debris or the earth. But people, some people, look up. Those of us who look up are different to those who are mostly looking down. Those who look up aspire to something beyond the physical world. They dream, gaze into space for inspiration. They think a lot and wonder at the greater picture. They are connecting to something that is greater than ‘where’s dinner?’ or ‘where’s bed?’ or ‘where’s my mate?

While we are looking up, rising above the mundane, connecting to ‘Spirit’, dwelling on higher matters, ascending towards Heaven, it is really important to remember one thing. Our connection to Earth, the planet we call home is more important than just providing for our bodies. By lifting our thoughts, our imagination and our learning to higher things, we are raising our spirits for an important reason. That is, to bring that enlightenment to Earth. And for that reason we need to keep our connection to Earth by having deep roots that go right to the core of the planet. This way we, as individuals, and collectively as a human soul group, will ascend together with Earth. We will travel as on a space ship towards a higher world, where life is similar, but different in that it is as yet unseen. Heaven is all around us, around Earth, but the Light of the Living Sun will love us and give us life, both seen and unseen, until we re-unite.

I believe we are on our way. We have started the journey home and everyone who can incarnate from the human soul group has done so. We are all on board and heading back. Some will get there before others as we start to become less physical and integrate into the unseen version of life. Those who get there first will not be the winners, or the losers, because we will work together as we have always done, because we are not separated. We have to help each other. We have to work as a team, not in competition, not some exploiting others for their own benefit. It’s not a matter of the wealthy few getting an easier trip, because those who have nothing will have nothing to lose. Anything physical gained in this, the physical world, cannot go into the unseen world. Nothing except our own soul, the spirit that has come to drive the body of our choice, will pass through the transformation into spirit. All matter will disintegrate into its energy form once again, until we are the love and light that we started as, once more. All physical attachments are just baggage that will weigh us down. Release the attachment to these things and the journey for you will become easier and more enjoyable.

Imagine going through an airport check-in with nothing to hold, not even a boarding pass, or passport. With nothing to carry you, your-self, will be the passport and you will glide effortlessly to your first-class seat. Effortlessly you, along with a couple of hundred or so other good folk, together in groups, will lift effortlessly into the air, with no air-con, no duty-free sales, no cramped legs or safety belts, no over-head luggage racks, no safety exit routine, no plastic lunch pack, just a pilot and a couple of stewards to be there for you. Then off you will go, up through the clouds, through the fog of fear and confusion, and out into the wild blue yonder, the heavenly blue sky, towards the sun.

And when you look back, just for a second, you will see that there are others, millions and millions of others, all coming along for the ride, even the Earth itself!

Wendy Salter

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