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Published on March 13, 2008 at 12:16 pm  Comments (8)  

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  1. Hello Nanny .. Why does it say NOTHING about your 3 AMAZING grandchildren Could you pleaseeeeee put them on and put our names on as well 😀 ??

  2. Of course, I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the three angels in my life to show me the way. Alyce, 12 Chloe, 13 today and Aidan, 10, ARE the FUTURE we HAVE to protect and it is for them that we MUST change things for the better.Thanks twilightbabes, XXX

  3. “Over the next 4 years I had 7 of the ‘top ten traumas’ and plummeted into an emotional breakdown.”
    To be able to overcome all these and be able to lead such beautiful life…is very very encouraging to all.
    Any chance of visiting India? I have been facing such traumas since my childhood, early father death, grandfather, grandma, lunatic mother,no family lief.. and still have survived, but after lost my angel , cute and lovely son of 23 an year ago, have lost joy of life..
    Still living and trying to support the elder son who is of low IQ…as God’s gift..ravi

  4. “may your working with the spiritual energy field around our bodies empower us to experience sacred moments of encounter that allow us to become fully present in the moment. sacred moments where we are not something other than the all that is, where we are completely integrated with all that is.

    may your expertise in re-alignment of the spirit/body connection inspire us to becoming totally present in all interactions.

    please share more about your dreams and visions


  5. how pleased to learn more about your person.
    your passion for writing is a vector of knowledge.


  6. Wendy ,
    thank you very much fo invited me to your home here
    it is beautiful place
    i am going to discover it now

  7. I’m not the kind of person that usually reads blogs, but I was bored and identified my way to your web site. You seem like a rather intriguing individual and I’m pleased to have discovered your part of the net.

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