*Communication with the Unseen

Probably the most important aspect of human nature is communication. We can talk. We can convey to another, or many others, what we think and how we feel. Speech, and the ability to write, makes us unique amongst the living creatures in this world. Speech is externalised thoughts.

But we can also communicate without speech. Our body language, facial expression, stance, appearance, the colours and clothes we wear, the body chemicals we emanate and invisible electro-magnetic impulses radiating from us all convey ‘messages’, subtle information from one to another. Telepathy is communicating without speech and is just as effective. We convey our thoughts all the time, subliminally, and those we think about will receive our thoughts, subliminally.

If, for any reason, there is a limitation in how, when or how much we can communicate to others, a certain angst occurs in us human beings. There appears to be some emotional and mental satisfaction and benefit in communicating with others. Those imprisoned, in solitude, silenced, misinterpreted, or without the faculty of speech are inhibited and frustrated in their need to communicate.

Some humans find it difficult to communicate, not necessarily in the function of communication, but in the quality and content of their communication. Early learning difficulties, language barriers, intelligence differences, disturbed thinking and crossed wires can prevent healthy and productive communication.

Communication can be a tool, used to benefit everyone as in sharing knowledge, or maliciously as in spreading gossip or propaganda. I can remember a time at school when everyone in my group knew a secret except me. I felt left out, and decidedly unloved. As soon as I learned the secret I felt relieved, included, enlightened and empowered. Sharing knowledge helps us to work as a collective, towards a common aim and for the good of the community.

Political edicts should be a good thing so that we can all follow the same rules and know where we stand. But when used to further the personal interests of a few, they can be misleading and disruptive. A good leader needs to speak out clearly to the public ear and inspire others to live in harmony. A dictatorial tyrant will incite mass hysteria and cause unrest, fear and confusion, for their own hidden agenda.

Communicating with another human being is something we do pretty much without too much effort; we don’t need to analyse the workings of thought and speech. But what about communing with someone who is not with you physically? How do we ‘talk’ to someone whom we cannot see. Of course, we do this easily on the phone or by letter or email, but that’s because we know, and believe without question, that the person we are talking to is alive, even if we can’t see them.

So, to communicate with the Unseen, the discarnate, non-earthly beings on any level of existence, requires a belief that they exist, even though we cannot see them or hear them. We need to be able to imagine them in some form, usually a mental image of this ethereal being, or a feeling of what it would be like if they were there with us. Some people can ‘see’ or ‘hear’ other non-physical beings and can communicate easily. For the rest, it is not so easy.

In the physical world, if we wanted to communicate with, say, the Queen and we could not have a private audience with her, we could ask someone to mediate, take our message to Her Majesty for us and they would convey her reply back to us.

There are those who mediate with the Unseen in exactly the same way. Those who find it easy to communicate with the Unseen can carry messages and receive answers for us. The important aspect of this is that we need to have a ‘blind faith’ in who we are sending messages to and also to trust the messenger.

Learning to communicate with the Unseen is not really very difficult. First you will need to overcome any thoughts that you may be going mad by talking to someone who is not there. You will need to form a strong image or feeling of the ‘person’ you wish to talk to. Remember what we tell children: ‘Don’t talk to strangers’. Think about who would be good to talk to; who could help you? You wouldn’t ask for help, knowledge or directions from an ignorant or malicious person here on earth, so follow the same rule with the Unseen.

Perhaps you would like to talk to a scientist and you think Einstein would be a good person to talk to. ‘Why not talk to a living scientist?’ you may ask. Living people are restricted in their view of the world. We are all conditioned by the physical limitations of the world around us. When we are seeking new knowledge, or a Higher aspect of something, we need to appeal to those outside these physical restrictions; someone who has been enlightened by a Higher Knowledge.

The next step, after formulating your question is to learn to listen. We cannot receive our answers unless we can ‘hear’ and that is a matter of trusting and accepting what comes to you. This form of communication requires practice but in a short time you will find the benefits. Keep your first questions simple to start with, and personal so that you can test out the answers. Then upgrade to something more specific or important.

When you are communicating with the Unseen for guidance, use your own words, or thoughts, in a way that is natural to you. Then, when you receive the answer, it will be in a form that is easy for you to understand. If you are English and read a German prayer, for example, you may get a German reply and not understand it!

And remember to say ‘Thank You’. Those in the Unseen world want to help us and just like us, they like good manners. When we finish a letter we end by writing, ‘With Best Wishes’, or ‘With Love from…’ and when we get a reply it makes us feel good. A reply letter would start, ‘Thank you for your reply,’ These are simple but effective rules when communicating. You could also try writing your communication, asking your question, and then holding your pen ready to write whatever pops into your head or moves your hand. Read it as though someone else has just written it.

If you don’t get a reply straight away, don’t worry. You may get it like a ‘download’ later, while doing something mundane like washing up. Sometimes the answer will come while you are asleep and you will ‘get it’ when you wake up.You may get a name, maybe someone you know or not, but not always. Sometimes the reply will be from ‘Us’, more than one Being.

If you don’t like the reply, or it makes you feel afraid, worried, unhappy or ‘spooked’, stop. You have just communicated with the wrong person. You have got the ‘wrong number’. Leave it for a while, do something completely different and try at a later date. Start by calling upon your Guide, Saint, Angel, Prophet [Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed] or your God, to protect you while you communicate. Read this article again to understand communication and get some instruction from someone who knows this.

If your reply makes you smile, feel uplifted or even evokes tears, sometimes with overwhelming Love, you have just been successful in Communicating with the Higher Beings. Wendy Salter [original writing]

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  1. and of course, you can use your dream-time to communicate and get a wealth of insight and clarity – or even whole chapters for your book or a solution to a business problem or challenge

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