*’Easter’ or not?

‘Easter’ or not?animbunnyhatch

In England, we are so entrenched in our ‘Church of England’- Christian – festivals, we live through the year observing these old rituals regardless of whether we are active within that religion or not.eastercross

Easter‘, within the church, is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixtion, and his ascension into Heaven. The word ‘east-er’ appears to have been adopted from older words but to emphasise the East.

Oestrus‘ time is a fundamental natural phenomenon of fertility. This is the time when the Earth, March in the Northern hemisphere, gets fertile, pregnant, and creates life anew.

‘Austronis a goddess of fertility and the spring sunrise. The spring equinox is celebrated, as the sun-god returns to consummate the marriage between heaven and earth in the creation of new life.

stonehengeOutdoors. Some years ago I walked from Stonehenge to Lyme Regis, a distance of about 100 miles, along the Wessex Ridge Path. It was a leisurely stroll over 10 days, between May 1st and 10th, and what I remember of that time was the emerging living world – the freshness of the air, the aromas, the birdsong, the sunlight. There was an unusually early heat-wave and I walked in shorts and T-shirt, with my labrador ‘Lucky’. I was very happy.

The mornings started with heavy dew on the grass and the skylarks above, singing their hearts out. At noon, when the sun was quite hot, I rested under sweet pine and fresh, green beech and oak trees on a carpet of bluebells, eating my snack. Each evening I walked towards the setting sun with blackbirds singing the last song of the day.

Beltane, May 1st, is the time of the old pagan fire festival, which is celebrated with various rituals, including processions, the May Queen, erecting the Maypole, large bonfires and singing and dancing, in fact , a lot of revelry, to welcome the mating time.

Gardening. When Mother Earth wakes up, us gardeners only come indoors to sleep. So much to do! As my Dad used to say – ‘Those seeds won’t grow in the packet!’. My friend Tony has two hens. Doris and Mable, who give him an egg a day. These are the joys of life.hens

The cuckoo arrives…

In April he opens his bill

In May he decides to stay

In June he changes his tune

In July he prepares to fly

In August, away he must….

rabbitsAnd rabbits? Well, we know what rabbits are extremely good at! And mad March hares? The image of hares boxing shows the females warning off the males when they are not ready to mate.

What about chocolate?

Chocolate can effect the brain by causing the release of certain neuro-transmitters, the increase of which can impact our mood. Happy neuro-transmitters such as endomorphins can help to release stress and lead to feelings of euphoria.Easter Cake

Seratonin- known as an anti-depressant.

Phenylethylamine – called the ‘love drug’ because it raises the pulse rate, like when someone is in love.

Anandamide – can give feelings of well-being. (from the Sanskrit word for ‘bliss’)

Theobromine – can lead to mental and physical relaxation. (from the Greek meaning ‘food of the gods’)

NB. Many animals can be killed by the chemicals in chocolate. Theobromine in particular does not metabolize in other animals such as dogs and horses.

NB. Is chocolate addictive? Most scientists seem to agree that chocolate is not addictive. Some say that chocolate has a kind of placebo effect.

So chocolate eggs and bunnies, chicks and daffodils, celebration and happiness, love and procreation, are all in there to be enjoyed.

To return briefly to the religious story of the Christ on the Cross and his resurrection; there is a direct parallel to the metaphorical death of life with the low sun at the winter solstice, and the resurrection of the sun towards the spring equinox, which is easy to see. ascension

And the Ascension? If the cycle of life perpetuates our physical existence, one may ask ‘to what end?’ As man’s consciousness ‘rises’ from earthly concerns to more spiritual ones, his perception of life changes, perhaps to seek the answers of what lies beyond. The fifth element is ‘ether’. Earth, water, air, fire and ether.Can we ascend fully into an etheric existence beyond the physical domain, consciously?

Love Life, Live Love!

Wendy Salter



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  1. It certainly is a happy and joyous day and I have great pity and sympathy for those who don’t recognize it for what it is: rebirth. The Jews have had their Passover during our Holy Week. This was a happy feast day for them.

    I hope you are well and enjoying the beginning of spring when the world and hopefully its people are renewing the joy of being alive.


    Florence (the singer………..), CT, USA

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